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I am writng a story called the gold digger kidnapper and the cheater

Once upon a time Matthew and Kim where dating everthing went great then wanted to have kids But Kim could not get pregnant because something was wrong in her body. Things Started to charage she thought that Matthew was rich before she date him then she found out he was poor but Mat theated her good.

But one day Kim wanted to find a man who was rich and she used her husband Matthew for his money behind his back Matthew knew that kim was acting strange and finally he found the Kim is a goldigger Matthew said " I loved you woman and you betraied me and try to chated on me for a rich man!.

The next Day Kim was traying to find Matthew and Matthew was dating another woman named Mariah. Kim said " what is this Matthew you cheating on me for another woman I am your wife. Matthew Said "Your cheated on me first Kim to find a man that is rich now your see how it feels to get cheated on I am sorry Kim but where done!

Kim slapps Matthew and and Mariah and said how could you do this to me Matthew then Mariah slapps Kim back and said " Kim you know wha you did was wrong and you where being a jerk to my new Husband Matthew now get out. of My house.

Mariah and Matthew had kids together and Kim saw Matthew agian and said Please Matthew I want you back. Matthew said " No after all you done you tried to cheat on me for a rich and weathy man! and Mariah cares about me for who I am.

The day after Matthew hear Mariah screamed and said our kids are gone and Matthew looked every where and he hear a ring on the phone and it was his ex wife Kim and Mariah said" Where is my kids do you know where they are Kim tell the true!!! 

Kim said you mean these kids. Mariah said Mat Kim has our kids what our you doing with our kids and don't hurt them.

Kim said you stold every thing for me Mariah and you stold my man and now you will never see those kids agian Hah ha  ha!!!. Mariah said Kim why would you still our kids. Kim said For many year I wanted to get pregnant but I couldn't I was never pregnant I deserve those kids more then you How come you can get pregnant while I can never get pregnant you will never see those kids agian I am their new mommy now!!!

Mariah said "Matthew we have to find our kids Kim has kidnapped our kids. Mariah starts crying and Matthew Says Don't you worry we find our kids Lynn and Ciara!!!

Matthew and Mariah looked evry where to find there kids. Kim was driving she said to Mariah and Matthews Kids named Lynn that is age 6 and Ciara that is age 3 stay in the car and don't move I am going to gett my nails done and stopping!!! Ciara started screaming and crying for mommy and daddy but Lynn her old brohter called Mariah and Matthew which is there parents. 

Mariah said Lynn are you and your sister Ciara Okay! and Lynn said "No we are in Dads Ex wifes Kims car and is locked and My little 3 year old sister caira is crying.

Mariah and Matthew looked on the angle app and they drived for hours to find and look for there kids.

Finally when Mariah and Matthew got to Kims car Mariah and Matthews kids looked like they where going to pass out  so Matthew broke the car window and Mariah opened the door and got those her kids out of the car Then Kim returns and said to Mariah and Matthews Kids " I told you little Brats to stay in the car and don't move a muscle!!!!

Maraih said " We got our kids out of the car you did a terrble terrible thing I thought you were just a Gold digger but no you are a Kidnapper as well the Police are on there way!!! Kim trys to run away but Mariah jumps on Kim and Kim says " Get off of Me!!! Then Matthew siad Officer My Ex Wife is there and The Police Officer said " Kim you are under aresst for child Kidnapping, Kim said " I get you kids and kidnap you whole family too. The Officer say get her out of he. Maraih said Thank you Officer for saving our kids. 

The Police Officer said Kim is going to jail for life. and Mariah and Matthew and their two kids  went on a family vacation to Florida because That Police gave them money to go to Florida the family had I nice time The End

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