Monday, June 11, 2018

Farming and Zoos

People farm usually in open fields they do not farm in cities because Cities have a lot cars and our cars these days make the air dirty. The plants will have a hard time surviving.

So cars and any thing should be good for this planet but in the olden days people did not know cars where bad for our planet because they did not have the kind of technology that we do now.

People farm and grow plants they also clean up animal poop. I ask my science teacher why is poop brown she said " It's dead blood cells and blood gets brown."

People do not like to clean up animal poop in the future maybe there will be out door machine that will grow fruits and veggies and they grow trees and also do the farm work and the farm machines will clean up any dog poop or any animal poop.

Scientist will make machine to give the farm all the farm animal food and water and machines will give each animal what they are spouse to eat.

Our in the zoo people have to put animals in the zoo and in the future scientist will make machines that will put all animals in zoo's so they do not hurt people.

The machines will also clean all of the animals and wipe all of there buts and machines will also give the food and drinks that the animals really need.

The out door machine that feed all of the animals will be good for this planet and good for this environment.

In Zoo's and Farm's if you want to know how long each animal live there will be an outdoor i pad that would really tell how long each animal will live up to.

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