Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Software that changes people the way they really look in reality

Soft ware  is a great way to be creative. you can make you own cartoons move and make a movie out of them.

There should be another soft ware like lets say you are a Asian person and you click on to ethnic groups on you soft ware on your computer and they click on white the soft ware will show them how the will look like if they we a white person.

For example I am African American and if I click on the soft ware to my computer to ethnic group and I click on to Asian the soft ware will show me how I would look like if I was an Asian girl.

Or if I click on to white the soft ware will show me How I would look like If I was a white girl with Blond hair and blue boy is using the software and click on to white and girl the soft ware will really show him if he was a girl with blond hair and blue eyes.

Or I could click on gender and it would change me into a boy with blond hair and blues eyes. Or if a bald 

 And they is soft ware like if you are a boy it will show you how you will really look like if you were a girl or if you are a girl the soft ware will show you how you will really look like if you are a boy.

There should also be soft ware like click on to ages and the soft ware will so any body how would they really look like if they are older and how long they will live and the soft ware should not lie to put who are using the soft ware.

Or If it was a white girl with blond hair and blue eyes using the soft ware on her soft ware on her computer and click on to black and boy and if she wants him to be bald with glasses the soft ware will really show the girl on how she would look like if she was a black boy that wears glasses and his bald.

If any body uses the soft wear and click on the ethnic group what the person;s ethnicity really is the soft ware will show any body how they would look like if they were a different ethnic group that they really are in real life.

There are also soft wares to show any body what ever there real weight is it would show them how they would really look like if they are to fat or to skinny.

Drawing by me

Do not Steal my Cartoons! (c) Copyright 2016 Nzinga Lonstein Austin, All Rights Reserved

Skeletor in black hoody

Buildings vs Twisters

People live in Building. But the buildings  get knocked down by the strong wing that is called a twister. Those wind's knocked down cars and building's because the wind is very strong the other name for a twister is a tornado.

I made this word up wind twister that is a third word for a twister. Our I could be wrong maybe some one else ave the twister another name and maybe I thought it by my self with out asking people because I figure out stuff on my own.

Tornado's are really powerful wind that can blow car away and other things like trees plants or stuff like that.

 Scientist should create a chemical that they put it in the soil they have to check if is good for this planet next the tornado will blow though the tree and the tree's will stay on the ground.

Tornado's happens in hot weather probably because it's not that much air in some places that is why south west cost gets tornado's.

 It's like a desert gets sand storms because it does not rain enough. Like scientist should also create buildings and car's so if a twister comes and blows throw the houses the building and cars will not blow away if those stuff gets sucked inside a tornado. And people can stay in side there houses if they want.

And those houses should be good for this planet and out door machines that are good for this planet will building those all car's and  buildings in the whole planet.

So this is my opinion that cars and building in the whole planet will be good for our planet. This whats going to happens thousand or millions for years in the future. Also I think people will have the technology to build those things in the future.

It Scientist  would be a great idea if those people can make medicine that people can not die from if a tornado comes at people they will not blow away but they were born to blow away if a tornado comes that is why scientist should make those medicine's that any body would take

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Languages are all over the planet. I just learned that some languages are not Languages anymore like Latin was a Language but it split up into different languages in Europe. A soft ware in the future would be like lets say your type down your own word that you created and type it down what it means.

 then click on to languages on you software on your computer final it will tell you how to say it in Spanish and what it means or in other languages.

Because people create there own words before then it became real words like they did not know what animals where so they named them like panda, cat ,dog or other animals then people write it down so they can not for get what they call the animals.

I saw a video that Adam and Eve done that. It's not our fault we have Adams apples it has to do with Adam and Eve that ate the apple that God told them "do not eat the apple !" That is why God said "No." To Adam and Eve the first people on this planet.

And there is pain on earth because pain gets you thought life and that is what people say "no pain no game." Like if your stomach hurts and your head hurts and your not sick because you body is break down some how and is ain't Heaven.

Your body hurts more in Hel and if you hurt people and do not believe in God you will go to Hel God created Hel like that because if you hurt other then your going to get hurt and including your soul.

Heaven there is know more pain because if you are good you will live forever you will last for ever in Hel but your soul burns there for ever.

In the future  English, Spanish, Chinese, Japaneses, Korean , French, Italian or all the other languages we use today will not be languages any more in thousands of years in the future instead people would create and say different languages and they will not even heard what our languages where in 2017.

Maybe scientist should create this machine with a screen what really happens to people in the passed and whats really going to happens in the future. People will not go back in time because they can not they can see what really happened in passed and whats really going to happen in the future.

My drawings of skelatons

Do not Steal my Cartoons! (c) Copyright 2016 Nzinga Lonstein Austin, All Rights Reserved


 Skeletor with axes

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Creating more stuff

People should create more stuff like rocket ships will get to new planet every 15 minutes but we need new technology.

 The new technology is not going to be to some where in hundreds of years in the future. People create gas tanks to make them warm but it can explode if the gas tank is to old.

Maybe people should create other things that is like a gas tank except no house will explode because explosion can be bad for our environment. People have cameras because if they know it's good for our planet our not but it turns out fire is not good for our planet.

Like scientist should make this vacuum  that the person puts it in there mouth if they chocked on something.

The other person will have to press a button to turn the vacuum sucking machine on they if the person chocks on something they can get it out very quick and the person will see what they chocked on and they will not chock on that thing anymore final the other person will take the tube out of the person mouth.

People should make machines like that. The machine will get the thing out what ever the person was chocking on.

 A needle our anything the Vacuum chocking machine will get the need our any thing out of you throat and mouth what ever you are chocking on.

People should have those machine in all buildings including hospitals because the doctors can help more for your family if you are chocking on something and what I mean you as in any body not just one person. 

People should make machine like that because not every body will not help or do mouth to mouth when another person is chocking on something. 

Boogers it's hard for people to blow there nose so there nose will not  get stuffy any more. Scientist should make these machine that if your nose is very stuff your mother with have to put the tube in your nose press the machine button final get all of the mucus out of people's nose's.

So in snow days people have no snow if there is a lot of snow on the ground because cars can not drive over the snow scientist should make cars that can drive over the snow and there will be no more snow days those cars should be good for this planet.

People will not make these cars in hundreds of years in the future that is just may opinion how cars will be in the future and also cars will drive you to places all the person needs to do is type on where they want to go and the car will get you to the correct place.

Ground all over the planet should have padded because if a person falls off a building they will fall on the ground that is soft not that's hard .

That is how the ground will be in the future in my opinion and those padded things should be good for this planet.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Earth Quakes Vs. Buildings

Earth Quakes  are very strong and can knock buildings down and the buildings will fall over. The Buildings explode or get on fire if there is and earthquake. The west gets bigger earthquakes because of the fault lines of the earth the starts an earth quake.

If there is an earth quake if you are in a building your have to go under a table because stuff do not fall on there head. People know that earth quakes are strong because scientist have camera's and machines and people can also fill the earth quake happening.

People should make buildings that can not get one fire or explode into pieces and the buildings will not fall over and all buildings will be good for this planet and stronger then the earth quake Then buildings will also have more padding inside all the house in the planet so people will not get hurt or killed.

 If the earth quake is stronger scientist should try to make buildings a lot stronger. People should make machine that can build those houses.

They will be earth quakes in the future earth quakes will still be very strong except people will build building that can not tip over and will not get damage and it will be a lot stronger then the earth quake and nothing will fall on people heads because the building sealing are very strong.

Tornado's can blow cars and houses away because it's a very strong wind. In the future Houses will be made Strong enough so the houses or cars can not blow away.

People should try to create these stuff. And if people are in their house and the tornado come it will blow though the house the house will not get knock down or damage people do not even have to go down the bassment. This is my opinion how Buildings and cars will be like in the future.

Scientist do not want to the future do it now or try to do it if you can I believe you can because you are very smart people.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

More Machines and Ovens

More Machines should be in people houses. Machine should be like if you child is healthy and the Machine scene with say yes or no if your child is healthy.

They should be machine if a child is not health and the house machines will give then medicine to make them healthy.

All house, buildings or school should have Machines that if a person faints then machine will have to put the person on the machine and the person will not faint any more.

All Houses should have machines that people go under like a copy machine and the machine will say if you child's blood type is positive or negative and the parent will know and if scientist create those machines people will not have to go to the hospital. These days parents will not know unless they go to a doctor.

Machines should also be like if you go under the machine and the machine scene will say if you healthy enough to get your self pregnant or not the machine scene will give you the correct answer.

Oven This days if you have it on to long it can start a fire, In the future people should make ovens that will cool down quick and spray cold water in inside the oven.

 The food will be very hot but the scientist should make pans and oven not get hot enough to burn you hands or you house down.

Machines houses will be like cleaning you clothes and dishes for the family and the machine will read your mind of what you want for dinner but it will make it for you but not every day because the parents will have to type these machines to make different stuff to eat every day.

The house machine will not give people different meals on it's own scientist would have to create those machine to see what's inside the person body.  This is my opinion of how those machines will be like in the future.

All People house will be like the hospital the house machines will say on the science why you child is sick or hurt or have cancer and the parents will read what the machine says and other machine will have to do a operation on their child and their will be healthy very quick and will not get sick will cancer ever again even if they eat food.

Junk food will look or taste a lot like junk food except science will create this chemical that is healthy for people and the food that looks like junk food will be healthy.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Creating more Machines

This is how people should create Machine they should last a lot longer then these days. Machines would be if you day dreaming you should go under this machine in you house then it would show you or any body so they can know what you are day dreaming about.

So Lets Say I am day dreaming about Clyde from The Loud House and I go under this machine and the machine will show me what stuff he wears and how he sounds and how he really and exactly looks like on the show I watch.

Those people that have machine like that in there house would have to up load to my computer and it would make a movie before it goes on the internet because you would have to talk to the creator of the show.

You will make a movie on your Imagination with out using you soft ware so you do the hard work. They soft ware would be like it takes what you day dream and if the creator if the show says yes you can put it on the internet you own imagination.

Like if you day dream of how you want you cartoons to look like and you can not draw You would have to be on this special copy machine that  can see what the person is imagining about.

 Then the machine would have to up load you cartoons to the computer and you can make you own cartoons with out you doing the work it would be software that will do the work for people and imagine how you want you cartoons voices to be and it will sound the same when you day dream or if you are dreaming in a deep sleep.

If you can not draw you own characters on paper or on you can imagine how you want you characters to look or act.

 Next you or any body will have to go under this special copy machine then the copy machine will up load your imagination to you computer and those machines should not kill people it should be good and healthy for people brains. That is the way people would make machines in the future it should be good for this environment to.

People should make soap with lotion in it so when you wash you will see suds and smell clean after you take a bath you will not have to put lotion on because the body wash already has lotion in the body wash so you skin will not be dry.

Also people should create Shampoo's that cleans people hair and makes peoples hair not dry. You will not have to put stuff in you hair to make it not dry every day because people will also create shampoo's after you wash you hair you hair will not be dry until if you need to wash it again.

People should create shampoo's that gets the dirt out of they hair with out them scrubbing it but people can scrubbing if they want. People should create create shampoo's with washing, Conditioning and final grease it shampoo's should be made with mixer.

With Washing, Conditioning and Greasing. People should  also create soap that are body wash and shampoo.

Scientist should make machine that with clean babies and you other children for you people should create that it will not hurt children just clean then really good.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

My Hobbies

I like to draw, bake my cookies, wash my Barbie Doll Collection, Directing, Acting, Writing my own stories and blogging also cleaner the house, Watching Nickelodeon on TV And my Favorite shows on Nickelodeon are The Loud House , Tak and the power of Juju and Fanboy and Chum Chum that use to come on Nickelodeon.

I like to draw on wood , Paper and I like the draw on the computer much better than I draw on paper so my drawings can last longer. These are the thing I dislike sports including boxing or karate because any body can get kill fighting with other person.

I Figure out stuff without asking people I know after you role out cookie dough and you do not cleaner the counter the next person that touches the counter could get salmonella poisoning my be people should create sprays and shampoo or any soap to get reed of salmonella bacteria.

My Cookies

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Creating more stuff

I was doing the laundry and the dryer has a lint basket and my mother said "do not leave lint in the lint basket that can cause a fire."I did not know that until she told me. But there is stuff that I know and I figure out my self with out asking some body why.

I know that all real people were in God's Imagination first then we became real people 6 millions of years after if God is ready to take us back to Heaven we will die on the Earth.

Maybe Dryer machines should not get on fire if the lint basket is full of lint the machine in the dryer will get reed of the lint after it will come out of the dryer the goes into the wall and put in in the garbage .

Final then wall machine will open you door and there would be the other wall machine that pushes the garbage can it will slid on this slid ground thing that is good for our planet.

 Final another out side machine to the close to the street will pick up the garbage can and put it in the truck so people do not have to put it in the truck and you do not have to pull the whole garbage bag out side by you self.

This is my opinion of how the future will be with out side machines that will do stuff for people after when people are done the government will press the button to turn the out side machines of so they can last longer.

If people are still alive on Earth the scientist will have space camera's to see how heaven or hell really looks like and God or they Devil. I believe scientist will have space camera's like that because the space camera's will be more modern than the olden days and these days in 2017.

In the future they will be plane that will fly on it's own with out crashing the pilot on the plane scene  will have to type were he is going and the plane will fly in the exactly the correct place. And the pilot will also will have to see this scene of witch people are getting on the plane.

Space ships people can get lost in space and others do not know were they are Scientist will make this space camera that they can see were those people really are in space and scientist will know were they are final they will send this other space thing that will push those people in there rocket back to Earth in a second.

Trains and buses people will be upset if they miss the trains and buses but in the future the train driver or the bus driver will know those people are getting on because they will have this scene to know witch people are getting on the train or bus in fact the bus driver or train driver will have the type on this other scene and those moving machines that people drive will get to the right place.

Lets say you are tired of driving the Mobile home and you fall asleep you can get into a car crush in the future type on the scene were you want to go in your mobile home and it will not crash into nothing.

 And you can go to sleep when every you want if you hear a beep that means you already at the place you want to be and press the button to turn of the mobile home not just that trains, cars ,buses or even planes. Like if some one pushes some one else into the tracks and the trains try's to stop it can run over the person and kill them

In the future this is how trains will  be made the trains will go quick but if the people in the train heard a person in the train tracks they would have to press a button on the train and the train will stop really quick final the person will get out of the train tracks this is how also trains will be in the future in my opinion.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The video that I do in My School

These are all of the videos that I do in my school in New Jersey. This is the Kind of stuff I do. If you Want to look more videos go type Academy 360 school news and look on the episodes 18, 17,14,13,12,11,10 and episode 9 was the first episode I did so far.

How to Make money

Making money is good but Making money is not always good like Muhammad Ali he was a boxer.

 And he got punched in the face millions of time then for years he had Parkinson's Disease after  that he dead.

People should make money like that in fact boxing that people beat each other up will never be allowed in this country again.

 I do not care how tough people are any body could get killed.

A who ever that is the boss of the job that in boxing says "you have to punch people!" they should get in trouble buy the government or locked up.

People cheer that other hurt each other in cage fighting the government should not let them do that any more. If the crow cheers and laughs at people that get hurt they should  get in big trouble by the government because it's not funny if people get punched in the face that means they are really hurting each other on TV.

If you want to be a good boxer do not box with others hit a punching bag or some thing if you want to make a lot of money for boxing that is a much better way then people cage fight and punching some body in the wrong parts in the body that can kill them.

 Those fighters should good to jail because that's hitting some one on purpose if you do not mean to kill them you mean to hurt them really bad.

The Government should be like if hit some body buy accident then kill then buy accident people should not go to jail any body should not go to prison if it happens like that and they believe in God they should do some thing better like speaking to some one.

If they kill some on on purpose and hit people on purpose that's a whole different story that any body should go to prison if there bad and they do not believe in god.

The Government should change there rules to be fair if they do not they would be in big trouble by God if people are not fair and live should be fair.


Monday, March 13, 2017

Making Rocket ships

Making Rocket Ships is a great thing but there gases that comes out of the rocket ship is bad for our planet because I can tell.

Because every time I say "Please turn the music on." she says "one minute."

I'm good at figuring things on my own one time I said "Mama Musica Por Favor." My mother said un minto you know what that means. I said "one minute" she said "exactly."

I also said all the minutes in spainsh with out asking people or looking it up on the internet. How to say Minutes in Spanish is Dos Minutos and  Tres minutos I almost continued to ten minutes.

Back to the Rocket ships people should make Rocket ships that the science can know witch planets has life forms on it or not because people do not know witch planets have aliens on it. So If people get lost in space these days people do not know were those people are in space.

In the future if people are lost in space people on earth will know were they really are because scientist will have more better space camera's then now.

They would send a other space ship that pushes the rocket ship that those people are lost in space.

They those people will not die the would get to earth before they die final they are home on earth for six hours.

this is my opinion how future rocket ships would be because rocket space are getting more modern and quick every year. People should also make rocket ships that are good for this planet to.

Bloggs would be more like this in the future lets say you type in English and you only want to send people who speak Spanish or Chinese  on you blog click on to languages and click on Chinese or what ever you words word be the same except the words would be in a different language so the people can under stand.

Because if I just type in english people might not under stand what I am trying to say if they speak a different language. If my blogg that people see in china I hope the technology would change my words to Chinese words so those people can under stand.

The technology would not change my pictures on my blogg it would just change the letter in different countries like Spain,France or Korea so they can under stand what they are read about. That is what technology would do in the future in my opinion.

This is how it should work first type in English then if you publish it to the whole planet people from England would under stand on my blog it should have English letter not in China because they would not under stand if they just speak Chinese.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Creating more things

People should keep creating new thing likes say you punched a hole in the wall you would get in trouble by you parent or you might hurt your self.

People should create this padded thing that goes on the hole that you can punch the padded thing it would make a whole in the wall for you if you are strong enough. After the machines that are attached to the padded punching thing will fix up you house wall as good as new.

Just practice on you punches even if you don't you will still be strong enough to put a hole in the wall. Also people should create fake fires it would look it real fires but except it's fake fires.

Lets say you have a science project and you were painting the planet you science teacher would say "were is the sun in your project." Just turn the button on and fake fire will came out and it would look like it burn the planets that you create for your science project in school.

Children school projects would be like that in the future in my opinion more faster and modern equipment.

People should write online how to get a Job and people should not pay to get a Job. In my opinion if a boss is mean to one employee and nice to the other the boss should get fired or out of business of they do not treat they workers the same the law should be like that.

If you leave the stove or oven on it would blow you house up maybe if that happens people should create machines that tells people to get out of there house before they blow up into pieces.

Maybe If you have the oven on to long the pans would have some thing in it so the food can not burn. The food would be hot but the pan and oven and stove will be ice cold after you pick up the food you would not need oven mitts when the food is done and the oven will not blow you house up.

 The machines that are attached to the walls will turn off you oven or oven will turn of on it's own. that is what I think future pans and would be like in the future.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Air Pollution

Air Pollution is not a good thing. Cows farts some people say there farts are not good for the air if any animal is created like that from nature doctor should create a machine that animals farts, burps or even if they make number 1 or 2 those waste that needs can come out of your body can be good for the environment.

Doctor should make that machine that animals our humans can not die from. Science believe insect were shorter but they are the same size as human back in the very olden days when the dinosaurs were alive billions of years ago.

Fire is bad for the air to people should create houses that are good for this environment if you have the heater on to long it can get on fire and any house could get on fire and people run out because any body can get hurt in a fire.

That is why people should create house that even then you have the heater on to longer it would not get on fire.

These days if a room gets hot then the heater gets hot that starts a fire. So people should create heaters of a room gets to hot the heater will cool on even when the heater is on if people touch the heater it would feel to cold you might be freezing scientist should create heater like that. People are trying to make things good for our planet!

It's going to take every ten years for every thing can be good for this planet instead of people doing that science should created those machines that are good for this environment.

 And it should be very quick and easy to make then the out door machines that are good for our planet will  create buildings,cars,trains and planes that all of those things will be good for the environment and cars that are good for our planet will be cheaper !

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Computers are a great way to type you stuff like you work ,home work from college and blogging. So Computers cost a lot of money. So if you have children that spill some thing on your computer all you work would be lost.

And computers and jobs should be cheap or free because we need it to survive. Like houses are very expensive and you have to pay a lot of money in the future houses would be free but any body that buys a house have to write on paper than online how many years you want to live in this house if you type in 9 years you will live in the house for nine years.

That is what I think the rules would be in the future but they can not break into peoples houses because if the person picks the house first and writes down how many years the person wants to live in the house and you break into a house you would get in a lot of trouble.

Lets get back to the computers. Those computers would look the same in the future you will still see you favorite shows except in my opinion the computers would be water proof in the future.

So if you spill water on you computer it would be water prof and your work on your computer will be saved. You will not lose your work on your computer.

I my opinion those computers people would have them in the future in fact people who created the computer should create water prof planes,cars, buses or computers.

In fact I already saw computers that are water prof. A lot of people do not have them because it's not probably as popular as the regular computers. It's just like in the olden days cars wear not as popular as they are now. Maybe in the future water prof computers would be more popular then the regular ones.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Paint Ball

Paint Ball is a game the his the paint guns shoots  the person and the paint comes out some people say paint ball the game hurts.

 Maybe people should make paint guns that would not hurt children people would have to put chemicals in the paint so children will not get hurt.

If games say children have to get hurt in the game then it's not a game.

Will people should guns that would not hurt people not just paint guns any gun.

Like police have guns that kills any body maybe people should create those guns that can not kill people but after when a police shoots them and Tase or hand cuffs.

 Them people should create those things not to hurt people or break peoples arms but the person will still not feel good. That is what the new guns,hand cuff or taser's or even pepper spray would be like in the future.

Laws would be that if a police use the older guns and stuff that hurts people the police would
get fired from there job that is what the laws would be in the future in my opinion in fact it should be like that these days.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

The stereo Types

The Stereo types are black vs. the white parents. They make the white parents spoil there children and black parents beat there children. People know that all white or black parent do not act like this but maybe people make these stereo types like that because the see it more.

When my mother watched those videos she was laughing and she saw it for the first time after she got tired of watching the same thing. It's different people acting But the black and the white parents act the same way on people different videos.

For example Black parents slap there children with a belt and white parents giving the children what they want all the time.

So I made these videos to day that I use my doll collection dolls as the puppets and I made the White parents beat there children and the black parent spoiling there children.

I did that because I want the stereo types to be different. I called it reverse Stereo type because the stereo type they make the black parents beat there children and the white parents spoiling there children.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Every thing in Gods mind

First God Create him self as a stick figure than a 3D drawing Final a real person he create him self with real skin. First he had to draw the Earth and other planets in his mind millions of years after the Earth and other planets are made out of real rock and gases.

Than God drew Dinosaurs millions of years of they became real then after the dinosaurs died because of climate changes then draw People and our ancestors in our mind 6 millions of years after that they became real people. That's when God drew all of us in our mind 6 million years after we are now real people in 2017.

God knows all people before they parents even knew them but even in gods mind they were still all real people parents weather all of parents knew or not. First God draws how he wants your parents to look like then he was drawing you I do not mean you by one person I mean you as it means every body.

God knew houses and the Model T before the first person created those things because first God had to thing about it in his mind and give the person imagination to make cars after the cars and house are build in real life.

In fantasy real people are all older then drawings because we were drawing before the drawings on TV now and our descendants are going to became real people 6 millions of years in the future.

Lets say your nine in real life in fantasy your are 6,000,009. If your are still alive on real life on earth if you are 6,000,000 in real life in fantasy you would be 12,000,000 years of age. All real people wear born in fantasy first in God's imagination than we became real people.

Every real thing like houses and cars and real people are over 6 million years old in imagination land. If cartoon characters and the drawings of house on TV show do not exist in real life they are less then seconds old in fantasy a cartoon character can be new born - 5,999,999 that's an old spiritual drawing.

 That is almost a real person or a realistic spirit that's when after you die if you been in heaven millions of years God would so you how you cartoon character looks like if they became a real person.

A cording to science The science say the people that looked like monkeys were before Adam and Eve well I dis agree 100 percent I just go what the bible says because scientist do not know every thing only God knows every things.

Scientist know how old the earth is and when humans first created because the have special Calculators to see how old are planets out of our Solar system That is my opinion how they make the machines work.

Some people say the first humans were created thousands of years ago some say 5 and 6 million years ago some people believe 2 or 4 millions of years ago. Mostly Science people are always right because they create machine to help them maybe they should make those math machines good for this planet.