Monday, June 27, 2022

Hazel and Moncia full story


Hazel and Monica both have Alopecia and Hazel lose her hair at the age of 2 and Monica Lose her hair at age 1.

These girls thought they never had hair and They which they had long hair down to their feet just like Rapunzel.

Alopecia girls get bullied by the popular girls part 2

In This Picture Here is Moncia and Hazel with there moms

Monica and Hazel where at different school before when they met on Face Book and Wendy and Nijah bullied Hazel because she has no hair and they where in the same school as her. Moncia was in the same school as Lusia ,Melinie and Seven.

So Luisa ,Wendy,Seven ,Melinie and Nijah became friends with each other because they are the most popular girls in school and even if they where at different schools at one point they all girls became in the same school as each other because they are in a school that helps kids deal with problems. Melinie said " Nobody Likes you baldys because we popular girls with long hair are a lot prettier than you!" Hazel was crying because she wants to have long hair like the popular girls.

Wendy ,Lusia, Hezel, Moncia,Melina,Nijah and Seven




Wednesday, June 15, 2022

abortron pills should be banned

 Abortron pills are pills that kills your unborn baby for example lets say your husband forces you to take abortron pills and the wife wants to keep the baby if you husand gives you the abortron pills he will not get aressted because is legal and that should n't be.

Abortron pills should be band and if any one who is taking them or is force to take them by a family mememer your or the family memeber should get arressted because that is un born child abuse and I hope you can get in trouble for that and Maybe I should take people to created that rule because yoour taking away you unborn childs life and it's a sin agianist God!

Who ever that takes abortron pills should be arrested and even if they do not get arrested they or some else that is force them to take them will be punish by God and in big trouble. Because God knows laws it's always right only God is always right.

What kind of idiot will make abortron pills to make money that is a stupid way to make money and no more abortron pills wether you want to have a kid or not. Abortron pills should know on be a illegal. Or if you take abortron pills there should be a needle that can get the abortron pills outs of you body before it kills your unborn baby.

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Black women with natural hair


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