Saturday, June 30, 2018

My art work of candy

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My rainbow 3d shapes

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Friday, June 29, 2018


Well Heaters should only be use  in cold weathers because if you have to heat on too 100 degrees all year around any bodies houses can get on fire.

Maybe heaters should be created different like lets say it's cold out side and you have the heater on to 100 degree even if heaters are on that high no house can get on fire because heaters will be created different.

 And even if the room might get hotter the heaters will stay cool.

In the future people can make the rooms how hot how ever they want because heaters will be created different.

 These days if the heater is on too high it can make a fire because the room will get hotter and the heater will get hotter to.

I try to clean the base board heater it was hard to clean in the future cleaning machines will be attach to the base board heater also water and soap and the base board cleaning machine with clean the base board heater and there will be no more dust in the base board heaters.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

My 4 th of July Cookies

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Bert Chungest and Connie Buckle and Doug Cane and Dina Stickets Cane

Monday, June 25, 2018

My art work

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 3 scoop ice cream cone

Bubble gum ice cream cone

Cutting the grass and Planting

You know people Plant flowers and veggies and fruits people water them some time but if they need to be watered the plants will die or get dry.

So Out door machine that are good for the planet will plant all plants for people and the machines will also water any bodies plants for them.

Also lets say you pay some one to cut you grass some of those people are not very nice.

So if they cut your plants on purpose the outdoor machine will plant you plants again for you and outdoor machine will also cut any bodies grass if they need to be cut.

Machine will also put seeds in the soil for people and water them for people. They will be called the Green thumb Plant machines and they if machines cut peoples grass they will became cutting grass

This is my opinion how grass will get cut or how plants will get planted in thousand of years in the the future.

Also machine will plant trees and cut down trees if they need to be cut down for example if the tree got sick machines will cut the trees down instead of people doing it.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Machine that will cook,clean and bake for people In Houses and other buildings like stores and schools

In the future lets say you need you bed sheets to be clean the machine inside of the wall will come out of the wall.

The chore machines will take your dirty sheet off any bodies bed. It will push your sheet off and then put you dirty sheets and clothes on the house or Apartment conveyor belts.

The conveyor Belts will be close to any one bed. Then the conveyor belts will take the clothes down stairs and the conveyor belt will be attach to the stairs.

 Final the conveyor belts will go up and put all the dirty clothes in the washing machine and if the clothes are done washing the machines inside of the washing machine will take your clothes out and put them in the drier.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

More images of me

Tornado's and Earth Quakes or Hurricanes Vs, Buildings and Houses or Vehicles

Well these days Tornado's and Earth Quakes can make A lot of damage to Vehicles and buildings.

Tornado's is a strong wind that can pick up houses and vehicles and it can damage them.

Maybe Scientist should create houses and vehicles a lot stronger then Earth Quakes, tornado's and Hurricanes.

No matter how strong those weathers are the will not be able to knock down any vehicle or buildings for example lets say there's any huge Earth Quake and you inside your house these days you feel you house and the car shaking but in the future nobody will feel there houses are shaking because all buildings and car will be a lot stronger then the hug Earth Quake.

Lets say there's a tornado these days it can blow cars and house away in the future a Tornado can not knock down any house, building or vehicles because those thing will be a lot stronger then the tornado or the strongest tornado on Earth.

Maybe also people should create houses if they get on fire the will not get burned or if lava hits it no house or vehicles will get burned because people will created cars, buildings and house different.

In the future not Hurricane can damage any vehicle or building because vehicles and houses will be created different and no hurricane will be able to flood any car or any building our house because people will build vehicle's building's and house's a lot different.

Maybe scientist should put a healthy chemical in the trees that will not kill any trees and if a tornado come it can not blow any trees away ether.

Friday, June 22, 2018

More art work

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 Mr . Box Face



Miss. Rainbow

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Cow farts

People say Cow Farts do Pollute the air. There fart is bad for the environment scientist know that because they have camrea's or machines.

Cow farts are bad for this environment probably because it's from some type of a gas or maybe that is how there stomach works.

Well maybe Scientist should gave all Cows medicine that can not kill them and the medicine will help any Cows farts that won't Pollute the air and if the cow take that medicine no cows farts will make any pollution.

Some people say eating cow is bad for our planet to because it gives us more fat. If Lions eat a lot of meat it's easier for them to digest the meat then humans because there digestive system is shorter then humans.

People say we should eat meat with not a lot of fat and not a lot of protein. People Digestive system is longer then lions because that is just the way God wanted it.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Images of me

Me Jennifer and My mom

 Me and My Mother 

Why do people say blue is cold and red is hot

Well I wanted to know why people say blue is cold and red is hot.

I think why people say that because  lets say you in the North and South Pole it's cold and the white snow has a little bit of blue that is why people say blue is cold that is my opinion.

But red hot I think people say that because you know the sun and fire and lava is red and there hot.

 Well that is why people say red is hot. But people say warm is yellow because in warm places they have more yellow stuff then green,blue and red stuff.

And people say cool is green because in cool places there is more green then blue,yellow and red. We all know that the equator is hot because of where the sun hits it.

South and North Pole move father away from the sunlight. Well I heard the North pole is warmer
then the South Pole because it's closer to the sun.

The South pole has more Penguins because I heard most Penguins live in South Africa because it's warm and South Africa is close to the south pole. Water freezes at 32 degrees.

Or maybe there was this kind of bird and then they change into a penguin bears are a lot in the North and that is why there in the North Pole. Poles bears live in the north because they have thick fur.

Well Polar Bears live more in the North Pole Probably because More bears live closer to north then birds.

I heard if it's really cold and freezing people skin gets blue and if it's really hot your skin will get red by being in the sun to long.

Sunday, June 17, 2018


You know the drug that makes people fell better before they can give it to people they have to give it to animals then the animals get sick and die and people say do not do that to animals.

 Maybe people should have a machine so they know they should give the medicine to animals or not.

If the machine screen says no people will know not to give it to animals if the machine say yes people will know to give it to animals and the animals will not die or get sick they should create machines like that in the future.

Medicines that do not come from nature could give any body side effects so maybe people should make more medicines that come from nature and maybe people should make medicines that will not give any body any side effects it will just make people fell better.

These days you no body can not take some else's medicine because it will not agree will there body maybe in the future all medicines will agree with any bodies body and maybe any body can tale some else medicines in the future because people will make all vitamins and medicines agree with any body's body and no body will get side effects.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

My art of the world map

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

My images of blender stuff in cubes

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

My rainbow cupcakes

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Workout Machines

It's good to workout. And some people can do 100 push or left weights sometimes people might lose track on how many push ups they can do sit up and lifting weights and leg press also pull ups.

In the Future let say there are machines and you do push ups and you lose track.

 The machine screen with have your name or any one names and the machine screen will really tell how many lifting weights you did pull ups,push ups,leg press,bench press our even chest press.

Lets say you chest press 90 pounds the machine screen will tell any body how many they really did and for example if you do 1 push up the machine screen with say 1 if you do 100 push ups the machine screen with say 100.

Lets say you lift weights or do pull ups and leg press 40 time the machine screen with say 40 if you keep doing more leg press,lifting weights or even pull ups the numbers will go up.

Lets say you run outside out door machine that have a screen will tell any body how many miles they ran or how many times they jog and ran.

Lets say you did chest press if you did 2 the machine screen will say 2 if you really did 300 the machine will say 300.

Lets say you do boxing and you throw punches and kicks and if you do 100 of them the machine screen will say 100.

Also the machines screen will tell you how strong or weak you are and if you want to know the strongest people in the planet the machine with show you and tell you some work out machine will be like i pads.

So that is my opinion how work out machines will be in the future like thousands of years into the future.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

My Donuts in Blender

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 Very Vanilla Donut

Strawberry Sprinkled Donut

Monday, June 11, 2018

Farming and Zoos

People farm usually in open fields they do not farm in cities because Cities have a lot cars and our cars these days make the air dirty. The plants will have a hard time surviving.

So cars and any thing should be good for this planet but in the olden days people did not know cars where bad for our planet because they did not have the kind of technology that we do now.

People farm and grow plants they also clean up animal poop. I ask my science teacher why is poop brown she said " It's dead blood cells and blood gets brown."

People do not like to clean up animal poop in the future maybe there will be out door machine that will grow fruits and veggies and they grow trees and also do the farm work and the farm machines will clean up any dog poop or any animal poop.

Scientist will make machine to give the farm all the farm animal food and water and machines will give each animal what they are spouse to eat.

Our in the zoo people have to put animals in the zoo and in the future scientist will make machines that will put all animals in zoo's so they do not hurt people.

The machines will also clean all of the animals and wipe all of there buts and machines will also give the food and drinks that the animals really need.

The out door machine that feed all of the animals will be good for this planet and good for this environment.

In Zoo's and Farm's if you want to know how long each animal live there will be an outdoor i pad that would really tell how long each animal will live up to.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

More of my art work That I did on a different software

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Pink Strawberry Donut

Updating Computer Soft ware

Well I was not connected to the internet a few days ago but There was a switch on the side of the computer but my mom could not find it and I found it for her and I said to my mother " I think this is it.

My dad said "you computer is up gating so new soft wares will be on to computer and It takes for hours That happened to my computer to. You be able to see you desktop on your computer." He said Something like that and I said If it takes that long to update or up grade hopefully in the future it will only take a second for it to work again.

So we know why the reason why my lop top was not connected to the internet because there is a Wifi switch on the side of the lap top and it was red the means the wifi was turn off and The switch was not red any more it was black that means that The Wifi was on.

So On the computer screen we went to settings and I click on the on button on settings on the computer screen but it went back to off me and my mom did not know why it was doing that now we know there is a switch on the side of the lap top to turn on the wifi.