Thursday, December 29, 2016

Movies and Television shows.

America's Funniest home Videos I do not know why they call the show that and people get hurt real people get hurt very bad.

 And fans of the show laugh about it on TV the fans are selfish and they know not to laugh at people when they get hurt.

 How would they like it if some one was laughing at them and they get hurt and if those people say "yes I love when people laugh at me when I get hurt!" but do not believe those people that says those stuff no body likes to be laughed at when they get very hurt and this show is the worst show ever.

That show should have been off television a very long time ago and it should be off TV because it's to old to be on there in plus people are hurting them selves.

This show is more Like America's most damage body videos it can hurt there body and people should take care of what God gave them not hurt it.

That is sick when They call the show funny. My father  said "do you want to watch this show?" I said "no." He said "that's sad."

Today I saw the trailer the Black Devil Doll was pooping and peeing when the person in the background was not in the move that people cans see him.

He was swearing when the Black Devil Doll was making Bowel moment it was not like poop that we usually see it look like chocolate syrup.
It's not sad it's the truth and more shows and movies I want to speak about The evil puppets Chucky and the Black Devil Doll.

 I showed my mother this the Black Devil Doll is worst then Chucky. You Might know Chucky from the old movie Child's Play.

People want to know that why is the Black Devil Doll Worst then the white evil doll Chucky well it's this society people making black's worst then white's that is not true.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

My second blog

I tried to type for it but I could not find it I saw others blogs that are similar to my second blog. The only way if I am going to find my blog is going on my computer and if I type our blogs would pop up and I would see my second blog and click on it that is the only way to find my other blog.
If I am in my schools computer I type in the search things our Blogs do not show up others peoples blogs show up. Hears I would like for you to do type on my first blog in the corner of my blog and it will say other blogs and if I click on it my second blog and my third blog will pop up.

I do not want it to go on other peoples blogs just me and my others blogs show the teachers in my school it would be easier for them to find my other blogs. Dad I would love for you to create something exactly like that.

I also want you to give me a 3D printer so I can make my own Dolls and Action Figures and I can sell them to people on my blogs or I want to keep a lot of them I want then to be better made then barbie dolls and if I comb their hair to hard their hair will not come out and children will buy my toys more that I created.

I would also like you to see how it cost if it's cheap my you get it for me and if it's not can you do some thing about it or get a createt card so you do not have to pay thousands of dollars to stress you self out.

I want to use some art things like I make the toys eyes and nose and mouth very neat not mess just use some art print pencils. I would also like machines that would make their hair that it does not fall out and the toys would be made for water so I can wash them. And I want direction on how to do this toy maker so I know how to use it.

I want my toys to be made of hard plastic so they can last longer our I want their hair so I can comb them not plastic so I can not comb their hair.

I also want this machine so my own toys that I created can make my toys last very long and a machine so I can make clothes for them. So I want that first and then I want people from china in the toy factories to make my own toys.

I want to go to this website that I type to the Chinese people in English then I click on the thing and change the languages then send it to the Chinese people so they can understand what I am saying then they make the toy send them to America and children can play with them and send my toys that I created to my house.

I want some of my toy to be bigger than barbie dolls and shorter then Polly Pockets. Dad I hope you have a good Christmas be happy to see me do not be what you where last time you seen me.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Academy 360

Academy 360 is the school I go to in New Jersey. In that school we learn science and music and all kinds of subjects.

I was going to do a video of The Loud House the nickelodeon show and we in that school put things on You Tube I did not know they put things on You Tube until the film teacher showed me.

What I remember I ask the teacher does the school put things on You Tube on of then said "no." The film teacher showed me how to put things on the internet then she or he is going to show me more how to do video.

The School uses to be called the Children's Institute I use to be at the school building where the younger school and the middle school children went to then I moved to New York Queens I did not like that school because the teachers where cursing a lot at the students first or back.

Then me and my mom I was visiting for the summer and she under stands how her good friend is now he ex boyfriend me and my mother are getting along a lot better then we use to I do not want my mom to go to jail I just want her to get some help I wanted her ex boy friend more to be locked up he was my mother boyfriend back then.

You might remember that I wrote that on my first blog because I wanted to show that to court one day.

 I was not trying to make my mom feel bad or people getting in our businesses I was going to show that to the judges on television on day.

The Children's Institute is now called academy 360 and I was going to show the whole school my blogs soon put I wrote to a couple of my teachers an email what my blogs name is. I also told my teachers about my fantasy how it works only on free time not when it's work time.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Quail Eggs

Quail eggs people in this society will say do not eat quail eggs it's disgusting just because society says that dose not mean it is true. Actually quail eggs helps fight cancer it's healthier than chicken eggs.

I thought that the yokes would be brown because the out side of the egg has brown spots. But I heard in science that all bird eggs yokes are yellow.

In my opinion all bird eggs yokes are yellow because that is wear the birds beak and the bird feet is  developed after inside the beak and the feet are developed it becomes a real bird and it has a beak and feet. Me and my father ate quail eggs today it taste like chicken eggs.

Quail eggs are my first day I tried them. People know that Quail eggs are healthier because scientist use machines and that is how they know that quail eggs are healthier.

If I have children they would watch TV and the child on the television would say " ill do not eat quail eggs if you see some one in your family do not let them eat it.

My children would agree they would say to their friend in school that my mother Lon and my grand parent her parent ate quail eggs!" Their friends would say " ill that is disgusting is saw that on TV ! "

As my children get back to they house they might say what kind of person that eats quail eggs nobody eats quail eggs and what kind of parent forces their children to eat quail eggs.

I would say if I was a parent "quail eggs are healthier than chicken eggs or cupcake or cookie also candy what ever that is sweet and just because television says that nobody eats quail eggs and say it's disgusting dose not mean it's true their is a lot of people would eat quail eggs more especially adults because they are more older and they understand more !"

And I would also say "the kind of parent that wants you to be healthy and I do not want you to be 900 pounds you can not breath !"

I know my children would say that because children are brain wash by this society and I know how children are.

Quail eggs are smaller because quail is smaller than chicken. I also read that duck eggs are richer so they are not healthier than chicken or quail eggs in my opinion but they stay fresher longer and they have a thicker shell.

In my opinion chicken eggs are not as healthy because the yoke is bigger and that is probably why people do not eat eagle eggs the more bigger the egg is the more bigger the yoke is going to be and the yoke is just fat and possibly eagle eggs are not healthier than chicken eggs.

Eagle eggs are possibly the most unhealthy eggs for a person body and the more bigger the bird is the more bigger the  eggs it's going to make.

Quail (spotted), Chicken, and Duck Eggs

Houses Should be Created Different

All houses should be created different. If you put the heater on to 90 degrees the houses will get on fire or if you leave the oven on any house would get on fire.

 If you leave the oven on to long the house will explode.People should create ovens that can not explode and it has heat come out of the oven.

Or when the oven is on fire people should create this thing under the microwave it has little wholes under it so the water can come out if the oven is under the microwave.

If it is not if the oven is under the cabinet the cabinet will have wholes under it and in can sprinkle water so the fire can stop. People should create a new way to make house if the house is 90 degrees you can put it up that high because the house would not get on fire that is how people should create houses.

Or if the microwave is plug in to the wall the machine will put water inside the microwave then the wholes on the side the water will come out and stop the fire the machine that is attached to the microwave with press the button on the side of the microwave then water will come out and it will stop the fire.

Like instead of vacuuming your own house people should create the thing the is on the wall it would be like an out let except it picks up dust what ever the is dust.

Another machine would have to press the button that is attached to the walls in the houses and how the thing work after the dust is in side the walls and your house does not have any dust any more the machine with blow out the dust and final the dust would be in the garbage now people houses would be cleaner in the future if people create that stuff.

Laundromats People do not have to put then in the machine instead the machine with have a tray the come out of the washer the the tray goes in the washer and the clothes are in and clean.

If the washier is done washing the clothes the washier tray will come out of the washer machine and put it in to the dryer and the dryer in the laundromat would go quicker like machine are getting quicker every year.

 Then After when the clothes are dry the machine that is attach to the wall will fold your clothes for you and people do not have to fold their own clothes.

 All people have to do is press the button for the machine that folds peoples clothes and for the automatic washers and driers in the laundromats.They wont just have in in laundromats but inside your own houses to where your live.

Toilets and machines

Toilets are made because it would be more clean for peoples buts to use the bathroom.

It's not a good idea if you put to much toilet paper in the toilet it could back up the toilet or break it that is why people are plunging there toilets.

Maybe people could create machines that would plunge their toilets for then instead of calling a plunger.

People should also create toilets that if you flush the toilet the toilet can flush down all the paper no matter how much toilet paper.

If you use even when it's thousands of toilet paper people should create toilets that can flush down all that paper or even paper towels what ever that goes in the toilet so people do not have to worry about the toilet being broken.

Like if a teacher in school is not fair and the students says "how come the other person does this why not me !" And the teacher says mind your business They would have machine in school will not say that on the screen the machine would say why on the screen and you can read what the machine screen says.

The machine would know exactly what you are thinking about and why this person is not fair or know why you are upset I would create something like that other people should create that also.

The machine would not speak out loud you could just read what the machine screen says when school is over people should press the button to turn the machines off and school is open teacher should turn the machines  on again.

Cell phones lets say if you what some one to be you friend and you do not know their phone number then cell should read in your mind who you want to be you're friend.

 And the cell phone would put there real phone number on  for you  and you can call them.

 You do not need to ask them all you have to do is think who you friend is and the cell phone will not lie.

 It would give you their real phone number your class mates phone number will pop on your phone screen and you could call them.