Sunday, November 26, 2017

My art work

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Maui Gilbert's marries Jane Steward

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

My Back rounds

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Artististic creation

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Besty on the beach

Mohawk boys

Craig and Bruno



The Cane Family Diana,Mona Mr. Bruce Cane and Dina Bunsen Cane


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

My art work of four boys and The Island girl

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Sonna Island girl

4 boys Amous,August, Alex and Hue

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

My artistist creation of people surfing

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Snow Flake Backround

 Fire ribbon back round

Spooky trees

Spooky trees moon light

 swirl back round

Michelle and rehanna

AJ Keyman Surfing

Brenna Surfing

Women's Maiden Names

Women's Maiden name is personalty to any body if they ask them because it's the society. If people ask "why women have maiden names not men?" and Other people will say "I did not know."

I was going to ask people that but I realized that It's has to do with the society and men where in control and have the power.

 And probably back in the olden days women do not want to change there maiden name but they had to because men had more power and no women had no power so  women did not have a choice so they had to change into there husbands last name.

And that is probably where it all started and probably women want to keep there last names and men say no body know to know your maiden name it's nobodies business and that is why society says that and society is wrong.

And probably what happen in the olden days was if any women said her maiden name that men will beat them up.

The idea's Maiden names is hundreds of years ago this all started  in England those people take something from the bible and made it a law and it was the cover law and hundred's of years ago in England last names where not that important back then just first name that are Christian names because it was not a lot of people back then and these days last names and first names are important because  there is a lot of people will the same first name.

And the man and woman where one couple but the thing is the man cover's the women that mean's a woman is not allow to keep her maiden name when she gets married she has to change into her marriage name but men when they get married do not change into there wife's last name because men had more power and women where more of the weaker ones

For example lets say if a persons name is Riley Draper and the other person have the some first name but there last name is Feldman and if same ask "where's Riley" and people might say "Riley who?" because back then people will not know which Riley you are talking about because a lot of people's names are Riley.

So these days that is why a last name is very important so if both people have the same first, middle or last name and both people have the name Riley George Blanks and you talk about them people will not know which Riley George Blanks your talking about so that is why in the future people can show a picture are people can have a computer or a cell that reads peoples mind and people will say " I know which Riley gorge Blanks your talking about."

So if women get married and they have their husband's last name so if women have children they have there father last name and if they have a daughter will have the same last name as the father but if the daughter gets married then she will have to change her last name to who ever who is marrying her.

In my opinion that is probably why women want to keep there maiden name private because it's like in the olden days women at first did not want to change their last name and then all of a suntan they want to change there maiden name because if they did not they can get in trouble by the law and women could get in big trouble by the law.

society stop this nosiness and if women do not want the change there maiden names they do not have to and that is why you make women want to change there birth name and God give women a free will so I am saying to all women keep you maiden names if you want to do not let society say it's personal and make you change your mind of changing into you husband's last name.

In the future a maiden will not be private because society will understand that a maiden name is just a name and it's not going to kill any women for asking them so I guest a maiden name is not so personal after all A maiden name is a name that women where born with it's not like if you ask them if you make number one or two in the bathroom that is very personal that should be personal forever because it's nasty.

 Bachula is what they called an Unmarried Man and they Man might say "it's none of you business what my Bachula name is." if he has to change his last name to his wife's last name.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

My drawings

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Ying Yang Sign

 Allie and Tanya Boxing

 Hawey and Ozley boxing

Maggie and George Mandle


Trina vs. Dan

The Snow Family Today

The Snow Family Mana Stewart Snow, SunShine Snow, Max Snow and Oneal Snow Younger.

Planes on the bottom

Friday, November 10, 2017

Changing Peoples cartoons and thing on the internet

Changing peoples cartoon is not a good idea and if you are stealing the creators characters for no reason any body will get sued.

But if you just trying to help even if your not trying to steal there ideas and trying to help the creator any will still get sued even if there not trying to steal the creators characters. So that person can lose a lot of money for doing that.

 So that is why I put the cartoon's that other
people created on my private blog but I want them to go to my private blog my dad said "No Lon the creators can still sue you even if it's on your private blog."

So in the future if you steal the creator of the cartoons characters and if you try to change them for no reason you will get sued but if you try to make a point of how the character act's and trying to help the creator.

 The character is going to think " well maybe that person is not trying to steal my idea's but trying to make a point of how my characters act on the show."

 So they can not sue the other person for trying to help them like that. But hopefully that will happen in the future because the Government will work different.

These days people have to be careful on the internet like try not to put stuff that most people hate or do not put private pictures in the internet and also do not know go on to sites you do not know because some one can put a computer virus on your computer.

Everybody should be very careful on the internet and do not try to start quailing on the internet because if you type to some one that your going to kill them that you can get arrested for that to.

 And if some one is saying bad things to you on face book take the person off as a Face book friend because there are sick people on the internet.

Maybe people should create computer that will read peoples minds if there sick in the head or not so if any person is sick in the head the computer will not let any body that is sick in the head on the internet because the sick person will put any picture that is sick on the internet.

Hopefully in the future no body will have to be careful on the internet because there will be only nice people on the internet and the internet will work different.

These days if the creators want no body to steal there cartoons of know reason they should say that and copy right it to the government.

It should be like that in the future to. But if a person is not trying to steal nobodies idea's and trying to help the creator and if the creator sues that person the creator of the cartoon will get sued by the government and they can lose a lot of money.

That is because if a person is trying to help the creator and not trying to steal there idea's or trying to make a point how the character's act on the show if any creator sues that person that is trying to help them with there cartoon the creator of the cartoon will get sued by the government because the government will work different in the future hopefully.


Most people make house with wood tree get sicker because people are not taking care of the earth probably.

 I my opinion people should build house with more Brick and less wood.

 So people will have more healthy trees or houses that least longer because brick is a lot stronger than straw or wood.

People should make more houses with brick and make those house more cheap so people could be safe or have more trees. people should grow more trees and should not cut them down ever again if they do they should get in a lot of trouble with the police and government.

New House should be more cheaper because it is safer than older houses Newer House have less problems.

old house have problems with mold, water, breaking and electrical fire problems.

 That is my opinion because older houses are more dangerous old house like 100 - 300 years old those house should be a lot more expensive.

 Those old houses should cost billions of dollars new houses should cost 19 cents to 20 dollars. Old house should be knocked down.

 But people did not knock them down because some owners like the old house the builders can not let  the owner live in the old house.

 If the owner lives in a old house house then gets on fire the builders should get in a lot of trouble with the government if the builders let the person live in a old house that has been on fire before.

 But the owners can not always have what they want the builder's should knock all of the the old houses down weather the owner like's it or not it's a lot safer these builders should knock down the old house on the whole entire planet because old house could get on fire quicker.

In the Future all house will be good for the planet and there will be machine that will build the house and the machines that build the house will be good for our planet to.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Art work of baby girls and boys

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Riley and Frankle's daughters , Cortinie, Cindy, Sydney, Portria, Payton, Chole and Polly

 Nequeesha and Shanes nine boys Fine, Phineas, Dill, Dillin, Shane Jr., Pete, Carl, Luthur, Zekey and Mel

Kip and Calajahs 7 sons Kippy,Kippo, Kip Jr. Kippese,Kippor, Cammy and River

 Ara and Gerald with their three girls Gana, Ragina and Abby

 Barna and Lawrance 7 girls named Chelese, Mandie,Kim, Kimberley, Kimmy, Yorabeth, Elizabeth and Mindy

Chad and Laine with 4 boy Chad Jr, Lucas, Justin and August

 Apolla and Luno with there 6 sons and one Nephew Luno Jr. Muno, Jake,Brain, Ryan and Tate 

Meosha and Luke triplets that are boys name Shaver,Lucas and Luko
 Stew and Angles two boys Hamishso and Steward

Monday, November 6, 2017

Martial Arts

Martial Arts first started in 770 B.C. and before any body knew Martial arts they probably have to see animals and people fight.

For example they might just see one person that just knows punches while the other knows flips and while third third person knows kicks and while the fourth person knows how to fight with swords and sticks and the fifth person knows how to break peoples bones.

 So those people never learned how to do that they just figured it out on there own before martial arts started and that is when martial arts started.

And I heard that Grand masters says it's not a matter how big and strong a person is it's technique and in the olden times before people figure out it's what technique matters not strength is because they have to look at peoples bodies.

For example a person can be very strong and not know how to punch that good but if a person that is weaker and smaller and the know how to punch they can knock the stronger person out and people know because the have to see what people body language is and Technique is Practice.

In Ancient time when Martial Arts started they probably think the more bigger and stronger you are your going to hit harder but the have to see people first if they see a weaker person punches quick and a stronger person hits slow that is when
people figure out maybe strength does not matter it's how much the person practice in punches.

Mixed Martial Arts just started not to long ago and maybe people saw boxing that is just punch, Judo and Jiu Jitsu thoughts are more flips but probably Judo is more rougher or it could be the other way around Kick Boxing is punches and kicks just like Savate and Muay Thai, Tae kwondo is high kick's Kendo is fighting with sticks and Fencing is fighting with swords and Karate that is punches and kicks and flip but they just stay in one area and Kung Fu is moving around more.

And when people see all of those different Martial Arts and they probably said "Hey lets make the Martial Arts with all of the Martial Arts in it and we will call it mixed Martial Arts because it's mixed with every Martial art in the book."

So it's just like if you are a ballerina and you are not that strong and if and if a person is strong but they might not bee good in that dance so even if the ballerina is a lot weaker then that person that have more dancing technique.

So a person can be very strong and not know how to play Basket Ball, Foot Ball or Soccer if the weaker person does it more they will have more technique in those sports.

So it's not just Mixed Martial Arts if you practice more you have more technique it could be baking, drawing, painting,Cake decorating or any thing.

Let's say you hands can be very strong and you can't draw that good but if a person has weaker hands and they draw longer that person has more drawing technique it does not mean a person is stronger then you.

And some people know it's not strength that matters it's technique is because if you practice over and over you might great good at something know matter how strong or weak you are.