Sunday, August 27, 2017

No sevice to the internet

If you have no service to the internet the computer will go very slow.

 And I am in a different state know and I have a computer that goes very slow and that is why I have a hot spot close to the computer so the computer will work.

In the future if you have a computer it will go really quick if your parents are driving in the car for hours and hopefully people will not have to pay for the internet and the internet on planes and stuff will be free.

If you are visiting a person's house and you do not have to bring the hot spot with you and you do not have to get another person to get the wifi and fix your computer because the computer will get wifi for people and the hot spot will be inside of the computer so the inter net will always work and the computer will go quick.

These days if a house is made of some type of wood the internet might work that go in the future all houses will have good connection to the internet and the computer will get you on the internet for people.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Vechicles in the future

This is my opinion how all vehicles all over the planet will be like in the future.

So if a car is broken on the high way the out door machine will pop out of the high way ground will fix the car if in the middle of the highway and the car will be as good as new if highway machine fix cars.

If the brown cars are on the sides of the highway the highway machines will pop out of the ground to fix any vehicles that are broken and final the car will go quicker then ever and it will be fix as good as new.

And people start making cars that are good for this environment and the car drives by it self and you click in the i pad thing and the car with drive on were you want to good not just cars will be like that buses, boat, ship, trains and plane or even Helicopters will have this i pad thing that people press on where they want to go and those vehicles will take any body to the correct place.

 If they do not know the way. Those machines with not crash. My mother does not trust them because its machines that drive people by if self and she is afraid that the car with blow up and have know control because it's machine the drive people and machines break.

Maybe scientist should try to make machine last longer and can not break and even if it does the machines all over the planet in the future can fix them selves because people will create machine more modern like that.

If they do people will not get hurt because there will be air bags that no body can get hurt including babies will not get hurt and no vehicles will blow up if there is a crash in the future because it will be good for this planet.

In the future there will be out door machine that are good for this planet to fix the vehicles as good as new and if there is snow on the road the out door machine will clean up all of the snow by it self because the way people create machine in the future.

And no machine will break in the future if the earth ends and machines will not break in the future until the wold ends because people will create all machines different more modern and less a lot longer. And I don't how hard people try to break those machines no body can break machine in the future.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

More about computers and Laundry machines

Computer are good for using typing but this is what my father thought me when I turned off the computer with windows still open on the computer you not suppose to turn it off on your computer right away with the windows still open on Google.

You not suppose to do that on your computer because it will mess up the computer and slow the computer down.

But in the future computers will be if  you still have windows open on Google on your computer you do not have to close the widows in the future.

That is because computer will be created different and also computers if you leave the windows open on your computer on google and shut down the computer the computers will still go quicker and nothing will slow the computer down even a computer virus can not slow the computers down and the computer will get reed of the computer virus.

Lets talk about laundry machines if you but white and colored clothes in the washier machine at the same time it can mess the clothes up in the further people can put the white and colored clothes in the washier machine at the same time because the washier machine will be created and work different.

 This is my opinion how the future washing machines will work put color and white clothes in and the washier machine will tell people which clothes it's going to wash and if you press the button white the machine will watch the white clothes first then the colored clothes.

 The washier machine will put bleach and soap in the washing machine for any body who is washing clothes final the washier machine will put the clothes in the drier for people or the clothes will dry quicker by it self with out get any mold on the clothes.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Monday, August 21, 2017


It is good to Print out stuff from the printers. If you print too much their will be no more ink and the picture will just be a blank and the picture will look plan and white.

 These days that is how printers work in the future printers will be like you can print as much as you want.

These days you have to pay money and  if you want to get more ink you have to pay the Cartridges who ever that created the printers.

Lets say if the printer cost 40 dollars you do 40 times 10 that will equal to 400 dollars and if you Multiply 400 and 3 that will equal to 1,200 dollars if you have the printer for years.

In the future I hope people will not have to pay cartridges to get more ink for the printer the printer will make ink by it self because people will created to be like that.

Who ever that created the printer and if some one has it is there's. If they pay for a printer and it's made very well it should be only a cent and it would be cheaper in the future. 

Printers will be like that in the future because printer will keep on making more and more ink and even if the printer is broken it will have machine that will fix the broken printer and the machine in the future if there broken will fix them selves because people will create that in the future.

Printers will also be like lets say if you want to paint your whole wall and if you do not feel like it first you go on to your cartoon software then you draw on the cartoon soft ware final you click the print button and you art work will be on your wall.

Lets say if you can not draw on the cartoon soft ware and you do not want to draw you can just imagine how you art work will be like and you art work will look like how it did in you imagination and final the soft ware can save your work and it can print for you and you art work will be on the wall to.

Put before people can do that the printer and the plug has to be plug into the wall in a type of way and final your art work will be on the wall it will be like painting the wall except the print will print your art work on you wall.

Saturday, August 19, 2017


People should make shampoos and stuff that will make peoples hair not break off and fall out and the shampoo's will make the persons hair be longer.

 Also there should be medicine that if you have alopecia or if a person is not healthy enough to grow hair and your hair did not grow back for 30 years

  If any body with Alopecia takes the health pill you hair will grow quick over night because the pill will show people how your hair should really look like if you do not grow your hair for 30 years.

This medicine is free for people who are poor and if they are not healthy enough to grow hair they should take the nature pill and there hair will grow very quick and long if they want it to be.

And its like a lot of hair is trying to grow out if you have alopecia and the health pill that comes from nature.

 If any person with alopecia takes the pill and there real hair will grow out very long over night because if they have not grown there hair for years and that is how there hair should really be.

Lets talk about why Black peoples hair is dryier and it breaks off more.

  And most people that I ask do not even know the answer.

And Black peoples hair break off more then white peoples hair.

That is because Black people came from Africa and from a very hot and dry place and the sun hits there hair and that is the reason why black peoples hair is dryier.

White peoples and Asian people hair is not as hair because in the olden days the first people where black people.

 And they moved to a place that they live the place that they live is Europe and that place did not have that much sun and it was colder.

  It also had more water so that is why there hair is more moist. Asian people seem to have straighter hair then white people because Asia if far away from Africa and Europe is closer to Africa that is why white peoples hair seem to be more curly.

If you live in America and you are black you hair will not change it will be curly still because your DNA is used to curly hair because your ancestors that happens to be more black people there  hair is like that.

 If you are a white or an Asian person and your are born in America your hair will still not change because there DNA is use to straighter hair because there ancestors that happen to be white or Asian  have straighter hair.

Friday, August 18, 2017


Weather reporters tell what the weather is going to be but some times they are wrong.

 People do not know what the weather was in the past and the future maybe people should create science camera's that can see what the weather really was in the past and what the weather is going to be in the future like billions of years in the future.

People do not know what the weather is really like on other planets out of out solar system in the future people will because they will have more modern space technology.

This is my opinion how people will know how the weather really is and their are other life forms on the planets out of or solar system that is my opinion how science camera's will be like in the future

In the future people will know what will happen to the Earth in the future and all of the planets in the universe in the future also they will know when new planets will be created because they will have more modern Technology not just people from Earth but other Life forms out of our solar system will know what new planets will be created and also will know what the weather will be like on other planets

There are probably other life forms on other planets that know what weather is like on other planets these days that people do not know on Earth because the other life forms form other planets will have more modern space technology.

Probably Aliens are checking on other planets with life on it and and  Aliens might think they might be the only life forms in the universe they might feel the same way as the human feel on Earth.

Probably Aliens are checking out these planet that we live on too and other planets out of their solar system.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Why Do More Boys have Autism

Well people ask me why do more Boys have more Autism tan girls usually and people do not know that.

Well this my own opinion well I think I has to do some thing with the DNA.

 And you know how girls Mature quicker then boys that is probably some thing that has to do with it their are more reason to this disorder.

People with Autism do not mature as quick as a normal child.

 But don't worries nobody's body is perfectly normal only God's is and only God's body is perfect.

 Autistic Children do not mature as quick and that is probably why it's more command for boys to have it.

 But some girls have it to because maybe because it has to do some thing with the DNA to and also some girl do not mature as quick a the average girl weather they are special needs or not that is probably why some girls have Autism to.

Well people do not think the way I think and I think it's a fact that is just my opinion. And it seems like more boys have more special needs then girls probably because that you know boys do not mature as quickly then girls that is probably why I see more boys with special needs.

I think it's a fact but I do not know for sure people do not know why more boys have more autism and they just say " I do not know." I say some thing different because may mind is unique that does not mean I know for sure I just saying.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Water proof art Stuff

Any thing should be water proof because we live on a planet with water. Pencils, pens, erasers, chalk, paper and canvas and draw cases and drawing wood should all be water proof.

Lets say if you drop your paint picture in the water and it will not be destroyed  because the paint picture will be create different. any thing should be water proof and including TV should be water proof.

If you have a water proof computer it will have all cartoon animation software on your desktop on your computer.

 All buildings and house should be water proof and these days they are water proof. The wires outside that help with the technology should be water proof to. Also Buses, Cars and vans, and Planes should be all water proof in the future.

In my opinion the Future cars and buses or vans will be like it will be driving on land but if it's stuck in traffic he person that is driving the car can go under the water with out people getting wet.

The future planes will be like it will fly and it can go under the ocean to. All of those vehicles should be water proof and not do pollution to the Earth in fact it would be good for this planet any thing will be more modern and be good for this planet.

Instead if black smoke coming out of vehicles and make people hard to breath all vehicles will had fresh air coming out of the vehicles to make them move and people can put their face close to all vehicles because all vehicles will have fresh air coming out of the car instead of the smoke that can make air pollution.

Also books should be water proof to and after it drops into the water the book with be find and not destroyed just like paper after paper or canvases are in the H2O the paper will be good and any body can draw on the water proof papers after they get wet.

If clothes get wet for hours in the future they will not grow mold because clothes will be made different.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Un delete a blog

My parents say do not delete a blog because it will be lost for ever.

In the future blogs will not be lost for ever if you delete them because first if you delete a whole blog it will be saved on your hard drive and save on you desktop on you computer.

Next if you delete a blog on you desktop on your computer it will go into the trash can on you computer desktop.

Then if you do not want your blog to be deleted click on the trash can on your desktop and it will say undeleted click on the undelete button and the blog will be on you desktop again and on you hard drive again.

Final you can put your blog back on the internet and it would look the some as if it did when you first created the blog. In the future blogs if you deleted will not be lost forever and it can not be lost for ever on you computer because all computers in the whole planet will be created different.

I had a talk with my father and he said " I think there is a way you can do it." If my father shows me I would like him to be careful and show me how to undelete my blog from the desktop on my computer.

 But these days it will be very hard to do. In the future it will be very easy to do those things to your blog and it will be easy to find if it's deleted from you desktop on you computer because computers will be more modern.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Snack machines

People get snack machines to get a snack. But the thing is people have to make sure that the money is unfolded and straight. If it's not straight the drink or they snack machine will not work and it's hard to keep the money straight.

Maybe people should create all snack machine to have a machine attach to the snack machine and finally the machine will make the money unfolded.

Or maybe people should create sack and drinking machines that will take the money weather the money the you have is straight or not. This is my opinion how the future machines will be.

And the will be another machine that is attached to the snack machine that will put your money in for you in the snack machine and will take the money out and put it inside you purse.

Scientist should make all snack and drinking machines like this in the whole planet. Also if you do not know where you money really is and you stuff really is the building machine will show any body where there stuff really is.

For example the machine inside of the building will have a screen that will show people where there stuff really is if there or machine that in all buildings that help people find there stuff and show people where there stuff really is people will not have to look for their stuff because their will be machines that help people find their stuff that is lost or miss place.

Even if you put in money the correct way these days the money has to be straight for the machine to work and get your snack in the future it will be a lot different because snack machine will be more modern and people do not have to make sure that there money is straight.

If the snack machine is broken there will be machines that can fix the snack machines in the some building that is how all machines in the future should be created.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Computer passwords

People these days need to put in their computer password and their Email Address. If people do not have it yet the computer machine will give people a password.

 Even if a person types in the correct password or address it still might say the Incorrect password because some thing is not right with the website.

For example lets say you type in your correct password to get on to it might say Incorrect password some time because not all websites are perfect.

In the future if you login to a website and if you type in your correct password or address then website will always say correct password even if the website is not working because computer will be created different.

If you want to type in the search engine and a blog and your computer the computer will read your mind on what you would like to see on the computer this is my opinion how future computers will be and the machine attach to the computer will type for people of what they want to write because the computer will read peoples minds.

Or if you do not know who steal some thing or throw stuff like glass at peoples cars they will be out side computer camera's so the person knows who steeled their stuff and who throw stuff at their car. Final they can so the police on the out door computer camera's.

Also if you want to call 911 the phone will read you mind of who you want to call and type the correct phone number to the correct person. That is my opinion how the future phones will be. If you want to draw on you phone it will look as good as the cartoons on TV that is how the future phones and i pads will work these days they are not modern enough to do that.

For example if you try to draw a cartoon on the phone or the I pad they drawing will not look good because it was not made to make things look detailed in the future they will in my opinion.