Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Gas leak

A gas Leak is not a good thing because it can make a whole building explode. People have Gas Tanks because to keep their house warm.

Maybe in the future people can use some thing else to keep the house warm instead of using a gas tank.

In the future the thing that keeps the house warm even if some thing hits it will not explode because it will be made different.

In the Future if some thing hits the gas tank and if their is a huge gas leak it will not make any building blow up.

These days if there is a huge gas leak you have to run away a possible. In my old school in 5 th we had a gas leak and we all have to run away from the school.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Gel with Nail Polish

My mother said Nail Polish with Gel is to expensive and it will make your nail weal because the nails can not breath. Maybe in the future people will make nail polish with Gel make your nails stronger and healthier and also the nail can breath.

Nail Gel will make your nails stronger,healthier,breath better and last a lot longer. in the future because Gel will be created different.

In the future if you have the Gel it will be easy to take off and these days gel is not easy to take off. If any women has that nail polish and if their nails grown the gel will make you nail fall off instead of cutting them.

In the future hopefully the gel Nail Polish will be cheaper then the regular Nail polish because Gel will last longer.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Train and Bus Crash

When a Train Crashes it's not a good thing and people could get hurt or kill if that happened.

In the future if any bus or train is going to crash it will not explode because it will be made different and air bags will come out of the Train walls.

That is Because if the Train or Bus crashes the air bags will come out to keep people safe and it will keep baby's or any body from getting hurt.

If Trains or Buses crash in the future nobody will get hurt because their will be air bags that come out of the train and bus walls.

After if the Buses or Trains Crash the machines will fix those vehicles as good as new. That is may opinion how the future trains and Buses will be like.

Sumo wrestlers


Kero and Strew

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Battery died

When you have a Lap top or a cell phone you have to plug it in because if you do not the Battery can go dead.

In the future Maybe they should make Lap tops or cells phone so you do not have to plug in when the battery is dead for example Lets say you cell phone or lap top is almost dead the laptop or cell phone will charge on it's with out plugging it in.

That is May opinion how computers and cell phones and Laptops will work in the future. May be I should make Lap tops like that in the future and also will make my own advance art software because you know how much I love to do art work.

Probably in the future cell phone will be more like lap tops in the future like you can use art software and type like a lap top but you can also use it as a cell phone.

Monday, April 15, 2019

All animals that get pregnant

Well when people and all animals push their babies out while they are pregnant it hurts a lot.

 Maybe in the future scientist or doctors can give all animals or people medicine so if they push their baby out it will not hurt at all.

 And it will not kill there babies and in fact if animals and human get that medicine their babies will have longer lives.

Some people like women when they push their babies out out the scream or do not scream. If I was push my baby out I will scream a lot because it's better to let it out then to hold it in because if you scream it will hurt less if you do not scream and hold it in it will hurt more.

You no Male sea horses get pregnant and not the female sea horses. One girl at my old school said " That's Nasty."

I said " Are they sure it's the male sea horse that gets pregnant or there just saying that to gross people out."

Maybe sea horse might think it's gross that the female get pregnant and not the male because the male Sea horses gets pregnant. Maybe scientist will give sea horse medicine so if they push there babies out it will not hurt the sea horse.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Frozen treats

Frozen Yogurt,Sorbet,Icy,Ice pops,Gelato, and Ice Cream are very similar in a way but the different between those frozen treats are Gelato is healthier then Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt because the way it's packaged.

Ice Cream is sweeter then Frozen Yogurt and Frozen Yogurt is sweet to but it has a more sour taste and it's Healthier then Ice Cream.

Put I ask My Culinary Art teachers is " Icy Healthier or Ice Cream?" He said " It depends on the Icy If it's an Icy from a store then it's not that Healthy but if you make your own Icy with fruit then it's healthier.

Ice Pop are an Icy but the are on a stick. People say we all scream for Ice Cream. I love Frozen treats

Wrecking balls

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Veggies and Fruits

The history of Veggies and Fruits they used to look a lot different millions of years ago. In my school I heard a girl in my class showed us a video in Culinary Arts class and she show us how Fruits and Veggies where like thousand of years ago.

I thought that Veggies look the same thousands of years ago until she showed me the video. People used to use a hammer to hit the corn and now people do not do that any more.

Probably Fruits and Veggies were different back then because the soil was different the do not put any chemicals like we do now and their is to many Earth Pollution.

I also learned that The female tomato and egg plant has more seeds and I said " are the seeds like the egg is it like you cut the egg plant or tomato and take the seeds outs and put it in the soil and it will grow new tomato's or eggplants?"

My culinary arts teachers said " No it does not work like that if you cut the Tomato open and you take the seeds out of the Tomato and you put those tomato seeds in the soil the plant will not make new tomatoes and it will not grow properly.  I did not know fruits and Veggies have gender until I learned it in school.

If that is true I always wonder why does the female eggplant or tomato has more seeds then the male ones? My culinary arts teacher said " It's just the way it is." But there's got to be a reason.


Monday, April 8, 2019

My art of soap

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