Monday, January 27, 2020


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Thursday, January 16, 2020


Computer or Cell phone Battery goes low and when the computer slows down

Every Time when a Cell phone or a computer battery goes down low you have to plug it back in because you phone or computer will never turn on again.

  In the future if the battery goes dead on the computer or cell phone you do not have to plug it in because the cell phone and the computer will re charge on it's own.

For example if a Computer or cell phone is on 0 % it will just automatically go on 100 % again will out walking back and forth to plug it.

I was using this 3D art software called Blender and I was trying to put a lot of trees in with out slowing the computer down and it did slow the computer down and that is because you put to much trees in the Blender program.

Or if I wanted to add hair to my character that I sculpt it will slow the computer down to. Maybe in the future no matter how much trees I put on the program or how much hair I put on the program the computer will still go fast and never slow down because computers will be more advanced.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Honey Comb

This story is called The Same Every Thing Ever where

You know how God gives us different strength shapes and sizes and stuff. Some people are short some people are tall some people are small and others are big.

In this story This scientist made this medicine That will make everybody the same strength mentally or physically.

The medicine also makes people the exactly the same height and the some size.

The scientist made this medicine because he saw the weaker person lose the fight and he felt sad and the stronger person felt happy and the weaker person said " How come he is stronger and I am not as strong as him?"

So the scientist gave the weaker person the medicine and the weaker person became just as strong as that person that who he was fighting with because to make them even.

Then people started buying the scientist medicine and everybody was happy because before women could not protect them self from men who try to hurt them if they are a rapist and now women and any man who is a rapist nobody wins in a fight they just beat each other up.

The scientist made the medicine that kids and babies will be as strong as adults and all the animals to be the same strength and size as well.

The scientist said " Why God made every body different and gave people the same color blood it's does not make any since!"

So the scientist said this medicine is healthy for every body. Lets say if someone is a better MMA fighter then you the scientist will give you the medicine to have as much MMA skills then that MMA fighter who was a better fighter then you before and you won't have to train or practice MMA you and The MMA fighter will beat each other up and nobody will win or lose in a fight.

Then people got sick and started vomiting and get the worst flu ever and that is because the medication the science is making.

The science employees said " I do not know we are doing the right thing God made every body to have different sizes different strength and different talent. The science said " Yes we are doing the right thing because people are even and are exactly the same and if you do not make any more of these medicines I'll have you fired!"

The scientist who created that medicine did not care if people got sick all he cared about is making people happy and making money.

The scientist did an evil laugh. No body knew that the scientist was evil. The scientist make all the flowers and tree and planets the same color and the same size.

The scientist also send a space rocket to destroyed the planets that are bigger and smaller then the Earth. He also destroyed all of the stars that are different sizes and made them the same size as our Sun.

He also will kill people if they do not want to take his medicine and how he will kill them is send machines to put bombs on them or to throw them in the fire.

Then he thought maybe every one should just have blond hair and blue eyes and he made that medicine and the medicine made every one have blond hair and blue eyes and light skin because that is what the scientist have.

For example at first people where all people of color but now there are just white people with blond hair and blue eyes. So the scientist heard thunder Then the scientist said whats happens I never seen this weather before the weather was like rain,then snow,then the sun and then a rainbow.

The scientist said what does that mean so every body went back to normal everybody was different sizes and shapes again and some people where stronger then other again and no baby or child are as strong as adult any more.

And people are black, white,Asian,Indian,Native and all people over color again. So the Science said No!!!! "I thought may medicine will work why it's it working!" Then people know that the scientist is evil and the scientist wonder of how do they know that.

So the scientist got very angry and he is worst then angry and said " I will make all you people the same color, the same strength,the same color,the same weight and the same sizes for ever!"  The people said " What if we go to heaven!" The scientist said I will make you all he same to Ha ha ha !!!

Then the scientist forced every body to take the medicine before he will kill them all. The scientist took at the space camera and the planets where different sizes again and The science said " Why is this happening!"

The science employees said " God made every thing different shapes and sizes and strength for a reason if every body was the same it will be a boring place and God has the same feeling like we have.

The scientist said " Well if God made other people to have the same feelings as him how came he still makes himself the strongest and everybody have different strength it doe not make any since we have the same feeling as him but we not as strong as him and some people are stronger than others come on that is a horrible and most stupidest choice that God made he should not made that in the first place.

The employees said " That is very disrespectful saying God made the stupidest choice and calling him stupid actually if you trying to make people the same and act the same and you said God should do it in the first place that is a horrible and a stupid choice.

The scientist said " No God is being disrespectful to make people stronger then other and why did he do that so the stronger people can beat up the weaker people!"

The employee said " No God love us the same and he made us to love  each other and he made some people stronger then others to protect them but hey God gave people a free will and some stronger people choice to be bad just like the devil choices to be bad. The scientist medicine did not work because it was the power of God and God is more powerful then any body including the scientist.

So the scientist tried to kill God and God punished him and lighting socked the scientist and the scientist got electrocuted. Final the Evilest Scientist on the planet went to prison and his medicine got sued and every body was happy and healthy the way God created them and God said " Know body has to be the same that is what makes the world special." The End!