Monday, April 30, 2018

Out Soned

Out Soned is about an Asian Family that are in a good relation ship Haley Friedman and Shane Gooser.

They are married there older son is Shane Jr. he is a Buddhist Monk just like his father.

Shane Jr's Granny on his mother side makes more cake she can make the best moon cake that he has every tasted and Shane's Jr. Grandma on his dad's side makes more cookies.

 She makes the best moon cookie those are the chocolate cookie with the marshmallows inside of the cookies.

Shane Jr's Grandmother both make make goods with out nut because Shane Jr. can not eat nuts.

 The grandmothers compete with each other on which grandmother like Shane Jr. like more his grand mother on his moms side or his dad side both he loves them both the same in different ways.

Shane Jr's grandfather on his mother side is a fisher man and his grandad on his dad's side is also a Buddhist monk.

Shane Jr's Grandmothers on the mother and the father side are more bakers than cooks they barley cook anything Shane Jr's Maternal grandfather goes fishing first then he cooks the fish.

Haley Friedman got her self pregnant again with five boys finally she has 5 boys named  Jim, Jinny, Marvin, Vin Vin and  Gib. Haley makes her own candy. Sahne Jr's Auntie Mena is dating Andi.

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The Flower Pot Girls

The flower Pot girls is about girls that like to go outside they also like tea parties and playing with dolls and teddy bears some times they do not get along but lots of the time they get along.

The girls Names are Rosie,Dasiy and Violet and Violet favorite flower is Violets Rosie's favorite flower is Roses and Daisy's favorite flowers are Daisies.

Rosie's mother's name is Roselina and her Grand mothers name is Rosa Linda.

Daisy mother's name is Mara Gold and her Grand mothers name is Sun Flower.

 Violet's mothers name is Lavander and her grandmothers name is Morning Glory.

Ms. Florence is there next door neighbor and Daisy is 7 and Violet is 5 turning 6 in 5 mouths and Rosie is 3 turning 4 in 3 mouths from now.

The flower pots girls grand mothers are in there early 40s.

 Daisy likes to see rainbows and she also likes to watch her favorite show rainbow Unicorney and also that is Rosie and Violet's favorite show. Rosie throws tantrum a lot but her friends under stand her they do not get mad when she throws a tantrum they try to help Rosie Clam down.

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Lepeta and Maria

Lepeta and Maria is about two girls that want to be a Gothic girls.

Maria has blond hair and blue eye and Lepeta is African American.

Lepeta has never seen a Black girl that is a Gothic before and Maria never seen a blond hair girl that is a Gothic Before and.

Lepeta Calla's Mother Winnie Denito that is her maiden name and she wants her daughter to be proud of her African  culture. She does not want her daughter to go Gothic and her mother was born in Northern west Africa and Lepeta was born in American in Hollywood.

Maria's Darkers mother Scottie Lighters that is her maiden name and Maria's mother Scottie was born in Scotland.

So Lepeta and Maria's mother are neighbors and
they yelled at each other and they did not get along to well.

Maria and Lepta wear almost best friends at one point they did not get along to well ether.

 That is why Winnie movie back to Africa for her daughter to be proud that she is black and she does not need all of the black make up on her her.

Maria's Brother Kelechi he is white but he has any African name because his parents never heard a white guy name Kelechi before. Kelechi is 9 turning ten he met Lepeta's Cousin Drew at the end of the story.

Holly Jaskson

Holly Jackson is a girl who lives in the Wild west and she lives in Nevada and she use to live in Tennessee.

She is only 14 years old and she wants to be a Bull rider and she wants to be famous for doing that.

Men where like she can not be a bull rider she a younger girl so Holly kept on doing what she wanted to do.

 Her mother does not want her to be a bull rider because she does not want her to get hurt and her dad was like let her be what she wants to be.

Her friend Beyonca is always protecting Holly and Babying Her Beyonca is shorter then Holly but Holly is mouths younger.

Holly has a cousin named George and her rides on Horse with his girlfriend Name Georgia.

Holly Jackson was on TV and she was riding a bull she got hurt really bad.

 But After words she got back up and she was famous for being the first teenage girl to ride a bull or one of the first teen girls to ride a bull.

 And Finale she became very famous after that.

Holly was riding one of the biggest and strongest bulls on the planet. She became the first famous cartoon Female to became a real bull rider. Because usually Bull riders are men and the men were making fun of her.

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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Brother Boys and Sister Girls

That show is about Brother and sister that are close friends they names are  Mona, Diana,Wayne and Dwayne are Sisters girls and brother boys.

Mona and Diana Canes Parents names are Doug Cane and Dina Stickets Cane.

Diana is the girl who happens to be nice and she alway creatives and she wants to do thing her way and stuff.

Mona is More like The Braty Bossy teenager that is going into College and she is always bossing her sister around.

Mona can be sneakey at times and she creeps people out even if she does not know she creeps people out.

Dwayne is the Younger brother he like to play with his video games and he likes video game that are violet and about fighting. His older Brother Wayne is trying to be the cool kid at school and trying to be better than ever body else he is mean at times.

The boys parents names are Bert Chungest and Connie Buckler and there are pare of Dwayne and Wayne Chungest. Dwayne and Wayne have Dark Hair and and Mona and Diana having blond hair and Blue eyes.

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The Characters on Island Girls and Boys

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 Quallanda and Jay

Island Girls and Boys

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Islands Girls and Boys are about Sonna is the brown hair Girl and Qullanda is the Blond hair girl Jay is Sonna's Boy Friend and Jay has blond hair and Col is Quallanda's Boy friend and he has brown hair and.

Col and Jay both are Divers. There all living on a Tropical Dessert Island and They saw a Rainbo Mermaid Named rainbow and a Other Mermaid name Pearl Periwinkle. They is also a Merman named Abdul.

So one time Sonna saw a girl named Brenna was surfing she was 13 and she almost drowned and she yelled for help and Pearl The mermaid safed her and her brother Ajay That was Surfing and Sonna tried to pulled them out off the water but she was it strong enough so she got Jay that was stronger Enough.

Brenna ,Ajay and Luwis was too bussy having fun when they where on the beach.

 Then after they where surfing then they got lost finale Quallanda and Sonna welcomed them to there island.

 And the News tried to help Brenna's and Ajay parents that will be Luwis aunt and uncle.

 And Ajay and Brenna's dad was angry but there mom was crying and screaming because she lost her children and her nephew. So the news tried to look for them and they never stoped looking for them.

Brenna,Ajay and Luwis wear on the internet and it said the missing children that wear surfing got lost so now it's up to Sonna,Jay,Col and Qullanda to help find there parents and Luwis find his aunt and uncle.

Brenna was crying and Screaming a lot because she misses her parents and Sonna gives her a hug and feels sorry for her Dereck Blue Breadin is a Pirate.

The Characters On the Romeo Donald and Nate Bango Show

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Nate and Theya with there mother

Nate Bango and Romeo Marlon Donald

Nate Bango and Romeo Marlon Donald is about there boys who are cousins and there like karate they both say " Hi Yah" and They both scream like little girls. There are 9 turning 10 years old in a year from now.

 Nate and Romeo both have Sqeakey voices but Nates voice is a little higher then Romeos.

The PointenBoyana Family and The Collins family

The PointenBoyana Family and the Collins Family is about two families that have simlar things happen with there life.

What those two families have in common is there both where poor families who live in a small house.

And it's too small for ten children and the house they use to live in got on fire because it had electric problems those families did not want to get those houses in the first place but those where the houses they could effort.

the Dinner Family

The Dinner Family is about a family who like food Meals Violet Dinner is the Teenager daughter and Beck Dinner is the son that is 8 are nine years old.

 And Danny is the youngest son that is 2 years old turning three.

Mr. Break Dinner is the father and Mrs. Dinner is the Mother and her name was Tessa Breakfast her dads name is Mr. Corbin Breakfast.

Tessa's mother maiden name is dessert and her full name is Merisha Dessert Breakfast.  Mersisha mother maiden name is snack and Ms. Snacks Mother maiden name is brunch.

Mr. Dinner has a mother named Ms. Feast That is Violet,Danny's and becks Grandma on they father side. Ms.Feast mothers name is Ms. Supper and her mother name is Mrs. Supper and her maiden Name is Dunch.

Dunch is a mixed of Lunch and Dinner that is what The Dinner family calls it. There Uncle Ben live with them and he act like the father. Ben in there uncle on there mothers side.

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Hamish and Sally

Hamish and Sally is about there are not really cousins but there play cousins that hate each other and Ziggy is Hamish best pal and her tries to protect Hamish and help him like be his body guard.

Spike Rockers bullies Hamish because Spike is bigger and stronger than Hamish and he picks on him but Hamish know some Martials art.

Even if Spike is Stronger Hamish has more technique in the Martial arts that is why he can kick Spikes but and Spikes wonders why Hamish can beat him up and Spike feels like Hamish is not supposed to be able to beat him up.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

In stores

The stores people put stuff in the right places but what if people get tried I said maybe their should be Machines that put stuff in the right places.

 Lets say people buy items in the story. For example lets say if people are going to buy cookies and the last cookie box is at the back of the shelf the person that works at the store will have to push the cookies boxs forward.

People have to push the cookie box forward because so people can know were the cookies are or people that do not work at the store do not have to push it forward.

I said maybe they should be machines that will push all over the items forward so the employees can get a break.

 You know in stores employees have to pull items forward and its not just cookies it could be anything I just have that as an example.

I was working at Shop Rite and my teacher said " How are people are going to get money if computers are do things for us you be homeless any body will be homeless.

 And I said " No they not going to became homeless because if there are machines that put the items away people can fix the machines."

My teachers said " Well what if the machine does not always need fixing." I said " People can polish the machines and clean them.

My teachers said " that is a good idea you let me know when you come up with that idea because I might not be here it might take you years to make something like that.

" I said " I might not be here ether my great grand children might be there if those machine come up."

They should be called blocking and facing machines. If people are block and facing all day they might get tried.

Also machine will also clean the hole stores and machines will do chores for people and clean every bodies whole house if they need to be clean. Maybe living in a computer land will be better for us.

We need money to buy a house and buy water,food,clothes and houses but in the future hopeful they will be free.

I hope house will be free to you can go online and pick which house you want to live in and write on the computer to the government how long you want to live in the house. Also I hope going to school will be free to. I think the stuff we need should be free and the stuff we do not need should cost a lot of money.

People can make more money if they make machines like that every day and if people lose their job at the store they can make more machines while they work in the store that is how they will make more money.


Wednesday, April 25, 2018

My art of Muscler and overweight people

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My art work of people kissing

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 Cameka and George Kissing

Dan and Dani kissing

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

My art of Men and Women

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Cortanie and Grab the grandparents


Monday, April 23, 2018

My art work of shoes and men and women

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  Leni The MMA Pregnant women

Missy holding her son Josh

Sunday, April 22, 2018


Every Body needs to have Toxins come out of there body. If people do not have any Toxins come out of there body any body can die.

 People say pee is number 1 and poop is number 2. I say fart is number 3 and burping is number 4.

Mucus and Boogers are number 5 vomit is number 6 sweat is number 7 and ear wax is number 8.

Tears are number 9 nails and toe nails are number ten hair is number 11. Number 12 for girls is discharge and number 12 for boys is semen. Number 13 for boys is there sperm and Number 13 for girls is there cycle.

And girls can have babies I would not call that a number because it's not a Toxin a baby is a live and I will call babies letters letter a is the first baby letter b is the second baby letter c is the third baby and letter d is the fourth baby. letter z is the 26th baby and no body has every had 26 babies before.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

My art work of a pink house

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 Fire Station

 Police Station

Pink Mansion

 Quacky Ducks

Thursday, April 19, 2018

My art work of a house and a School

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

My art work of Insects

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  Alice McGallon


Rita and Yaca


Monday, April 16, 2018

My cubes of Paddens

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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Earthquakes and Pangea

Their are earth quakes on the east cost but it's like earth quakes that people can not feel and their are more big earth quakes in the west cost because the have full fault on lines.

 There are fault on line  because when the Earth was first created. Some fault lines are on land and other are in the water.

For example think of this like a puzzle on land imagine the lines are like puzzle pieces the lines on the west cost might be higher then on the east cost it's like that some times.

There is more faults in the west cost their are more land fault line and in the east cost there is more ocean fault lines. And Alaska they have sea quakes because it's chose to the ocean and they have big earth quakes because it's in the west cost.

So billions of years ago their were dinosaurs around. Before their were the 7 continents it use to be this huge Continent called Pangea.

 Under the Earth the magma went in a circle convection currents and that is why the continents are separated.

 It move an inch every years it took a very long time for the continents the split apart.

The Magma goes in a circle and the circle has to go down into the Earths core so that is why is why it took a very long time for the continents to be separated.

In millions of years the continent with come back together because if it keeps on separating  then the continents can hit each other. for example if the continents keep on separating North America and asia can also hit each other so the magma works like this trench is an under water valley.

Maybe people so created building and vehicle's that are a lot stronger then the Earth Quakes so the hugh Earth Quakes can not knock vehicles and buildings.

These day inside buildings if they is a hugh Earth Quake any body will feel the building shaking. In the future if there is a hugh Earth Quakes nobody will feel the building shakes and buildings will not fall down because they are a lot strong then the earth quake and the buildings will have no damage the buildings will be just fine.