Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Best Grandma's


Carrisa,Gretta ,Yazmin and Gabby

Dav,Augutus,Soana,Lepeta,Maria,Shaniqua,Cletchie and Stew

Sunday, December 10, 2023

Sister girls and brother boys family


Chris,Jane,Mona,Diana,Alec,Drake,Tyler and Alice

Thursday, December 7, 2023

People with special Needs are now should be called Another Ability instead of saying different ability

 People with special are they might work things another way then a person without special needs. People use to called people with special needs Retared which is not nice because That is a big insult to people with special needs.

A second insult to special needs people is Disabiled that words means That some people think that all people with special need are phycially or mentally  weaker then other people without special needs and some teahcers in school might treat people with special like they could get hurt more and be more overprotected of them then a kid with out special needs.

Not all people with special needs are weaker then any body else mental are phycially some of them can be just as strong like every body else for example I have special needs an I can still do a lot more pushups then most women and men without speical needs.

Now people call people with special needs a different ability I mean it's not as bad as using retared or a disability.

But when you say different ability they do not say it's a insult but to me personiliy it's a insult a little because when you say the different people might thing you have to treat a special needs person a lot different sometimes not in a good way they still might treat them weaker then other kids,

I thought about a word that is even better then different abiltiy. These words are Devoloping Ability, Challeging Ability.

These words are better then different ability but still if you say devloping ability you saying the special needs person is still devoloping in school work which in probably still not the because term and challaging abilty when you use that word people with special needs will think that they special needs are challeging and it's hard for then you do not want them to feel that way ether.

But there is even a Better word the best word for people with special needs that is another ability or  other ability to shorting the word.

Another ability means that people with special work things in another way then other people for example lets say if a special needs kid is not at the same level as a kid with out special needs is if you want to treat special needs people the same way as other kids in a good way try another way to teach them so they can get on to that same level.

Special Needs people are no different then any body else they just work things in another way. And even a better word for saying differently abled or another abilty the best word to say is specially abled.

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Family Memebers


Adwa,Zipporah,Mo ,Fredrick and Ansie

Mary,Maggie,Peggy and Johnny

Grandpa Jackson and Gammy

Sunday, December 3, 2023

Women and little boys


Austin,Tom,Feburary,Justin,Dustin,Chicago,Tim and Chelsea

Saturday, December 2, 2023

This story is called The Teacher is really gone


Miss. Grace Thomas  Joey and Mr. Gavins

This story is about a Teacher named Miss.O and she was a Nice Teacher but she is very Strict one of the kids said Miss " O is the meanest teacher ever!"

The kids Joey included will disrecpt teacher and the princals and sometime get into to fights.

Miss. O has been a teacher at Joeys school for over 20 years Joey did not like Miss. O becuase in his mind he thinks she mean.

Friday, December 1, 2023



Rainbow holding Clementine nd Piper holding Jasper Manuel