Saturday, October 28, 2017

My art of the Halloween cat

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Before every thing existed

Before Every thing existed there was God. No body can create God our them selves on God can create him self.

We God already existed and he did not have to create him self because that is the way God wanted it he do not just always exist out of no where.

Then God imagined the whole universe and his created the universe to become real next he imagined the earth and all of the planets where going to look like first god imagined the earth and dinosaurs then he creates the dinosaurs million years after.

 Also God created his angles and The Devil his also created The devil was one of Gods Angles the devil was suppose to be in charge of the music in Heaven until the devil choices to be bad so God create Hell for the devil's Punishment.

So then God imagined how the first people Adam and Eve on this earth where going to be 6 million years after that Adam and Eve where the first people on the earth.

Then God imagined people from the bible like Moses and who every who was in the bible 6 million years after Moses and people from the bible became real.

For example if God created real people already it will take six million more years for those people in his imagination because God wanted to worried about those people he already created.

Next he imagined more people in his mind on want time of year they want those people to be born on earth.

for example people in the 1600's-1900's where in Gods mind 6 million years before and six million years after in the date of the 1600's - 1900's those people became real people. People in 2017 were in Gods mind 6 million years before and 6 million years after real people these days are real in 2017.

All real people where in Gods imagines than all cartoons characters because real people are more important to God in a way. All real people are like the ancestors of all cartoon characters that they created even if they are not like the ancestor's of them They are a lot older in gods imagination and they do not have to be good at drawing cartoons.

The reason why I say all real people all like the Ancestor's of the cartoons because we came first and we can created cartoons and de create them to.

A real person that is a creator of they cartoon characters can de create cartoons any real person can de create some one else's cartoon only if the creator says yes.

For example lets say if a real person is a creator of all of there cartoon characters and if any real person wants to de created there cartoon the can only if the creator says yes if the creator says no then any real person should leave the creators alone.

De created means if you decided not to make the cartoon exist in 3D and 2D fantasy any more, All Cartoon characters that are 3D and 2D only exist in 3D and 2D fantasy no cartoon exist in real life yet. no 1D or stick figure cartoons exist in 3D or 2d fantasy because they are 1D or stick figure cartoon chracters and 1D cartoons do not exist in real life ether.

All real people exist in 3d and 2d fantasy first in Gods mind then all real people became real. That is the way I believe.

In real life lets say your are 19 in real life you will be 6,000,019 in fantasy because it has to be in the six million because the first people were on this earth 6 million years and 6 million years before in Gods mind no matter what year it its it will be in the 6 million's because 6 million's are the stander sign for math so no body will get confused.

So of real people want to know how long they are in fantasy they should do 6 million plus what ever what age they are in real life and any body will get the correct answer.

Monday, October 16, 2017

My drawings

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Arthur and Walter

Arthur and Walter dressed as Riley and Huey from The Boon Docks and more images


Friday, October 13, 2017

My drawing of Dill

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Dillon Piller

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Schools and gym

In gym if a teacher first meets a student and they can left 10 pounds the teacher might say " it's too heavy!" even if it's not for that person.

It's not the teacher fault it has to do with the school that they worry if the student lefts heavy and they get hurt the school can get in big trouble. In the future that will be different if a student says I can left 10 pounds the teacher should say try it on ten and if it's to light for the person they can go on to heavier weights.

If teachers are worried about the children getting hurt then why do they have heavy weights in the school I do not get that I guest if a person is big and their body is built to lift heavy weight so that is probably why they have heavy weights in the school it but if a person is very small and their body is not built to lift all of the heavy weight that is why the school has that too.

The school does is in GYM if it's sunny out side the play soccer and basketball outside they only lifts weights if it's rainy and they can not go out side. I lift weight's after school I work out for my self

These days the schools are worried if students will get hurt especially special needs schools. In the future the school will  not be in big trouble because the school will not worry as much about people getting hurt as much if they are a new student they might worry until the new students lefts weights and if they go on to the next weight the school will not get in trouble if the student keeps lifting heavy weight because that student is getting stronger.

In my old school I use to lift 30 pound's but now I am back to 10 My father said "it's not your fault it has to do with the school and if a student lifts something heavy and gets hurt the school can get in big trouble these days so that is why they will not let you children lift heavy weights or maybe that do not want you to do because if you are strong enough and probably a lot of those students can not do it the will probably feel bad about them self's and the teachers do not want that these days."

My father also said " Maybe you body can not lift a lot of weights because you do a lot of push up's my father said Power lifter's and Body builders are stronger than you in lifting weight but you are stronger in doing push ups you body has to get use to lift heavy weights. 

When I could not lift 30 pound's any more I felt very weak and I was crying and screaming my father said" You are not weak you do hundreds of push ups.

I do leg press 100 pounds  hundreds of times not all at once but in three setts chess press 30-50 LBs three setts and I add it up to 40-60 times and lift only 10 pound over a hundred times I do it of setts of three just like I you with the other working out their was times at my old school I pulled down 90 pounds.

My father wanted my at my old school in New York City because the Gym teacher there pushes me beyond my limit and I told the Gym Teacher in this school now that how my old teacher was and he said " why would your old GYM Teacher do that what if some one gett's hurt with out showing them."

I do agree with the GYM teacher that I have now that my old GYM teacher should show people how to lift weights but I do not agree with my GYM teacher now that he should worry about those children getting hurt he says to all over the students that weight is to heavy but how does he not he and the school does not know my GYM teacher is not in the students body he is in his own body.

My old GYM teacher said those weights are too heavy some times if the weight looks very heavy but this GYM teacher that I have now he says it's too heavy for me more and he says it to other children even if the weight is to light for some of this children.

I have a health teacher she thinks when I pill down 30 pounds she thinks I am too strong for that but I agree with her more but my GYM teacher he think's 30 pounds is just right not to light and not too heavy.

In the future in most special needs school if students can not lift heavy weight while the other person can the teacher will think well if some students and lift heavy weights while most of the children can not lift heavy weights they just have to be upset because there is also going to be some one stronger.

The government will be different. If you need to wear glasses and you do not want you glasses to break scientist should create glasses that can not break when a ball hit's people's face's scientist should call them sports glasses.

That sports glass are for boxing if you are blind and a person put's a boxing helmet on and you are sparring with some one any body who is very blind should wear the sports glasses.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

My art of the great wall of China

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 Grandma's from out soned on the mother and the father side and their names are Angie and Rima

Grandpa's on the father and the mother side and their names are Jeread and Sherman

The Great wall of China

Victor Davis

Quaky Ducks Davin and Daniela Duck

 Bull Dog

Pink Poodle

sea ocean

Monday, October 9, 2017

My art Work of Anna

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 Anna with her glasses

Anna with out her glasses

Sunday, October 8, 2017

My drawings of dating

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Sheldon and Nika Kissing

Friday, October 6, 2017

Women Get Pregnant and bussinesses

When women get pregnant if they want to find out if they are pregnant they can pee on the thing or go to a doctor.

When women are pregnant they get a lot of needle shots and it huts a lot maybe enough for a grown woman to cry.

Maybe instead of women getting needle shots they can take this health medicine and it will not hurt them and they can just take the medicine one time.

So if women what to get pregnant they have to get a job have a business or marry a guy that they

Business should work like this if people are getting stuff only that they need it will be free in the future. These days lets say a person has not eated in years and they come in a store and ask for food the person that works at the store will say " You need money get out of my store. And if the poor person say " I have no money and there are no jobs to be had!"

The person in the store will probably say "they are and you do not have a house or a job because you are lazy I do not take no excuses!"

Well the person does not know maybe that person works hard to get a job or a house but they just can not get it. The worker in the store might not get in trouble these days in  the future that will be illegal.

So the Government and people will not have to pay for each other any more in the future because all houses , food,water and clothes will be free and all any body has to do is give the cashier what they want to to get and they will not get in trouble and in the future it will not be stealing this days it will be stealing. It will not be easy for people to starve
ever again.

In stores if you get the food for free and someone takes it out of your hand with out asking that will be illegal to because the person got the free food first and gave the shopping list to the cashier.

In a way people have to steal stuff that that need because they needed to survive. These days any body has to buy clothes,water or food in the future no body has to because it will be a different world. All house will be free and any body will have to go on a wed site which house they want to buy and how long they want to live in the house and then check if the house has electric problem, water problems, mold problems or insects coming in the house or even breaking problems.

Any body has to make sure if the house are safe to live in if there are not they can go to see the next house on the internet.

If people break in your house it will still not be right and bad people can get arrested to weather houses are free or not just the some as food and water. All stores and restaurants should be like homeless shelters in the future.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

My art of Rosie grandma

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Rosie's grannie Rosalinda

Sunday, October 1, 2017

My art Work of class rooms

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Class Rooms