Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Earth

The Earth is a planet that we live on. The Earth has life on it some people say " Do Earth have the only things in the universe are we are alone in the universe or are their other live forms and aliens on other planets?"

I think their are other life forms because the bible says God created everything and the other life forms on other planets are included to every thing to. 

What the bible means that God created ever thing is that he created every thing to become real except cartoons unless if after you die and go up to heaven God will and can so how will all cartoons look like if they are a real person that is an realistic spirit

A Realistic spirit is it was a cartoon on TV and was in God imagination not that long and 6 millions of years after if the real people are up in heaven and they want to know how all the cartoons that they use to watch on TV and God will so all real people how all cartoons will look like if they are a real person.

And on Cartoons will be not Cartoons on TV any more in 6 million years in the future instead God will show any real person how will all cartoons character will look like if they are real people Realistic spirits are real people up in heaven not on the Earth after the become a cartoon character on TV.

If  Real people are 17 in real life and they will be 6,000,17 in imagination and If  Realistic spirits are 17 in reality and they will be 6,000,17 to because Realistic spirits and real people are real people.

 But the different is God created real people on the Earth and 6 million years before they were in God's mind Realistic spirits are Cartoons that use to be on TV and in heaven God will show or explain Real people who were real people and alive on Earth God will show them how all of their favorite cartoons characters will look like if they because real people.

 Our Descendants now are in Gods Imagination 6 million years after they will become real people on the Earth if people now take good care of the earth if people do not take care of the earth it will not less as long.

  6 million years in the future our descendants and  in Gods mind will be real people in Heaven instead including all cartoon characters that real people use to see on TV on this Earth And more and more people are going to be in God's mind and our Descendants if they have descendants they will be in God's mind first and 6 million years after that they will became real people.

And God keeps continuing to make people in his own mind and it's never going to stop for ever because that is the way God wanted it.

And if real people are still alive at 6 million years old in real life they will be 12 million in imagination because 6 million + 6 million = 12 million or a little over 12 million.

And lest talk about weeds they can take away the food vitamins and that is why people have to pull out the weeds and those people get tried after words.

Maybe  scientist should make those out door machine that are good for this planet maybe the out door machine can pull out the weeds of any body and garden all of the plants to and The water pipe that is attached to the out machine and the machine can sprinkle water on the plants every day instead of people walk out and inside of their house if they are tried they should have those outdoor machines if the weather it's hot and dry or not raining.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Heaven and Hel Really Looks like and God

Well nobody sees Heaven and Hell until they die and get there. And nobody sees God until they die and go to Heaven and nobody see's the Devil until they go to Hell.

 In the future maybe scientist should make these machines that go under the ground and after when a person dies the out door machines can record of what the dead person really sees.

And the out door machines will finally go though the pipe of the modern TV's and finally people that are seeing the TV screen what Heaven really looks like and God and Hell and The Devil people will know how God and Heaven and Hell would really look like because the machines will be more modern in the future.

This is my opinion how out door machine will be like in the future the machine will really so any body how people will really look like in Heaven because machines will be more modern.

 And the out door machine will record and put it on the modern TV and finally people can see how music in Heaven will really sounds like.

And who ever that is famous for dying the out door machines with record what those dead people really are sing up in Heaven and if those people in Heaven sing their own songs that God gave them.

Next the out door machines on the Earth will record what those people that are dead what they are really seeing and finally the out door machines will put the recording of what Heaven really looks like on TV and people will know how Heaven and Hell will really look like.

And final people can put what God really looks like on the internet because in the future those scientist will create more modern machines that can do that.

People Say to me " Why is God the beginning of creation and the almighty and Powerful." Well there is no reason that is the way God wanted it and some times in life there has to be sometime no reason to things because if theirs always a reason thing will be messed up.

That means people can not deal with it and people will always be questioning and to me that is very disrespectful for people to  do that it is what it is so people just be grateful that God created anything.

And sometime things have to pop out of no where because people will always think that nobody can created them selves and including God and people will think nothing is going to happened in life.

And that is why things pop out of no where some times because God want it like that to teach any body a lesson that God can do any thing and God created him self. that is some of the reasons why some people do not believe in God I believe because some body had create every thing.

And God already created him self before any things was around because if God did not create him self nothing will exist it will be pitch black.

And people say " Why does God created real people First in Real life and his imagination first and why are all real people in God mind a lot longer then all cartoons?" "People please there is no reason it is what it is Cartoons are important to God in different ways !"

Sunday, May 28, 2017

3D and 2D Cartoons

3D and 2D Cartoons are not real in real life only in fantasy they are.

Some cartoons look more 3D then other because the way the person and God created them and also the cartoons 3D DNA will be stronger then other cartoon characters.

For Example Lets say one cartoon is 3D then the other it's because they have stronger 3D DNA.

For example if both 3D and 2D cartoon are both 14 years old in fantasy they will be the same age and they would not exist in real life.

And also lets say if a 3D cartoon is 4 in Fantasy and the 2D cartoon is 9 years old the 2D cartoon will be older and the 3D cartoon will be younger and if it's the other way around the 2D cartoon will be younger.

3D cartoons are not 6 million years older then 2D cartoons because they are not real people they are cartoons just like the 2D cartoons.

All real people are the ancestors of cartoon because we and God have a talk on how we want or cartoons will like to look like.

 And all real people were in God's imagination first because God Decide that real people will come first then the cartoons.

For example house that are older then all real people in real life those things will be in God's imagination longer then all real people because those things are older but all real people are more
important to God then any thing else.

Any body and any thing that is older then you in reality they and those things will be in God's mind first because God decide when he Wanted people and houses to be created. And what I mean by you in this sentence that I just wrote is in any body not just one person.

 For example if  houses are new in real life the house will not in God's mind as long as real people because the house was created after.

Why do people get sick

Nobody knows why but if you have a headache and a stomachache for a second you do not know why.

 In the future people will have medcines to take home with them and tell them why they are sick.

Lets say a woman's vagina is itching for 30 years none stop and she tries any medicine and it dose not help her if it is not any yeast infection.

Maybe people should make machines and the machine will tell you exactly why your itching for so long it it will tell you why.

Lets say if a person is an age and they do not speak about there age they will be any machine like if you want to know an adults age it will so you but if you are an adult not child.

If children type in the search engine how old is the strange man the medicine would say wait until your older unless if it's you parent are there family member they know really well.

 But if an adult type in the search engine how old is the adult the machine with get them there name and they can see how old they person is the machine would say 90 are what ever how old they are.

The machine would also say people's ages wee there address is if they do not mind putting on the internet or the machine. Like make up is bad for people sick it could damage there skin if they us it too much. Too much of any thing is not goo that is why I try to be balanced.

Like make up in the olden days women had to find fruit to make lip stick or eye shadow. The nail polish probbly came from some kind of fruit that it's not popular in the United States.

The old makeup was healthier then the makeup now because make now has chemicals to make it have color that is bad for you skin old makeup comes from nature like fruit.

 It is better to use things for our bodies that come from nature not that bad chemicals that people create I did not know that when I was a lot younger not I figured it out on my own tonight with out people teaching me I was teaching myself a lot of the times.

Nail Polish is not good ether because it has chemicals so the polish could have some color. But in the show Toddlers and Tiaras some of those girls are 3 to 12 years old and they put hair spray on them in my opinion there hair looks nice but the thing is the hair spray is not healthy with all these chemicals.

The girls on Toddlers and Tiaras are like the spoiled children a lot of them like the shows
on Supper Nanny and Nanny 911 the girls should not being wear all these makeup I'm sorry that is why they are brats!

Maybe people could use hair sprays that are very healthy for peoples hair like put it with fruit it might sound gross to some people but it is what it is fruit is healthy for you skin to it might make you hair smell good and look good and beautiful to and also some lotion.

Most Houses

Today I am typing about most houses they are made out of wood not break they should have more break house these days because break is stronger then wood.

My father spoke to me about this story when I was younger.

 The Three Little Pigs there was a big bad wolf in the story first he went to the pigs house with straw then he blow that house down

The second house that the wolf went to was a house made of sticks and remember sticks come from wood he blow that house down last house he went to the break house he could not blow the house down. So that is why people in this whole planet should live in more break houses.

Old houses have more problems then newer houses because the are older.

 I spoke to my mother that I wish that houses have no problems my mother said  I do not think that houses exist.

Houses have problems because people try to build it the best but they are not prefect ever person has problems.

Some old house have Water Problems I call it H2o problems electric problems then it becomes a lot of fire problems, Mold problems, problems with the tuber that is leaking and some time the house is breaking apart.

I like to watch this show Extreme Makeover House Edition that is when the owners of that house they want builders to knock it down because there house is to old then they build a new house.

The Solar System

The Solar System is in the Milky way Galaxy. there are eight planet in the olden days there was a ninth planet called Pluto. The Planets are Mercury, Venus , Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and "Neptune".

The Hottest planet is Venus because of it's gases Before I thought that Mercury was the hottest planet because it is closer the the Sun.

Uranus happens to be the coldest planet Because With minimum atmospheric temperature of -224°C Uranus, is nearly coldest planet in the solar system. 

While Neptune Happens to be not as cold as Uranus . The Atmosphere of Uranus is colder and has more storm also there are probably more gases to make Uranus colder. 

Neptune's surface is -392 that is really cold in Neptune core it is hot as the suns no wonder why Neptune, is warmer then "Uranus". 

Earth The Trees are getting sicker on Earth I asked my mother she said she did not know I know If people start taking care of the Earth More The trees will be less sick ever day.

I Know people say there where roman Gods Named after planets Mercury is named after the roman god of the roman Gods Venus was named after the roman god of love and beauty Mars was named after the roman god of war. Jupiter was named after the roman god of Zeus is named after The King Roman Gods.

Earth was not named after any God Saturn was named after the god of Agriculture. Uranus was named after the roman god of the sky.

Neptune was named after the roman god of the ocean and Pluto was named after the roman god of death. I Believe There is only one God!

School and teahcers should make machine how the child is feeling

School is a good way to learn new stuff. The teachers are nice and some are not so nice. Like if a student says to the teacher "can I use the bathroom ? "Some might say you are laying some might just like them go.

The teachers do not know what the student is feeling like they are not inside there bodies. Maybe science teachers should make a machine that they get the student under the machine and the teacher would know how the child is feeling.

The machine should say how exactly how the child is feeling if they need to go to the bathroom and the teacher say know they should let them go to the bathroom if the machine says so.

If the machine says to the other student they are lying the teacher should not let them go and they have to put the child under the machine again because every time is different they should make laws like that for any school.

For example lets say if the machine says the student needs to good to the bathroom and the teacher says yes they should keep their job if the teacher says no and says "I do not care what the machines say !" the mean teachers should get fired!

In that case The teachers would have a day that they would make those machines and the next day the child should go to school put any child under the machine but the have to make the machine how the person is exactly feeling.

If the student say they feel happy that they really feel upset the teacher are not going to know unless they put them under the machine and the machine will tell them why they are really upset.

If a student says they do not have to use the bathroom and the teachers put them on the machine and they really have to good they should force them to go to the bathroom because it is very bad to hold the number one or number 2 inside your body.

Create more new machines

You know that a microwave if you heat you food in there every day it's not healthy it is healthier to put it in the oven. So maybe scientist so make microwaves if you use them every day they are healthier to use them then the oven.

Like if now you put plastic every day in the microwave as you get older you could get cancer but people should make this microwave that if people heat it every day then people as they get older will not get cancer because how scientist make the microwave that people can heat their food up every day because it's healthy.

Like maybe I should or other people should make toys that are made out of plastics except the dolls and action figures will not get burn if a house is on fire because people would have to put some thing in the plastic so the toys can not get on fire or hot people should make dolls like that so the toys could last longer.

It would look like the toys that children  play with now but the difference's is that people that create the doll would have to but some thing in the plastic so the dolls and action figures can not get on fire.

Doors in houses you have to open it but in the future they do not because the doors would open on it's own and people would have to press the button in the house so the automatic doors will be working properly.

And in the future people would have automatic showers in their house but people have to press the button some where in the bathroom so the shower does not break. And elevators would be in house more and they people have to press the button to turn the elevator off so it can work not break.

Like if mountains have stairs and it would be in the future ad people would create a mountain elevator so they do not have to climb all the elevator stairs.

And their would be also mountain escalators too. And people have to press the button to turn the mountain elevator and the mountain escalator off so if people are not using it those things would not break or waste electricity. In house they would also be escalators.

 In the future they would be work out machines that people can not move the machine would move for them and they would be still sweating but not out of breath even when they are on bad shape because that is how people would make their work out machines.


Imagination is a good way to be creative.  God gave us Imagination because of that like I am day dreaming About Clyde McBride my favorite nickelodeon cartoon boxing.

Maybe people should make a soft ware what ever your imagination is about you can day dream or dream in you night time sleep.

You should put those things that are attached to your computer on you head then day dream what every you want to day dream about then your own day dream that you imagine will come on you computer screen.

 If your favorite cartoons that you watch on television move in you imagination  they would move on your computer screen on soft ware in fact I want to make a soft ware like that.

And if you imagination what color they cartoon wears in you imagination it would show on you computer what the cartoon is exactly wearing if a girl cartoon in you imagination wears a pink dress and you put those computer thing on top of you head then it shows on the computer screen that it should have a girl wearing a pink dress what ever you imagine it would come up on you computer.

Then lets say I want Clyde to be in my movies I imagine him on my movies and put those computer things on my head it would show on the computer screen on soft ware what is he doing then I could ask the creator of that cartoon he might say yes because I am very creative if I make a soft ware like that.

And you do not have to acting to stress you self out you can just put those computer things on  your head that is attached to the computer think in you imagination what celebrities or cartoon you want to be in your movie.

Then it would be on you computer screen finally you could make a movie out if it. People would say are people acting on Lon Stein's movies the news would say she would say no she said she is making a soft ware that you put those computer things on you head that are good for your brain that is attached to your computer then you day dream.

And finally it will show on you computer what ever you imagination is you do not have to remember what the cartoon are the celebrity exactly looks like.

 You can just find a picture of them on the internet drag it on to you soft ware and the soft ware will help how the cartoon and the celebrity would be exactly look like and you can make a movie and you dream will come true very easy.

New and old stuff

New and old stuff. Old stuff was already created and new stuff is not created yet in this case. So ovens likes explain hundreds of years ago ovens people  have to pull the food out of the oven we still do now but our ovens look a little more modern just a little.

Lets say still we have to mix cookie dough in the bowl by hand and with an electric mixer but we have to put the plug on so the electric mixer would work.

Hundreds or thousand of years in the future people do not have to cook food by hand they would have machines in there house would cook for them.

Electric mixer people do not have to plug it in a machine that is attached to the electric mixer would plug the mixer and it will turn on.  The machine in my opinion with not be robots with legs that you see on movies because movies are not real.

The machines that make the food for you is going to be attached to the ovens and counters and stoves. Oven in the future hundreds of years from now the ovens would put the food in for you and it will have a tray that will take the food out put in on the counter.

And the machine that is attach to the counter if the food is to hot the machine will cool it down for you just a little and people can enjoy eating.

If you are maker cookies you do not have to put all the ingredients in all people have do is they machine that is attach to the counter would read peoples mind of what they want to make. And the machine that is attach to the counter will get all the ingredients put the stuff in and mix it in my own opinion it  would be just like an electric mixer.

Like in the future people do not have to put dishes away the dish washer would have machines attach to the dish washer and it would put the dishes away of them.

And showers machines that are attach to the shower the machines with bath for you and the machines are made for H2O. Toilet and machines that are attach to the toilet will clean you but for you and it would take a picture on the wall of how you but looks like before and after.

Sinks machines that are attach to the sink will wash your hands for you and it would see the germ and get all the germ out.

In the future hundreds of years from now family will have there own planes that are better for this planet.

 People can travel to Nevada and other places and they can return back home and the planes would be a lot quick then now and much better made.

Like if a plane crashes it explodes and in the future people would make planes like if they crash it will not explode.

 And all of the planes will have a lot of padding so people do not get hurt.

  People should created planes that can not crash and can not get on fire.

The planes wings fire come out of the engines to keep the planes going.

 And the whole plane dose not get on fire unless it crashes that is probably one of the reasons why planes get on fire when they crash and it is the way people create the plane.

In the future the planes will have fresh air that come out of the engine so if a planes crashes it will not explode with fire but explode with fresh air and people will survive if engineers create planes like that.

Like people should create now if planes crash the plane with get on fire but some machine that make water will have to slash the whole plane with water so the plane can cool down it will have very cold H2O so the plane can not explode. People with survive.

People should create those planes like people can out water in the machine more then enough water the machine that is attach to the plane with not sprinkle the cold water.

 Unless the planes is ready to explode and going to get on fire the machine will release the water and the whole plane and passengers will feel or see the water sprinkling on them.

Like if a pilot was flying the plane in the rain the outside machine of the plane will open and the water will go though the pipe and goings in the machine inside the plane.

And if the plane starts to get on fire the machine will sprinkle cold water to cool the plane down and the passenger will be still alive. People have to make planes like that so people take live longer it would not take people lives away.

Create new stuff

Like lets say you want to know if your vocal cords are long or short and see how big your lungs are people say They already know with out an machine because they can hear there child's voice but they have to use a machine to make sure if they are correct.

So people should create machines in peoples house so they do not have to go to the doctor The parent can just use the machine if there child has big or small lungs Long or short vocal cords.

 And your should know if your child is healthy and if not if the parent does not know science should make machines in all houses in the planet.

 So the parent should put their child under the machine and they would know if their child is healthy or not  they should give there child medicine so they can be health again.

If people are unhealthy they have to go to the hospital what if they make a machine that the parent can know why is the child unhealthy and has been sick for years none stop and the machine will tell them why.

So lets say if your vagina has been itching none stop for over 30 years science should make this machine and the machine will tell you why your vaginas has been itching for 50 years.

And also toy makers are very expensive maybe people should lower the press and make toy makers cheaper expect the toy maker would make dolls with hair girls can comb and action figures  that least longer than dolls and action figures that you see  on television.

I think people should lower the press on toy makers because children might want to make their own toys to be creative and they might want it for Christmas like me.

Art work and my mothers Art work

Do not Steal my and my mother's Cartoons! (c) Copyright 2016 Nzinga Lonstein Austin, All Rights Reserved.

 High heal shoes on top of books


Me looking at my drawing book

What Will happen in the future in my opinion

The furture millions of years from now they will have oven that people do not have to pull out when the food is cook  or push the oven in when in food is not cooked .

This days when people have ovens  to put the raw food in the oven they have to open the oven door or if then want the oven to close there have to close the oven door.

In millions of years in the future ovens would but more modern people do not have to put the oven door down understand there might have a remote  the people could put there food in or to close the oven door the people might have to press the remote again the make the over door close.

 After when the food is cook people might not have to take the food out and put it on the counter in matter of fact a machine out of the open oven might have to go up like an elevator make an elevator sound the the pan with food will be on the counter.

Also is 2016 sometime we still have old car in 9 million years in the future there will be no old car all new cars and building nafter whe.

after when the car is 9 years old they might crush the car or when buildings are 300 years old there would knock down the buliding and make a new one.

those people in nine millions years in the future might say people are ancestors in 2016 the did not have over like we have now or there where more old cars back in thoughts days then now we have all new cars.

In Nine billion years in the future people would say "that we have rocket ships now that will get to new planets ever 1 hour back in the old days in 2016 they did not have rocket ships that will go that quiet back in 2016 there have rocket ships that will get to new planets every thousands of year then people did when they are in space to long".

 In my opinion that is what are descendants will say in nine million years in the future.

Modern stuff is on it's way

Modern stuff it's on it's way. Like tooth paste after you are eating some thing your breath smells bad again maybe people should created a tooth paste that even when a person eats their breath with smell minty and people can smell people sweet minty breath.

And People should create that kind of tooth paste and the tooth paste that makes you breath smell sweet last for a year.

 Then put the tooth paste in your mouth again and you teeth will smell fresher then ever. The tooth brushes in the future with be like a machine attach to the ceiling and the machine will brush the persons teeth for them.

 They would also have like that in schools and other building if you vomit the machine with a tooth brush attach to it and tooth paste in the machine on the bath room wall the machine would brush the students teeth for them and the student will have minty sweet breath.

After when a person sweats in school on the ceiling they would have to open the ceiling and press the button first the open the ceiling final the spray comes out and the student will smell good and their cloths will smell clean like it just came out of the washer.

 If the teacher does not want them to take a shower in the school for a year or a day. In the future the showers people do not have to turn the shower on with the handle and the water goes though  the pipe and water comes out the shower would be automatic.

Like if showers are broken the dirty water would come out and people have to fix it buy hand maybe people should do is make machines that are good for this planet.

 Outside the machine would go under the ground and fix the pipe then no dirty water will come out final clean water comes out.

 Or maybe it's a good idea if people make this machine under ground and pipe so the shower can not have dirty water coming out of it just clean.

If the sower is broken the water will still be clean but the thing is the shower water with not go down straight they would have machine to fix the shower and the shower water will go down straight it would be good as new.

Machines for animals

Animals clean there self by going in the water or licking them self's.

Cats link thee buts and Fleur that could make them sick. Maybe people should create machine for animals for bath tubs for animals stead for you letting you kitty lick.

Maybe people should make a soap for pets in all house and tubs for cats or dogs in all house so you do not have go some where to clean you dogs.

People should create machine that will clean cats then put some thing in the machine that the cat can not get out of the tub and scratch you final the machine with scrub the cat for you and brushes that are inside the machine will come out and you with see the brushes in water scrubbing the kitty then the cat is finally clean.

 And it would not get sick as much.

Like in thousands of years in the future are even hundreds People will make machine better of this this planet to clean animals this is how the machine works.

First the first machine with soap pours soap in to the other machine  next the soap will come out.

Then the wild animals would have to get in this type of tub of wild animals then soap would come out and the machine inside the  tub will not let the animals out finally the machine scrub's the  animal or the insects then they are finally clean.

In my opinion it would look like a cars wash except animals come in and out of the machine building in stead of cars.

And the would also have plane washes and boat and ship washes or even train washers the building would look like a car wash to except planes, bus, ship and trains will come out of the building clean.

those washer buildings of cars and boats should be free and washer buildings that watches animals to. Like they would have the animal washers out side or in a zoo.

People knew some animals are wild and not good pets because they have machines and they see the way they act. 

If a lion is ready to eat a person the machine would block the lions way the meat will come outside of the machine. That is my opinion of how the future is going to be. If wild animals get skunked the machine will pick the animals up the machine will not let the animals out until they are clean and put soap the gets reed of skunk smell so the animals can smell good.

And If a person dies and people bearing a person the machine under ground that people put is the spray comes out and the person that dies can smell sweet.

people have to press the buttons to turn the machines on then if they are done the can turn the button off if they are not using it people should make machine that are made stronger and last longer. People also know what animals eat are what should they eat because they use machines.

Pools and People should crate stuff that can carry People that are 900 are a lot more

Pools is a great way to get some exercise and it can be fun to get a good workout. Sometimes exercise is fun and other time it is not.

Well when people clean the pool it is a lot of work and it can be like this people have to put chemicals in the pool buy hand.

You can not be lazy when it comes to cleaning the pool and you have to put chemicals in it to get the germs out so others can not get sick.

Maybe people should create a machine that will but all the chemicals in to keep the germs out and also the life guards do not have to do it by hand.

And All they have to do is put the chemicals that get reed of the germs they can put it in the machine or the machine will do it for them.

 The chemicals will go in the pool or the hot tub if people make a machine like that in the pool and others that go inside the pool to swim can not get sick.

Chlorine is not go for a persons hair if they do not wash it for their hair can fall out and some people would be very upset.

Maybe people should create this chlorine and it would get reed of they germs and it would also be good for any bodies hair or skin so they do not have to wash it off.

We all know that people do not have this stuff write now maybe in thousands of years in the future people will create that stuff our descendants.

You know spas will pools and hot tubs they should do that to all of that to what I just said that They should
make a machine that would put all the chemicals for them.

 And the people that own the pool or hot tub can take a break or be lazy if they want.

Also people would not get sick. They should make chlorine to that is good for peoples hair and skin and their hair will not fall out.

And the more big the house is and the Mansions in my opinion should be cheaper then the houses that are smaller because bigger houses have more room and space. People should lower the press on bigger houses with pools or hot tubs.

People should also create toilets that if people are 2 thousand pounds the toilet can carry all that weight. Also people should make beds that can carry all that weight. In all buildings and house they should have that and the sigh would say in the buildings those huge toilets are for people that are 900 pounds or a lot heaver only.

Also people should make bouncy castle that can whole 900 pounds are a lot heaver so people can be happy.

In millions of years in the future Sports would be different The sports might be like in the future a lot diffident then now.

If I had a great grand son I will speak to him make a sport called water boxing .

It is like boxing except the boxing ring is in the pool The boxing headgear and gloves would be made for water.

Imagine of Clyde from the nickelodeon cartoon The Loud House doing that.

I am going to make a cartoon the boys say they are doing water boxing other boys will say "what is water boxing ? " The boys that know it would say it's just like boxing but the boxing ring is in H2o.

Actually Just know I type the search engine on Google water boxing I did not create that I see other people doing it.

And Trains if the train is waiting to leave it leave the person and the person is upset because the train left then the train driver dose not know if the person is going on the train or not.

Maybe people should create a camera in the train so the train driver can know if the person is going on the train or not.

Ethnic Groups

Every body knows or has an ethnic group. The first people on this earth where in Africa they where not mix they where just black because they where the only people in Africa  and people did not move from continents yet.

I asked some people but some of them said " I did not know the first people where black people." My father told me I thought the first people where white people because they treated black people like slaves and they where more in more power not physically mentally or in morn control of what they do.

Some of them are physically stronger the some of the black people back in those days during civil war in the 1100's to 1900's and civil rights moves in the 1960's .

First people where in Africa then they moved to Europe because it was closer to Africa  then to Asia next to Australia final to South and to North America that is my opinion how it went.

My father said "some of them went to Asia or Australia." I said "witch ethic group was after the other?"  My dad said "it really happened in the same day." I do not think it did because the seven continents like Europe and Asia or South America if you live in Africa it would take I long time to get to South America boots where not modern back in those days.

The Second Ethic group in my opinion was European's , Asians,  Australians, North Americans next South Americans.

"What was the last ethic group create?" Well a lot of people do not know this or estimate this so I do it and people exactly became mix with all different races and because of Martin Luther Kings times.

 And we are like or or descendants in the future are like the last ethic group. Final people are mix and other ethic groups can marry other ethic groups if they want to back then in the olden days the could not.

 In there time we in 2016 now would be the Next to the last ethic group because people still call us black or white if we look like it we are all mix with every thing really and also in those olden days my ancestors sang the song called We shall over come the song my parents told me that.

More modern stuff

More modern stuff is on the way. Like women take this medicine that makes them stronger but they can die from it there are called steroids.  I think that is how you spell the word but I do not know.

If you take too much of that chemical that makes you stronger that anybody can die. So even if doctors should make that medicine that people cannot die from.

 It might be always be better if you just let you body work naturally because nobody is stronger than anybody.   Only God is that is the way God made this planet. Do not take so much medicine that can make every body die or not just let naturally give every body the strength they need. 

 Maybe doctors could make that medicine or chemical that people can not die from it doctors can put healthy ingredients in the chemical if people want to became stronger then nobody with die from that medicine.

So if you take to much medicine you can die maybe doctors should put something healthy in the medicine so even if people take too much of it they will not die from it - nobody would.

Like people are making the airs dirty buy car, boats and plane maybe people should do something about instead of planes and ships that stuff come out of them to make the air dirty maybe people should create palnes and boat with no stuff is coming out to make this sky dirty.

My mother said "maybe those people are waiting for you to create some thing like that." Even if those people are do not wait for me to create some thing like that do something about so we can respect our Earth more.

Like this my mother also said about old cartoons being on television to long she said "maybe they are waiting for you to make the new cartoons take SpongeBob's place."

People should not wait for me to make those new cartoon to take old cartoons places that are popular and been on TV to 20 or 50 years I will make new cartoons but the TV people should do something about it.

People are creating more new stuff

So in school one day I ask my teacher "do people make electric trains and boats?" My teacher said "I think they do." when I ask him "do people created electric planes now?"  He said "they are trying to  make electric planes but are the hardest to make."

Maybe people can create this machine that would build all those and people should make machine that would last for hundreds of years because this days machines do not last as long in thousands of years in the future people would start to create machines better made and have a better quality.

It's just like TV volume was not made as good and the pictures and the TV show were black and white now Television has better volume and now television picture and shows are now in color unless if the TV is broken.

In the future television would be still in color but the television shows would be brighter then ever before  and the TV would have this kind of remote to go to images and save you favorite shows so you can remember what you favorite cartoon looks like.

Like people now if they do not know were they are going. If they listen to the map in the car they still have to turn the wheels and they can  get lose because the machine map does not always tell the person the right thing and the person dose not understand what it's trying to say.

In hundred of years from now the cars would be more modern and if you want the car to turn on the machine in the car you would press the button of your car it would move for you if you want to go some were and you do not know where they are going.

The car will turn for then it will drive for you and get to the right place. Type in were you want to go and the car that is good for this planet if you want to go to the whole planet the car will have to turn into a boat or a plane. This is my opinion how the future is going to be and have a Merry Christmas how ever is seeing my blog. 

Skunks and people making clothes

Skunks have very bad strong smelly farts. So people who get Skunk get in Tomato Juice. People do not like to take a bath in that stuff.

Well other people so make a type of shampoo and soap I was going to say tomato soap but people do not like to smell like tomato's.

People in hundreds of years from now and they should create  now a soap that will get reed of the bad smell.

I think a person that gets skunked the should buy a soap that would get reed of the bad smell and also people should create then put it in stories so people can buy it more then tomato juice.

In my opinion people so make the soap with healthy chemicals that are good for people's skin put some thing in it that people can not die or get sick.

  The creators of the soap should make a soap that gets reed of the bad skunk smell better then tomato juice.

And they soap creators should make the soap in all different
favorite to get reed of the skunk smell like Vanilla, Chocolate or mint soap and so much more

Like how people make clothes they make clothes with fabric if some one farts on you clothes when you go to sleep your clothes will smell bad and the bad smell would go away. People should create clothes like if someone farts on your clothes the clothes will not smell bad at all.

Save Earth's Atmosphere from Global Warming

The Earth's atmosphere is getting warmer because people use a lot of planes or cars now. However, people are now starting to drive cars that are electric cars to cut down on carbon dioxide.

Planes that people fly in to travel also make this atmosphere warmer.  These planes emit CO2 which contributes to global warming and pollution.

Maybe people should also invent or start making planes that don't use carbon dioxide.  I wonder if electric planes can be used instead.

If the earth keeps getting warmer it would be to hot for us to live here.  Furthermore, we would possibly die if it keeps on getting warmer.

The earth wouldn't have to be thousands or trillions of degrees hotter for us to die.  It could just be 20 or 30 degrees hotter and that is too hot for animals or other living things.

Thank God people are starting to use electric cars a lot more.

I heard today that if all people could become vegans and stop killing animals the earth will become cooler.  I my opinion we should be doing a lot more to use electric cars.  Also maybe we should even explore creating electric powered ships.  For now I feel all people should stop using planes that emit Carbon Dioxide.

By the way the Earth has experienced different temperatures.  Also the earth is getting hotter the earth is getting closer to the sun every year.

You know people say mother Earth I like to say Uncle Earth.  I like this metaphor because Earth's ground is hard like a man.   If people pick up rocks and throw it at someone the rock is very hard the Earth and The moon has more hard objects then the sun.

And the moon is hard like a man because scientist say the moon is rock and ice.  Those are hard.  I say moon is the father now.  The sun is not hard the heat feels soft on a person's face if it is not too hot.  The Sun is soft like a woman I say mother Sun

New Modern Stuff

In a car if a thin 12 year old sits up front I read in the car that those children can be killed by those air bags when there is an car accident.

May people that create the car should make airs bags not kill thin people or any body.

People should also make if a small 12 year old is to small to get hit by air bags they can die.

 But if people make some air bags that they should if a small child is too small to get hit by air bags they would not be to small nobody would.

Even if a baby sit in front of the car seat and air bags hit them they should make or create air bags that will not kill babies ether.

Like this instead of people fixing the television to turn it on are get plugged in maybe they should use a machine that is attached to the TV and the machine could plugging in the plug things so the TV could work and people can taking a break.  People should event a machine like that.

People say we need cars and Trains In my opinion we need cars and Trains or any machine the moves that people drive in we need cars and planes that are a lot better for this planet.

Like computers well if an computer is broken people have to fix it buy hand but if they make a machine that fix an computer that was broken the person can relax and they do not have to do it buy hand.

Like toys makers you have to draw the doll and get all those people in the factories to fix you toys how you want them to look like. People should make a toy maker the you do not have to have a factories with all those people making the toy how you want it to look like.

You can just make you own toys buy you self at your house you can use an thing so your dolls hair would not fall out use another machine to make you doll or action figure last longer and the toy would be better made then the famous toys that children play with now.

If you comb barbies hair her hair might fall out put if you have a toy machine that those people should create the dolls hair will not fall outbacuase they should make a machine to do that.

In fact I wanted that for Christmas some of my toys that I am going to make are some of them are going to be a lot bigger or taller then barbie dolls. And the toys would not have a huge bald head like those fake barbie dolls.

My own dolls are going to have full head of hair unless I do not want them to have hair. But they with be made a lot better then barbie dolls. No toy last for ever the creators said except barbie.

Toys do not least for ever including barbie the only toy that will least for ever is my toys it's not true I am saying that I will try to make my toys least a lot longer and better made then barbie dolls.

So dad please get me like that or something like that for Christmas this year or next if you have enough money and bring the filming cameras to so I can she my own songs.

I would make my own toys to play with and sell them to other children all over the planet if children buy my toys I want them to buy as many as they want 100 or 20 in the house I want to have 50 to 100 of the toys that I created.

I will not sell my barbie collection unless I make my own toys and I also want to make clothes of them like a sowing machine that the pin and needles can not stick you and you do not sow buy hand the sowing machines will do sowing for you.

First with my cartoons I want to make toys out of them then do a movie or a television show before I wanted the other way around.

Police They differents between Realtiy Prisons and fantasy prisons

Most Police are nice but some are very bad.  Me and my father saw a police man chock a down syndrome man on the street.  The police office said where's you address over and over again.  He was yelling at then he shot the guy.

No prison is a Joke.  Including all Fantasy prison and jails in my opinion.  That is a fact are much worst because The police beat the cartoons when they do not eat there slop.

 They make there slop with dead rat, Insects or after when a person dies those people who cook the food put the dead skins in there slop.

 The cartoon prisoners do not get sick from that food because they put chemicals. First is Reality jail and Juvenile then reality prison next fantasy jail and Juvenile Detention center and all  Fantasy prison are the worst you could go.

Reality prison they can not do that but in fantasy prison whole diffident story they have a diffident law. Reality and fantasy prisoners fight ever day murdering each other or try the murder each other.

Police do not get fired or in jail for hurting special needs children my father said a black female teacher was just driving she did nothing wrong she said "don't touch me." then the police was hurting her very bad the judges do not fire those police.

If I police dose hurt a person for no reason and the judges do not fire them that is abusive to others or if the judges do not lock up the police.

The judges should lose there job this society should be different the police should be more nice to special children that are severe autism or mild they should be nicer to any body.

I want this society to be like that and if a police arrest some one for no reason or with Special Needs they are going to get fired then in prison.

 Life should be fair but it's not. I want this society To be like if some one is not being fair are mean to people for no reason that should get in a lot of trouble.


Trains are a great way to get around places. Like if you are waiting at the train station.

 And if you see some body pushed some body else in the train tracks call the police and they would have the bad person arrested.

And my father read and show me that some one pushes some one else.

 In the train tracks and the train tried to stop but the train was stopping and it was going to quick then it killed the person.

People should create like if some one pushes then into the train tracks and they fall in the train tracks people should create an elevator thing and the person can going on it and it lefts then up and the person or people can have much longer lives.

And also engineers  should create an train if the train driver tries to stop the train and they see the person on the track the train could slow down and the train can not accidentally crash into the person.

 And the elevator thing that is attach to the train track The person has to go on the elevator thing and it picks them up and the person would have to press the green button the elevator train track thing will go up.

 In my opinion people will have those things in the future or in fact people should create those things know.

And also if the train runs over a person and the person is under the train people should also create air bags that come out of the train tracks and some thine fresh air so the person could breath when they are under the train.

The driver of the train those trains now the driver might pull something to make it stop but the thing is if the person is on the train track they could get crashed buy the train the train driver does not want to do that but it does do that.

This is why people should create train different like if an person is on the train tracks The train driver would have to pull the thing to make the train stop and the train will slow down a lot quickly the train would be slow and the person could get out of the train tracks alive.

If people make trains different the trains would be quick but if the driver pulls the thing to slow the train down the train could slow down on it's own that is how trains would be different.

 If the train driver is not pay attention and  if his does not not pull the thing to make the train go very slow it could crash the person to. And also people should create trains that are better for this planet there would be know smoke coming out of the train it would be fresh air and plants would live longer.

Toilets and machines

Toilets are made because it would be more clean for peoples buts to use the bathroom.

It's not a good idea if you put to much toilet paper in the toilet it could back up the toilet or break it that is why people are plunging there toilets.

Maybe people could create machines that would plunge their toilets for then instead of calling a plunger.

People should also create toilets that if you flush the toilet the toilet can flush down all the paper no matter how much toilet paper.

If you use even when it's thousands of toilet paper people should create toilets that can flush down all that paper or even paper towels what ever that goes in the toilet so people do not have to worry about the toilet being broken.

Like if a teacher in school is not fair and the students says "how come the other person does this why not me !" And the teacher says mind your business They would have machine in school will not say that on the screen the machine would say why on the screen and you can read what the machine screen says.

The machine would know exactly what you are thinking about and why this person is not fair or know why you are upset I would create something like that other people should create that also.

The machine would not speak out loud you could just read what the machine screen says when school is over people should press the button to turn the machines off and school is open teacher should turn the machines  on again.

Cell phones lets say if you what some one to be you friend and you do not know their phone number then cell should read in your mind who you want to be you're friend.

 And the cell phone would put there real phone number on  for you  and you can call them.

 You do not need to ask them all you have to do is think who you friend is and the cell phone will not lie.

 It would give you their real phone number your class mates phone number will pop on your phone screen and you could call them.


These days House cost a lot of money. House and other buildings should be free and good for this planet because we all need it to survive.

So in the future house would be free but the thing is if you want to live in a house on the website pick which house you want to live in and type in the website how many years you want to olive in this house if you say 9 years most likely you would live in this house for 9 years.

If you live in the house others should not break in because the person would say it's my house and I wrote down a list how many years I would like to live in this house.

Also if you buying food from the store you would have to write a list or you can type those machines in the store that now it's your food.

Just like school these days cost money and the private schools to. Now if you child wants to go to a school were teacher are nice to special needs children all the parent has to do is write down on the website and send any email and the parent would say on the email "my child wants to go to your school."

If people with special needs have mild autism or other kinds of problem's if the student attacks some one if a teacher or another student is mean they would not go to this school for ever. The government should say. "if the teachers say you not going to this school for ever they should be fired because special needs children need help with a lot for different things!"

If students hit people for no reason special needs or not if they under stand not to hit people they should not school to this schools at all.


Chocking is not good if a person chocks they might cough it out but it will take a long time to get it out there throat.

 If a person sees another person chocking they give the person mouth to mouth like kissing.

But they got to be careful like if the thing comes out when the person was chocking there next person that is doing mouth to mouth and stays close they can get chock to if the first person all ready chocked on some thing.

Lets say if you chocked something and put it in your mouth and swallowed it or on purpose by accident you can die even if it's not an accident.

So people should make those machines that they put it on the person mouth what ever they chocked on like a needle or some thing else they would have to press it button on the machine and the thing that they chocked on.

The machine will get out the thing that they chocked on of the persons throat if it's stuck in the throat final it"s like a vacuum cleaner except  it sucks up the thing that people chocked on  out of theirs mouth's and if people all ready chocked on some  and if scientist makes machines like that people would live longer if they make machines like that.

 So I would like to event that it is healthy and people would not die from it because it helps you get reed of the thing that you chocked on.

Like if you swallow needles and pins it will travel inside your body is can hurt you if you fell it in you neck scientist should make machines like if you swallow a  needle and it  travel's inside you body people should make machines with a tube at the end and those people can put the tube in their mouth and the other person can press the machine button finally the machine will suck up like a vacuum cleaner except the tube is in your mouth finally the machine can get out what ever the person was chocking on.

 Like it will get out of your body you do not have to go to the doctor. The person would read the directions and know how to use it even when there is not a doctor the machines people should make the machines that are easier for people to get out the thing what ever they are chocking on.

And you do not have to get some one if you are chocking you just put the tube out your mouth that is attach to the machine. and it would get the thing out  even any body chocks on some thing and if people chock on thousands of hair  beads the machine will get all of them out in 1 second and very quick.

The first people and how old real people now are really are in imagination

That is what I was leaned in school from my teacher in 9th and 10th grade in reality.

 The first to people on earth millions of ago was Adam and Eve 20 years before they wear still real people but new born babies up in heaven.

And millions of years before they were cartoon characters. All real people are really 6 million years old. I am 17 years old in real life in imagination land I am 6,000,017. If you are 50 in reality you would be 6,000,050 years old in fantasy.

The cartoon say in there reality that is the fantasy that real people are old then 6  million in fantasy because they are graduating real people the creators that can draw cartoons to become older.

Really a year older than two million is two million and one. Even in the future the humans people say now that people have been around for 9 million in some sentences they should still say 2 million because that is when it started in 1999 and before humans where not around yet animals were And some scientist say humans have been around 6 million years ago.

 I read just know that people been walking on the earth for 6 million years it should stay like that in some work sheets even in the future because now they say human have walked on this planet for 6 million years and year before there were no humans.

So really in fantasy I am 6 million and 17 years old if your are 90 in life you would be 6 million and 90. It says real peoples ancestors were around 6 million years just like cartoons ancestors are real people now who draw them.

Cartoon are new born to 50 years old or a lot more in fantasy in reality cartoons are not real all cartoons are less then seconds old.

That is how all real people were born in before Christ as a cartoon character in fantasy and born in real as a real person 2,000 or a little before that not to much.

And a realistic spirit is even a cartoon does not become a real person God would show you how they would look like if they became real people if you go to heaven and you been up there millions of years in reality but people would be dead.

I heard something like that on a television or a movie once when I was younger I do not remember the movie I saw but I remember I saw a movie like that.

Realistic spirit  is like this millions of years later you be come a real person on earth might think it's just strong wind in the air but it's the realistic spirits do that and some strong wind.Realistic spirits are in heaven they look like real people but they are born in heaven instead then down on this planet  they send wind down to earth so people on earth can breath.

If a real person is 10 years old in real life and 6 million and 10 in imagination life the realistic spirits would still be the same age as the real person because they are not a cartoon any more.

Dog have been on earth 32,000 years so dogs were cartoon 32,000 years ago thousand years after they became real dogs on earth.If a dog in reality is 1 year in human years and 7 in dog years in fantasy they would be 32,001 years old in human years and 32,007 years old in dog years.

Frogs have been around 190 million years ago now if a frog is five in human years and 100 in frogs year so you do 5 time 20 equals 100.

In imagination land a frog would be in human years 190 million and 5 and in frog years 190,000,100.

so now I looked on the internet that which animal was created they longest and what even animal that was created the longest by God they are going to be the animals before than they are old in imagination what ever animal was created first by God in the Animal Kingdom.

Adam and Eve where real people 6 million years ago and 20 years before they where adults on earth they where born in reality like new born babies up in heaven they still where real people 6 million before that they where cartoons.


Alopecia is a disease that makes you hair fall out. But if people with this disease have it that want to grow there hair back.

 But the thing is doctors have needles now and it hurts peoples heads that is why people do not take them.

So I saw people that have Alopecia for years there hair grow just a little ever year not a lot put is looks like they not growing there hair at all.

The different between Cancer and Alopecia is Cancer if you take some medication that can make you hair fall out.

It seems like Alopecia if some one has it they say there hair is growing but when it looks like to some people a person with Alopecia's hair does not growing at  is not growing at all for years.

That is my opinion how Alopecia is or I also here that if a person has Alopecia in there family.

 In my opinion  if they take some kind of medication that could make there hair fall out to.

Now people with Alopecia that wants to have hair doctors put a needle in side their heads.

 In stead of doing that doctors should create a medication that would make a person with Alopecia to make there hair grow very quick because to get most of there hair out in the scalp.

I f there was a medication like that and it should it is not going to hurt their heads in fact if those people take those medicines most people that have Alopecia with start having very long hair if they do not want long hair they could just cutting.

Doctors should put a protein or veggie or healthy chemical to make their hair grow that quick doctors should put a healthy chemical with out people dying. My mother said "maybe you should make medicine like that." well scientist should make it with out waiting for me.

I heard that some people hair never grows when they have Alopecia probably because is the disease that the hair can not grow. 

Modern days in billions of years in the furture

In my opinion People would have more modern stuff. You know today some people wet and pee on the bed.

 In billions of years in the future the bed are going to be not regular beds but beds that you can pee in and it would have a toilet whole.

It would have blankets on top but the thing is it would just look like a regular bed except it would have to open the toilet whole if you are ready to pee in I call it the toilet sleep bed.

If people eat sugar or Macaroni and Cheese every day now people would have a hard time pooping.

 But in hundreds to millions of years doctors would make a drink or medicine that people have to take every day If they eat Macaroni and cheese every day.

 They would have an easier time going to the bathroom. I say Macaroni and cheese because it is my favorite food.

And in the future people do not need to eat veggies to be healthy because they all ready have this drink with veggies and fruits and chemicals to make the child very healthy.

So the New York empire state building in the olden days the elevators use to go slow but now the have elevators that go very fats but it stops at a  floor like if it stops at the 28th floor you would have to take another elevator that would go up to the 80th floor.

Those people make elevators like that because not every one is going to the 100th floor but if a lot of people go to the 100th floor the should make one elevator that would going up very quick to the 100th floor.

Lets say when you get in the elevator and you press the 100th button the elevator would go show quick that you can't even imagine how fast it goes.

Now it says the empire state building has 102 floors. If I went in their I am not taking that stairs because there is too many stairs and you get tried of claiming them I hate to work out I would take the elevator because it goes a lot quicker. Things are getting more modern every year.

So science can not going to other planets because the rockets are two slow it would take every thousands of years to get to alien like planets. But in the future rocket ships would two so quick it would take minutues to get to other planets out of our solar system. People says there are alien because the universe is huge.

Scientist do not have the kind of technology that they take the space cameras. Thousands of years in the future scientist would make space cameras that would show people how the alien look like.

On a documentary scientist say I think that planet has aliens but the scientist do not know for sure. In millions of years in the future scientist would know if the planet has aliens or not because they would also know how the aliens would look are languages because scientist would have more modern technology.

Create more new stuff

The house do not have a sprinkler on the ceiling they use have them in commercial buildings and public buildings like schools.

 Like if there was a fire the water from the ceiling could get reed of the fire. People should not just create them in public building but other houses to like all house in the whole planet so people can be safer. And also people make gas tanks but if the gas tank braks the buildings and the houses will explode.

My parents said "people have gas tanks because to make the house warm." Maybe people should make some thing else to keep the house warm instead of gas tanks.

 They should make some thing that all buildings can not explode some thing else to keep the buildings warm like if it breaks the buildings with not explode it with just break and people have to throw it in the garbage and get a new one and people do not have to run out of there houses.

Like for example if they is a gas leak people have to run out of the building so if the gas tank whole get to big the people do not have to get hurt during the exploitation they might see the exploding building far away if they run far enough to get away from the building.

Like in 5 billion years in the future scientist know that it would take billions of years for the Earth crashing in to the sun because they have machines that would tell the what will exactly happen in the future but nobody knows for sure that is why they have machines.

Like in billions of years in the future scientist would make rocket ships that will get to other planet every 3 hours. Like now it take thousands of years to get to new planet scientist know because it's all machines they use.

In millions of years from now our descendants would use rockets ship that will get to new planets every couple of hours and the rocket ship would  have a screen that would tell people that if the planet has water or not our if it has air like Earths.

Scientist would also make a machine what is going to happen really in the future and what really happened in the past so people would exactly know what really happens in the past and whats going to happens in the future.

People would know what is going to happened in the future because they have machines and god will so them before they go to heaven on the machine God would so people what is going to happen in the future.

 a person dies and going to heaven God would show them what is going to happen in the future in earth. If people are still alive on Earth they would make machine that God would show them what is really going to happen in the future.

Nobody really see God except if they go to heaven people would make machine how God exactly Looks like and Heaven and how the Devil looks like and Hel and people can watch it on television so they know what Hel and Heaven really look like.