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Miscarriage is a horrble thing. It happens to some women because they can not hold the baby. They usually do not know before it's to late.

In the future Doctor and ER's will have a special machine that looks into the womens body to make sure they can hold there baby or not and before the woman gets pregnant they will have a pill called a mis carriage control that means so the woman can not get a miscarriage.

but The miscarriage control only works when you have sex and before the woman has her baby for example you can have sex and not get pregnant yet and that is the time you have to get miscarriage control and every woman has to take that so they can not have a miscarriage so they can have a healthy baby.

These days they do not know women are going to have a miscarriage but in the future they will tell you that you might get a miscarriage if you do not take the medicine becuase they will have special machines that will look very deep in the womans body and it can tell if the woman can hold the baby or not.

If they can not hold the baby the woman has to take a pill that will help her get pregnant and another pill so they can not get a miscarriage.

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