Monday, July 31, 2017

Hair growing not nice

Some peoples hair does not grow nice. If they did not wash it for years and do not take care of it their hair will not grow nice. After if the go to a hair salon the person has to shave the persons hair off even if the person does not want to go bald. If you want your hair to be shaved by a person that's in a hair salon take good care of your hair.

These days if a persons hair does not grow nice they have to get all of they hair shaved off because it will not look nice if their hair does not grow nice.  In the future they will be soap that can make your hair grow nice again so you wont have to go bald if you do not want to.

In the future their with be hair soap so if you hair does not grow nice people could buy a hair soap so they hair will grow nice again and a person at the beauty salon would not have to shave the persons hair off if their hair does not grow that nice because in the future their will be shampoos that can make peoples hair grow very nice again and nicer then ever.

This is my opinion how Shampoos will be like in the future and their should be hair soaps if a persons hair is not growing nice they will get hair soap that can make their hair grow nice again and they do not have to get their hair shaved off.

The Future Shampoo will make peoples hair grow quicker if their hair does not grow nice because their will be healthy Chemicals in the soaps that can make people hair grow quicker ever the people with Alopecia. I would like a soap like can make my hair stronger longer and grow quicker.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Moving into houses

Moving into house is a good thing because people can not live in the some house forever.

People move in peoples furniture and move in people stuff like there clothes and toys if they have any children.

In the future people will make machines that can move peoples furniture that can get into peoples houses. The house machine will put the furniture were people want the furniture if people want some of the furniture to be up stairs the house machine will put the furniture up stairs.

If the person wants their furniture in the living room the machines will put the furniture in the living room.

Instead of people lifting heavy furniture and getting them selves hurt all house all over the planet will have machines that can lift the furniture and people can take a break.

Also house machine will be like if you wash your hair the house machines will clean your whole body and hair if you do not fell like washing your self. House machine will also clean peoples toilets and sinks and bathrooms if they need to be can and unclog peoples sinks and toilets.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Cartoon soft ware and Bands

Cartoon soft ware is a great thing. Some people might want some cartoons characters in their band like their favorite cartoon characters on TV.

For example first they have to say to the creator of they cartoon my I put them on my soft ware if the creators say no do not put them on the soft ware make you own cartoon characters.

If the creators of the cartoon characters say yes you can put them on you soft ware first you put them on the soft ware next you click on what Instruments what you would like them to play next you sing you song and the cartoons can play the instruments how you exactly sound final you will have a band with cartoons in it.

You will see and other people will see the cartoons in real life playing the instruments because people will have more modern soft ware to do that. After the fans will meet the cartoon characters in person and the fans will see the cartoon characters out side of their minds because people will have the modern soft ware to do that.

Or if you draw your own cartoon characters you will see them talking to you and any body because it will be all soft ware that is doing that and other thing that if you take a picture with the cartoon character next to you other people that are taking the picture will see the cartoon is sitting next to the real person because the soft ware and phones will be more modern to do that.

If their is a soft ware like that I would like to have that kind of soft ware one day. This is my opinion how the future soft wares will really be.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

How stores will be in the future

These days if people work in store's they have to but hangers on the clothes and put the correct tag size on the hanger.

These days people who work in store have to put the tang on the hangers.

 For example the if people have clothes that are small the hanger will have the s tag on the hanger or if a tag hanger says XL that means the clothes are Extra Large if the hangers tag says M that stands for medium size clothing if the hanger tag has the letter L on it that means the cloths is a size Large.

People will not have put the clothes size in order because they would have machines that will put the clothes size in the correct order.

Also the machines in the store will put tags on the hangers on the correct clothes size for example if a cloths size is small the store machines will put the s tag on the hanger and if the clothes are Extra Large the store machines will put the XL tag on the hangers If the clothes are medium or large the store machines will put the M tag on the hanger with the Medium size clothes and the L tag on the hanger with the large size clothes.

The store machine will also clean the whole store and check which hangers are broken if the hangers are broken the store machines will put the broken hangers in the garbage and the machines will make or get new hangers and put the cloths on the new hangers.

 Final the store machines will put the clothes with the hangers on the clothes rack. This is my own opinion how future store will be like that store machines with put the food price on the food shelf and the store machine will put the cold food in the refrigerator and the food on the food shelf.

Also store machine will have screens that people can see what the store machines is doing to the broken hangers or doing to the clothes.

The store machines will have a screen that people can see and people will see the store machine hanging up the clothes and put the broken hangers in the trash.

If a person is buying clothes and they do not know what size it is the store machines will show people on the screen what is the real clothes size what ever the person has in there hand. The store machine will put food and stuff in the correct place make sure the stuff is organized.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Cupcakes and house machine in the furture

It is great to bake cupcakes but if you do not have any more paper cups, to put in the batter,   you will have to get more paper cups.

Instead of people buying paper cups they can use the house machines.   And the machines will make more paper cups.

Or if you have a laundry machines that is broken the house machine will create a new laundry washer machine or (laundry drier machine).  And also that laundromat machine with make new washer machines and driers.

 And the buildings machines with fold your cloths and put your clothes in the drier and the washing machines.

If your dishes are all broken the house machine with fix you dishes good as new.  And they will make new dishes without people buying them in stories. And furniture the house machines will make new beds and furniture if they are broken.

People can not jump on beds because they can break.  However, in the future they will not because beds will be made for jumping and sleeping on and no person is to heavy to use the future beds.

House machines will also fix peoples TV's and if the TV is broken the house machine will make a new TV with out people buying them and then people can watch their shows on TV.

If the ipads, ipods, video, games, phones or computers are broken the house machine will fix them or the house machine will have to make more new electronics.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Females and Males which one is stronger

Females and Males people say that it depends on the girl or boy who is stronger. 

I disagree because I ask people what they learned in School.  They say that males are really stronger than females.

Well their are some women who are stronger than men only if the take steroids or if they work out a lot.

 All men were built to be stronger than all women because their are chemicals that makes their voices deeper and that is why they even grown more hair on their faces.

All women can have babies if they are healthy and have their cycles and also they have breast and if they are pregnant milk comes out of their breast.

Naturally all men are built to be stronger then women. And is ask other women " They said "They learn that from school." Also my mother told me that and that is how I know I did not learn this from school I learn listen by life and Nature.

Some Internets say that women are stronger then men and they can fight men everything that people see on the internet is not true.

Men are stronger because they have more Testosterone.   Women have testosterone but not as much as men. I heard that some Women Have more Testosterone then men and that does not sound normal even if they are healthy that is still not normal.

Men have more testosterone because that is just the way God wanted them. Naturally no women can fight or hurt men unless they hit them in the weaker parts if the body or kick then in the balls that is any mans weakness.

Naturally all women have more fat on their body to keep the babies warm and men have more muscles. Naturally all women have stronger legs but if Men do more leg strength their muscles will develop quicker because their body is made different. 

The fact is all women have vagina's and all men have penises also all men can get sperms and no women can have sperms.

And if Men work out they develop more muscle quicker then any women. That even if some women are stronger naturally all men are built stronger.  

Then they will usually develop muscle quicker. Scientist know that because they have machines so they could know that are all men stronger or women Naturally and Naturally men are stronger than women.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Cars and gasses and all vehicles in the future

People puts gases in their cars because if the car has no gas it will not move even when people try to drive it and try to make the car move.

If people put the radio or the engine on if they are getting gas into the car that could be dangerous because the car will explode that is what I heard.

If people get gas into the car they can turn the engine on and listen to music because in the future cars will be created different.

 Also cars will be very good for this planets and the factor that the car was created in will be good for this planet to.

Or maybe scientist should make cars like people will not have to go to the gas station to get more gas in fact the cars it self will make more gases so if the car does not have any gas left the car will make more gas and the car will still be moving.

Also planes will be good for this planet to and in the future not just cars will have radios to listen to music trains , boats, ships, buses or even planes will have radios and people do not have to listen to their head phones while listen to music because the whole boats, planes,trains and buses will have radios.

Planes will also be like the pilot type on the i pad thing were he wants to go and the planes will fly to the correct place with out it crashing and if it does the pads will come out of people seats and after when the planes crashes the planes does not explode and nobody will get hurt because planes will be good for this planet and planes will be more modern and after the outside machines that a good for this planet can fix planes or other vehicles if they crash.

If cars, trains,buses,ships or boats and planes also rocket ships if they crash nobody will get hurt or die in the future because the padded things out of the seat will keep people safe and and all vehicles will be created different in the future in my opinion. In the future no vehicle will be crashed into any thing because vehicles will be created different in the future.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

The future ovens and restaurants

Oven's these days if you put on the oven to long it can get on fire or even worst blow up your whole house.

Oven's these days people have to take the food out if the food is ready and people have to clean the oven some times even they do not feel like it.

Maybe scientist should create all oven in all building like it will make the food hot but the oven stays cool and even if you have the oven on too long it will not blow up you whole house and get on fire because ovens will be created different.

The future ovens will also be like if your type on the oven i pad thing what you want to eat the house machines with cook for your whole family and also the machines inside the oven will clean the whole oven for you if you leave dough in the oven.

After if the oven machine clean the oven the oven will take the dirt or dough out and put it in to the garbage.

If the food is ready the house machines with take the food out for people without burning the food and people can relax because the house machines with cook food or Thanksgiving food and bake cakes and cookies for people.

This is my opinion how the future ovens will be and the oven's will also turn on on it's own only if people want their ovens on.

 If people want the ovens off the oven will turn off on it's own because the oven will read peoples minds. And that is how scientist will create the future ovens.

People do not have the pull out the oven tray if their foods still in the oven the oven will open on it's own and the oven tray will come out of the oven with the food on top and final the tray will put the food on the table and final people can eat.

This is just my opinion how Ovens and even toaster ovens in be like in hundreds or even thousands of years in the future.

Also machines in all restaurants all over the planet will cook food for people and clean food for people instead of waiters cleaning for people because they could be tried of cleaning up peoples stuff and that would be very selfish if people leave their food on the table.

That will give more of the waiters more work to do if they clean up people trash. In the future machines in restaurants will clean the floors and wash and dry the dishes. People in restaurants will not have to wait for their food on line because they can order their food when they type on the i pad thing of what they would like to eat.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Vehicles these days people have to drive or fly them. In the future people will type the vehicles on where they would like to go.

 For example instead of cars and buses and trains or vans having a steering wheel people should make the vehicles movie maybe people can type in the i pad thing on whee they would like to go.

 And finally the vehicles will drive safely with out crushes and and it will get you to the correct place if you do not know where the place is.

Or instead of pilot using a steering wheel inside the of the plane the pilot will have an i pad thing and type where he wants to go and the plane with fly and land safely on the ground.

There should be out door machine that are good for this planet if the vehicles break down the machines will fix them because scientist will create those machines to be like that.

All vehicle's will be good for this planet and people should make all vehicles and any thing in the whole planet good for this planet because planets and animals will live a lot loner if people take good care of the Earth.

Also in my opinion Rocket ships are bad for this planet maybe scientist should make rocket ships good for this planet and the scientist will type on the i pad thing on where they like to go in space if they type mars they will really get to mars that is my opinion on how the future rocket ships will be and  it will take every 15 minutes to get to new planets and get back to Earth.

If people are lost in space scientist do not know where people are these days in the future they will know where people really are in space because the space things and camera's will be more modern. and the scientist can send another space thing that taps on the rocket ship if the astronauts are lost in space and the scientist on Earth can send a space thing that pushes the rocket ship and finally the astronauts will get home to Earth safety without Dying.

In the future hopefully the people in space will not get lost in space and they know where they really are in space because the rocket ship camera's will be more modern that is why astronauts will know where they really are in the whole universe.

Or under water machines will be good for this earth and the water machines will suck up all of  the trash and the under water machine will send it to a garbage can or a under water trash can machine the can crush the trash and make them in to new things like more under water machines that are good for this planet.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Dusting and Money

Some times when people do their chores they get more money.

 Like for example Dusting people dust shelves and book shelves when they need to be dust. Some peoples arms get tried if they dust things and do chore around the house.

Maybe scientist should create a shelve dust sucker it will be a book shelve.

 Except for one thing it has hole on the shelve that is attach to the wall and the book shelve can suck up all of the dust and blow all of the dust out side into the garbage can.

If you get billions of dollars and that is to much money to fit in your piggy banks maybe scientist should also create that is attach to the wall a money glass thing the wall money holder will hold your money.

 And the glass door will be close and people can see their money threw the glass and nothing is to much money of the wall money holder that should be in all building in the hole planet.

This is my opinion how book shelves and chore will be like in the future and if you do not feel like vacuuming their will be vacuum outlets and it will vacuum all of the dust all over you house after the holds on the out side of the house the dust will come out of the whole and the house holes will blow the dust into the garbage can.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

The most gross things that come out of people body

The most Gross thing that comes out of people body is number 2 that is Bowl Movement And number one is pee. Bloggers I am not trying to be gross But I am talking about science stuff the only goes on my science Blog.

I create every wast that comes out of peoples body is a number. Like farts is number 3 and burp is number 4 Vomit is number 5.

I know that girl have cycles and that is number 7 for girls and number 6 for boys is semen. Girl also has discharge that is that sticky stuff that come out of a girls vagina and that  is number six for girls only.

Number seven for boys is a sperm. Number 8 for any body is ear wax and number nine for any body is hair and number 10 for girls is they have babies only girls have a number ten. Booger is number 11 and eye tears a number twelve.

Dear dad because do not delete this blog I am trying to teach people about the numbers of the wast that need to come out of any bodies body.

People called pee and Coca number one and two so it will be easy for people to remember and that is why I give vomit farts and burgers a number.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

3D Printers

3D printers are a good way to be creative. One Time I ask the teacher if "does the 3D printer make dolls ?" He says " Yes."

I also said " Does it make dolls with hair that your can braid or comb ?" He said " No I think they hair is just plastic."

I stead of people getting factories to make they own toys make scientist could create this huge 3D printer.

 And you can plug  it to your computer and if you have a blog you can so how you want your toys to look like and the 3D printer screen will have a screen on it and you can see all of you drawings on your 3D printer screen.

Then you can imagine how you want each doll of what size they should look like. and each drawing the 3D printer screen will ask you how big to you want you dolls and for example if you draw children or babies you can click on the 3D printer screen that you want those dolls to be a little
smaller than Polly Pocket dolls and people will get the size doll they want.

Or if you draw adults are teens and if you click on the 3D printer screen of how big your toys want to be if you want the teen dolls to be as big as Bratz doll and the adults to be as big as Barbie dolls are even bigger the 3D printer will print your dolls how you want them to be exactly like.

On the 3D printer screen it should say do you your toys hair to be plastic or hair that you ca comb if you click hair to be comb you can braid and comb and wash your own dolls hair that you can create from the 3D printer.

The dolls that you can create from the 3D printer will be plastic toys that people can see on commercials except you can create you own dolls how ever you want from the 3D printer and the 3D printer will have a screen on how you want your dolls to be created and how big you want them to be.

For example if I want the dolls to have hair that I can comb and I press plastic hair on the 3D printer screen by accent I can click on decreate and press the back button on the 3D printer screen and I can final click on the button on the 3D printer screen that I want all of the dolls to have hair that you can comb or braid or even put it up in a bun.

This is my opinion how that future 3D toy printers will be and they will be a lot bigger and make big toys and you can also make the 3D printers be attached to your wall. Any body should have 3D painter like that.

I would also like to create this toy chemical that you poor it on the toys that you created and you dolls hair will grow like a real persons hair.

 It will not be like the old dolls that you pull they hair to make it grown you just have to wait for the dolls hair to grown.

 And the 3D printer will also make that toy chemical to make the dolls hair grown All I have to do is type it on my computer and the things that on how I want my toys to be created will pop up on the 3D printer screen .

Do not steal my idea's This is the 3D printer that I would like for my birthday if people already created 3D printer like that.

Friday, July 14, 2017


Teeth we have because we need to eat stuff. If you eat just candy your have to go to the dentists and they have to yank your teeth out and it hurts.

Maybe the scientist should create a health liquid that can make people teeth fall out without hurting them scientist should gave to healthy liquid to any dentist. Dentist will not have to yank people teeth out and hurt them if there are in bad shape.

Like just like if you go to a doctor it hurts to get a needle maybe doctors should create machines that will look into people whole body without hurting them and the machine will look in the persons body to see if they are healthy or not.

People in the future will not have to get needle shots in the future because they will be a TV screen that the doctors can see in side the persons body and to see if they are healthy or not.

Or if you travel to other countries any body has to get a needle shot if they go to a different country for example if your were born in The United States and you are going to Africa you have to get a shot because it has different germs there that is why these days people have to get shots if they are going to a different country in the future they would drink health machines instead of taking needle shots if any body is going to a different country.

Lets talk about teeth now cartoons character have teeth to in fantasy land if the cartoon is a new born to 6 they call them baby teeth as they get older they have teen teeth as they became a Realistic spirit or a real person on earth  they will have adult teeth if they are a new born in real life in fantasy they are 6 million on earth that is a real person that God can create in heaven they will have.

Our if a Realistic spirit or real people are 17 in reality and 6,000,017 in fantasy in fantasy the cartoons called real people teeth senior teeth and the is there permanent teeth you know why because all people real have been in God mind first.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Sunscreen and stores in the future

Sunscreen is good for our skin because it protect us from the Sun.

If we put on sunscreen people will not get sun burn or skin cancer very easy. Sunscreen only last for only 1 hour and any body has to put more sunscreen on and on.

Maybe people should create sunscreen that the healthy chemicals and the sunscreen will last all day and you wont even have to get more and more sunscreen on you skin because it will last all day and it will keep you skin more protect from the sun and you can still get a sun tan.

This is my opinion how the future sunscreen will be and the sun lotion will be created different. And all sun screens will last on your skin all day in the future.

Bug spray if you put some on your skin the bugs will not bit and make your skin itch because people make bug sprays the way they are so if bugs get close to the bug spray on your skin the bugs body will not feel good.

If you do not feel like putting on sunscreen the house machines with put the sunscreen on for any body and get people baths and clean any bodies babies or changing babies diapers with out hurting the baby and the house machine will clean babies whole body and give people babies a bath and  put a clean diaper on them.

Sunscreen can be in store to like if your child is run around the store the parents can not find them because they do not know were their child is.

 That is why scientist should create a cell phone security body guard camera so if the child is lost o any where including the store any parent will know where there child really is because there will be cell phone security cameras that only parents use so they will know where there child really is. This is my opinion on how parents are going to be in the stores in the future.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Water Proof Computers and cell phones or i pads

Any thing should be water proof because we live on a planet with water.

 If a child spills water on their parent computer the parents will get mad and their work will be lost and they will start yelling at the children.

That is why scientist should create more water proof computers like if water spills on the computer it will not get broken.

It will look like the computer that people have now except it will be made for a lot of water. I do not care how much water you spill the water proof computer is made for water.

Their should be water proof cell phones and phones these day if you drop your cell phone in the water it will get discord because it's not water proof and you will have to keep getting new cell phones.

 But if you have a water proof phone and it drops in the water you can pick it up and you will not have to get a new cell phone.

Like i pads and i pods should be water proof to because if they are not and if it drop into the water it will not be good. Their should be also water proof TV's and underwater TV's and camera's so if a person wants to watch TV under water they will in the pool and if people want to film them selves under water and make a movie they will make a movie about underwater life.

If some thing like a waterproof cell phone are toys are dolls fall in the toilet will pee and poo in the toilet the house machine will clean the toys and your stuff and spray something to get reed of the poop or pee germs final you doll or any thing will be good as new because the house machines will fix the doll or any stuff that when it was brand new that is what is going to happen in the future in my opinion.

These days if you drop stuff in the toilet and theirs poop and pee inside the stuff will go into the garbage.

So this is what I would also like for my birthday a water proof computer for back up and a waterproof cell phone or i pad. Also all video games and all cars, buses and planes should be water proof to.

 Planes and cars should be made for under water without people getting wet and the car and the plane should not sink and it should be good for this planet as we call Earth. I hear their is a water proof wheel chair.


Saturday, July 8, 2017

Weight your self

It is better to weight your self if you do not eat any thing yet because it's you true weight. It's not good to weigh your self every day because the way people create weighing machines.

Maybe people should create weighing machine different.

Like for example in the future it will be good to weigh your self every day because weighing machines will be created different and it will be good to weigh you self after you eat because weighing machines will be created different.

Lets say if you weigh your self and you already ate some thing your might be heaver because you already ate some thing that is not your true weight.

The weight things should be create after you eat some thing it will say the number of your weight then if you click on the button the weighing machine will say your true weight to after you eat something or if your have clothes on.

One Time I saw this weighing thing that tells people how much they weight how tall they really are or they DNA. They should also make weight machine that the machine will so those people who their ancestors really were and all the family member in their family tree.

And in Hospital they have special weighing machines like if they are 1,000 pounds they could go on a special weighing machine that can carry all of that weight. Those weighing machines that can carry all of that weight so be in any bodies houses and building to just in cast if a person is 1,000 pounds or weighs a lot more.

Scientist should making all weighing machine not to light or not too heavy for the future weighing machines.

And people that weigh 2,000 pounds are to heavy to get throw doors maybe people should create they doors to be wider so those people can walk throw them. The 2,000 pound person is to heavy to use the toilet maybe people should create toilets that can carry all of that weight for any person that is too heavy to use the toilets.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Bloggs and Computers

Blogs and Computer will be created different. Like these days if you delete your whole blog it will not be on the internet any more and it will not be on your desktop on you computer.

 You or any body will have to start your blog from the begging.

In the future if your blog is not on the internet any more the computer will save you whole blogs on your desktop on your computer your blog will look the same except it's not on the internet any more.

 And it will still be saved on your desk top and your desktop can not delete your whole blog on your desktop.

If you want you blog to be on the internet again you click on your blog on the desktop and put it back on the internet and your whole blog will look the same and be back on the internet again. My father said " I think we can do that because their is something that you can do that any body can if they no how to use a blog.

In the future computers will be a lot bigger and it wont just have letters and numbers on the key board it will have music notes and so much more it with also have an infinity sign on you computer were people type.

Lets say you want to type on the search engine in different languages first type in you own language first then next to the search engine click on to languages and click on to the languages you want final it will have Chinese , Korean or Japanese writing or Spanish and French or any kind of writing on the search engine of google.

Lets say you delete some thing on you computer desktop and you want it back click on something and it will be saved again on your computer desktop.

Or it's like if your delete a Youtube video and it's not on the internet any ore it will still be on your desktop and if delete you video on your desk top you can always un delete it and it will be saved on you computer and you can put it back on the internet very easy.

Or if you delete a post on you blogger you can un delete it if you click on some special kind of button and it will bring your post back with out your re writing it again

Monday, July 3, 2017

The Goverment and food

The Government just cares about money they just like people eat what ever they want because they do not care about people.

The scientist put GMO in food which is bad foo people even if they have it once in a while because GMO is different GMO stands for genetically modified Organism.

Scientist should not make those in food ever again because it is killing people and people do not know why they are getting cancer that is why for example if they eat veggie that can have GMO in it to which it's bad for people!

The government should care about people more than money that is how they should get more money if they care about others not just money. If I was the government I would say no more GMO's it's done and scientist no more put unhealthy chemicals so the food will last longer!

People put unhealthy chemicals in food so they could not spoil maybe scientist should make a healthy nature chemical that they put in food to last longer and to not spoil.

If restaurants have food with GMO's no restaurant should have it and if they do the government should say you have to change all restaurants into healthy restaurant's because if you don't and if parents give their children food with GMO's and they know not to give it to them that should be called you own kind abuse.

And the reason why cheese is yellow because people put unhealthy chemicals to make it that color maybe they should put healthy vegetables chemicals to make it healthy

Your own kind means other people and if parents do not know what GMO's is they should read about it before they buy it if they do not they should get in trouble buy the government because they did not read this stuff is not healthy and they would be abusing their children not on purpose but's it's still very bad.

Cake and cookie mixes should have a healthy fruit chemical so the food will not spoil scientist should not put unhealthy chemicals to make people sick.

The government should be if people see any parents who buy's food with GMO and says to people "none of your business why I'm giving it to my child!" call the government and speak to them what the parent is doing to there child and it should be every bodies business because we should help others and that is what the bible says.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Out Door Machines

Out Door machines will be like all over the planet and good for this environment.

In the future Outdoor machines will help people garden and water their plants outside.

Also if people live on the farm the out door machine will feed the animals outside food and can read inside the animals body what they should and should not eat.

Out door machines will also be like if animals are close to the door and want to get in side of the house the out side machine will push the animals away from the door.

For example My cats are out door cats not and they try to get in side the house and it they get inside the house the house machines will push the cats out side and the out side machines will push the cats far away from the door without hurting them.

This is my opinion how out door machines should also be created without hurting animals. If they is birds out side the out door machines will show you on the machine screen which animals really outside.

  The out door machine will read your mind what kind of bird or other animal you want to learn about on the machine screen it will show people how long does that animal you want to know about live what is really going inside of their bodies or when they are going to have babies.

Also out door machines will be like if an animal tries to climb on top of house the house machine with push any animal off the roof and their will be a padded thing that pops up from under the ground so if the animals fall off the roof the padded thing that comes up under the ground the animals will land on.

 The animals will not fall on the hard ground  because animals can get hurt really bad that is why their should be a padded thing for animals so if they fall off the roof they will not get hurt This is my opinion how out side machines will be like in the future.

Also out door machine will be like it will cut any bodies grass if the grass grows to quick. The out door machine will cut you grass and nobody will have to cut the grass or get another person to do it it will be just all out door machines that are good for this planet to cut the grass for any body.

People should not take the animals wild life away I think they do it because they are afraid they lion will eat people or other wild cats eating people. Maybe scientist should do is the wild animals be back out in the wild and still have a cage in front of them so they will not hurt or eat people.

These is my opinion how out door machines all over the planet and what it will do to any bodies houses and garden in the future.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Hot tubs and Pools or doll washing

These days some pools say people need to wear a swimming cap because the hair will get clogged up to the filter of the pool and the pool chemicals are not good for peoples hair.

Maybe people should create pools like if  their hair  gets wet the hair will not clogs the filter and the pool machines can get all of they hair out of the pools filter.

Their are chemicals in the pool because germs will get in the pool if they do not put chemicals in but the chemicals might get reed of bad germs but it's bad for peoples hair maybe people should create the pool chemicals can be good for peoples hair and get reed of the bad germs.

People will get sick and there will be germs in the pool.
The pool chemical is called chlorine made people should make chlorine good for peoples hair and gets reed of bad germs.

If people create chlorine like that it will not make peoples hair fall out and people do not have to wash the chlorine out because it will be good for peoples hair and gets reed of bad germs. This is my opinion how future pools and hot tubs will be like.

And their will also be out door pool machines that will put the chlorine and the other pool chemicals in for people and people can take a break and the out door machines that are good for this planet will clean all pools.

This is my opinion how pools will be like in the future and also they would be under water camera's that can take peoples pictures in the pool and under water and after If the machines record people swimming type were you live on the machine screen and after you will see you video about you swimming at home.

And if people pee or poo in the pool or the hot tub the out door machines will clean it up  and it will not be in the pool or hot tub any more in fact the out door machines will take the pee or poo to the toilets or dump.

If you type on the machine screen on were that person lives it's not going to tell any body error because it's no bodies business.

Might all hot tubs , pool and water park should have chemicals that is good for peoples skin and hair and get reed of the germs at the same time.

And if you wash your dolls water might still be in side of the doll. Maybe people should create machines that can wash dolls and after The machines will tell witch doll has water in side and it will suck up all of the water and the mildew inside of the dolls and the will be like this screen that will show any body what stuff was inside of the dolls and how much water and mildew was inside of the dolls.