Sunday, January 22, 2017

More new Machines

Machines would be like the outside machines that are good for this planet would crush all the cars that are bad for this environment and a new car that this better for this environment would pop out of the ground and you did not have to pay for it.

For examples cars that are good for this planet would be in stores next people have to build those kind for machines that would get to people house finally the machine under ground or the out side machine would crush the cars the are bad for this planet.

 They have to press the button to make the machine crush the car that is bad for this Environment. And the under ground machine would pop up and you see an electric car popping out of the ground.

It's really not popping out of the ground by it self people have to put the car on the machine a it looks like it's popping out of the ground. So lets say you are going to the store and you buy food they would be machine that would check what food you buy how much it cost and the machine would give you the right change back.

People would make those kind of machine but people might give people the wrong money on purpose because they are mean the people that are shopping would say look at the machine it gave me the right answer and change and how much money should I get back.

People would make machines in store that would count for you because so people will get to there places quicker after they shop at the store.

Like let's say if Jesus took a person to heaven other people might cry or try to find them Jesus might take people to heaven with out people knowing. People should have this machines of why people disappeared on Earth and the machine would show that those people that disappeared went to heaven and people in the whole planet will know.

Because first scientist have to create those machines next the see those people that disappeared went to heaven finally they would change there mind and they would thing wow maybe some people are right maybe God is real.

Then it would be on the news to see those people that disappeared went to heaven every body would believe in God Including bad people but they might think the devil is better and bad people would good to Hel. Right now not every body believes in God

Saturday, January 21, 2017

More Technology

Television in the future would be like a huge flat television screen put the thing is it would have typing keys on you bed or close to your couch This is my opinion how TV's would be like in the future.

This is how TV's would be in the future but not television's you have to walk up from the couch turn it on or off going press the remote.

This is how on demand works on the TV screen it would have a key board for you and click on the letter's for example lets say I what to look for my favorite show The Loud House all I have to do is press the middle button and the write letters would pop up on the screen.

So lets say a Machine is old and you do not know how old it is people would make this machine that you put in you hand press the button and the screen would say the number and you will know how old really a machines is not just machines buildings to.

Lets say if you parents is driving in the car out side your car window you see  houses and cars and you pick up the machine put it into your hands click the button the screen would show you how old the cars and Buildings really are.

Also The machine screen would say what kind of problems did this building have mold, water,breaking or fire and electric problems.

People would not here the machine talk unless if the person presses the speaking button and the machine will read for them but you have to turn it off if you are not using it because it will break.

You know if you use a machine to much it would break if you use the same machine people should create different machines that can not break as easy.

Work out machine you would not left heavy weights and get you self tired very quick work out machines would be like if you gym teacher presses the button you will feel sweaty not out of breath because the machine is doing it for you.

Lets say you are lifting dun bells or bar bells now people get out of breath when they do those but if there's and machine attach to the dun bell or bar bell and you take healthy medicine even when your not use to working  out you will feel like working out and would not get out of breath.

Friday, January 20, 2017


Nature is a good way to live. And Like talk about rainbows. People want to touch Rainbows but nobody can because it's not solid is make of gases I did not say that to the teacher I figured it out on my own. You Know a rainbow does not just pop out of no where it's actually The Sun has to be in a certain place and the rain.

The sun wave length look like rainbows and first  the light is white then the water in the rain turns into some thing else called I Forgot what it's called Then a rainbows is now formed.

Rainbows Are also if a person is running in the sprinkler The sun light hits the water the the water drop turns into something else then you will see a rainbow on the ground. All thought rainbows is  meteorological phenomenon that is caused the reflection and refraction or dispersion.

  The Sunlight in water droplets resulting in a spectrum of light appearing in the sky. It takes the form of a multicoloured arc. Rainbows caused by light from our star that we see in the morning that will be the sun always appear in the section of sky directly opposite the sun.

Rainbow are really round that is what the teacher said to me today at school people only see have of the rainbow because it depends were you are if you are on flat land you see half of the rainbow If you are on tall mountains you will see the rainbow more like a full circle.

It's like similar when you see the moon in the sky not exactly the same the moon stay's round it's just look like it's changing shapes because if the shadow.

Just like when you are on the moon you will see half of the earth even if the earth is still round. So Some teacher told me this and I also figured it out my self I had to be my own teacher in some stuff when it comes to that.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Create more hair stuff

Like lets say if a person do not want dread locks any more it takes five people to get the locks out.

 It might feel very painful because five people is taking pressure on you head and to much of it is not good it can hurt you neck!

So I heard that from some people at my old school. there was a time that I wanted my hair to be straight and get my African locks out.

 Then as I got older I started to be proud of my own African hair and love it what ever God gave me.

People should make this healthy shampoo for hair that can take locks and tangles out.

People should give it a name like the unlocked shampoo if you have dreads that need to come out if they do not look nice.

 Or put the shampoo on your hair if you do not want dread lock and your hair with still be very long if you want it long and the untangle shampoo.

All the person has to do is get one person to wash your hair put the shampoo on your hair then the dreads with come out next you hair would be an afro.

 Finally if you want you can straighten your own hair. If people create this shampoo's you do not have to go to the beauty salon.

If you are home all you have to do is but the shampoo on and the dreads will be unlocked whether you have dreads for a day or for 20 years then after you can straighten your hair.

The hair chemicals for straighten hair is not good for the hair. Maybe if people can make the chemicals healthy to put in black people's hair then black people would straighten there own hair and in will not break off.

Like just the some as white people the chemicals is not healthy for they hair to be curly but if people make this healthy chemical to make whites or Asian's peoples hair to be curly it would be curly and the hair will not get damaged.

Most people have a lot of black DNA the first people were from Africa and you want to know why people do not have fur they have skin they did not even invited clothes yet so that's why they lived in hot weather because if you have no clothes on in the cold weather you can get sick and nobody likes the cold.

If people are node they like to be in hot weather because the hot weather was like there blanket back then when they did not have any clothes.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Create more stuff from natrue

This is what people should make when it comes to nature. People should create those machines that are better for our planet the machine should be like.

 If there is a wild fire and it spreads all around the land then the machine would sprinkle very cold water all around the fire and the lane to get reed of fire.

So If you are camping in hot weather people should be a lot more careful instead of that people should make those water machines in more hotter places to get reed of fire.

For example lets say you are camping in Nevada and you where making a fire to cook Hot Dogs the fire would get out of control. That is why people should create those water machine that can not get burned by fire the machine will sprinkle a lot of cold water.

Machines will have it more in hotter places than colder places and people would use it more in hot Climates because it's easy for things to get on fire lets say if you robbing wood that could start a fire to. People should create those water machine in the whole planet just in case there is a fire.

The government would have to have security camera's for the whole planet to see what is going on if there is a wild fire in hot places the people that work for the government would have to press the button the water goes throw the wire finally water comes out of the machine.

And people do not have to call the police and make a big fuss about it. And so fire fighter's do not have to stress them selves out.

People should also make computers that can not get on fire and be water prof. Everything should be water prof in my opinion because we live on a planet that has H2O.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Make more new machines in the future

So Machines would be like for example lets say you do push ups or lifting weights people would create this machine.

 That tells others how many push ups you have done. If you done 100 the scene that is attached to the floor would say that.

 If you did 1 the machine on the scene would say number 1. Instead of asking people to count for you.

Well lets say you count how many push ups you do you might lose tract of counting.

But if people make this machine the machine's scene would say exactly how many push ups lifting weight or sit ups what you are doing.

The machine would also read your mind how many push ups, sit ups or lifting weights you want to do. Computer's only work in a room that is cold maybe people should make computer's that work in really hot rooms.

People create computer to work in cold rooms maybe people should make computers in hotter rooms.

 I think people make computers work in colder rooms because if a room is to hot and the computer is plugged in to long it can course a fire.

Also computer would break if you splash water on you computer maybe people should make computer like if water spills on it the computer will not break.

People should call thought computers waters computers so children's parents will not get mad if liquid spills on there computer.

Maybe people should make houses that can not explode or get on fire so people can live a happier live. I think that is whats going to happen in the future and our technology would be really like that.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Create more new stuff

This is what I think should happen. If you go to school with no clothes on or did not brush your teeth people should create this machine that others can not see and the machine would cover you then it would brush you teeth for you and put you clothes on then you do not have to get in trouble by the school.

After they school uses the machines those people would have to press the off button if they are not using it so the machines do not lose power and those machines would turn on if children are ready for school.

Like the machine would be better for this Earth for example If you do not have time to bush you teeth and put you clothes on there would be machines all round they machines would be outside or in houses and schools buses.

So if a person is still node other people would not see they child naked all they see is a machine and they do not see the child after the child has good smelling breath and they are dressed.

 The students and teacher would not even know one child is naked because people create machine all around that would dress and brush there teeth for them.

The outside machine would not be up in space or up in the sky but close to buildings vacuoles or outside People would not even know why they machine are covering a person.

Some probably probably know why because  people are smart enough to know that those people did not have time to put clothes on yet if the person clothes are on the machine will go up and others would see that person with there clothes on.

In The future people would create machine like that in my own opinion. I know the machines would not be up in the air because people do not fly unless the have a plane or a machine that that people create who can make it fly.

 Or calculators would read your mind if you think of a number that you want to subtract you do not have to type the numbers in all you have to do is let the calculator read you mind and it would add it for you and you would get the corrector answer that is how future calculators would work in my opinion.

If you want to know who you ancestor's where well there would be this website that you did not have to gave you parents name or email address all the website has to do is read you mind and if you do not have an email address the website would gave it to you.

The website would show you this video on who you ancestor's really where. This is how the website works scientist would create the website like the skies air would hit the wire let nature hit the wire.

 Not make others machines that would not show you who you ancestor's really where because  you got to let nature hit the wire not make other machines that tries to show others who their ancestors where it would not work.

For example scientist try to make machines that shows people who there ancestors where it would not work this is what scientist should do make those wires that lets air and stuff that comes from nature hit the wire and the website would show who your ancestors really where.

For example it's like Gods is giving the wire to let his air touch the wire because God knows Every thing and people in the whole planet would know who they ancestors really where.

 that goes to your computer and on the website you would see who you ancestor's that are blood relative really were.In the future  is what I think how website would work

Friday, January 13, 2017

More About my school

So I did videos in film that is the subject of this school. I take that class on Monday and Wednesdays. So I asked this film teacher "May I put my stage name on there." they said "no put your real name." I ask them because I do not want people to know my real name.

Not just that my address and where I live. I do this video about music I wrote the Loud House music I also wrote that who stared writing the them song.

And I also write about my celebrity Nat Wolff. That day I was going to do animation but some on already choose animation so I choosing music Because I love to sing and stuff. Today I got to choose Animation I wrote my favorite character on the show is Clyde McBride.

So I did this video at my school Academy 360. It was called TCI That stands for The Children's Institute. I ready like that school.

On The Last day of school I would like to do a video that is not going on YouTube nut the whole school to see. I want the video to be about what children did this year and the scene will say the students name then it would show what they are doing and what there favorite stuff is.

Like If they scene says My name it would show what I did and what I liked and show my own blog and I would Love for it to have music in the back round like new music not music from the 1960's because it's 2016.

The old president knew about my school all the children wanted to write do you know that famous person and do you know this celebrity.

The teacher said "no come on guys he's the president." I was upset when she said that so I wrote in guidance counseling she let me wrote the letter I spoke to her about the whole story. We were writing to Barack

Saturday, January 7, 2017


Glasses are a great way to see things. One day my father showed me this Autistic boy that was blind.

 And all he saw was just black but he did not bump into things because his knows that stuff is in the way.

Like a garbage bag he made that sound and he walked around the garbage can with out seeing it.

It's like when you close you eyes you see just black even when then boy opens his eyes he still sees pitch

I said "maybe they should have glasses." my father says "glasses is not going  to help." May people should make these type off glasses that a person just sees black no color  and the glasses can not help him see doctors should make these kind of glasses.

Or maybe doctors should make this medication that if a person sees black and glasses do not help him see people should make this healthy medicine that people can not die from that can make the autistic boy see not just him but any body who has that problem that trees and stuff. 

It's like I heard that dolphins see black that's it no color but there know that stuff is in front of them because they make that sounds.

Maybe scientist should make a medicine that makes The dolphins see better not just black so it would be easier for them to see thing under water.

In the future they would have that also under water medicines that are healthy for this planet could give the dolphins the medicine and the dolphins will take the medicine and they would see color.

Really dogs and other animals can not see in color in the future people would make this medicine that the animals can not die and all animals will see in color not just humans.