Saturday, August 5, 2017

Un delete a blog

My parents say do not delete a blog because it will be lost for ever.

In the future blogs will not be lost for ever if you delete them because first if you delete a whole blog it will be saved on your hard drive and save on you desktop on you computer.

Next if you delete a blog on you desktop on your computer it will go into the trash can on you computer desktop.

Then if you do not want your blog to be deleted click on the trash can on your desktop and it will say undeleted click on the undelete button and the blog will be on you desktop again and on you hard drive again.

Final you can put your blog back on the internet and it would look the some as if it did when you first created the blog. In the future blogs if you deleted will not be lost forever and it can not be lost for ever on you computer because all computers in the whole planet will be created different.

I had a talk with my father and he said " I think there is a way you can do it." If my father shows me I would like him to be careful and show me how to undelete my blog from the desktop on my computer.

 But these days it will be very hard to do. In the future it will be very easy to do those things to your blog and it will be easy to find if it's deleted from you desktop on you computer because computers will be more modern.

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