Monday, May 27, 2019

Macaroni and cheese

My own art soft ware

My own art software is called Mixed 2D and  3D is a 2D and 3D software. If you click on to 3D view you can only make your own 3D characters if you click on to 2d view you can only make you own 2D characters.

There will also will be this color wheel in the soft ware and is just has Red, Blue,White and Yellow but you can make your own colors on the software as well.

 For example click on red and blue and it will make purple and click on yellow and blue and it will make green or click on red,white and yellow and it will give you a human skin color.

also click on to red and yellow and you will get orange. And I will show you a picture. You can also make you own color wheel on this software by mixing the colors on this soft ware.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

More world map



Liquido is a planet out side of our solar system. It's a Planet I made up and Liquido is not made out of rock and it's not a gas giant ether its made of water.

Their is no gas or land on this planet just H20 every where.

This planet is about only 9 years old and they call it the very blue planet because it's just fill with water and no land. It's not like Earth. The Earths core is made out of rock.

Liquido's core is made out of liquid water. The life from's on that planet are similar to fish and they are called fisho's and the fisho's swim into liquido's core.

The water of this planet is infinity feet deep and it will take for ever to get to the ocean floor if you are trying to get down to the ocean floor in fact this planet does not have an ocean floor it's just a ball of water.

Liquido has a Blue sky just like Earth but at night it gets dark and This planet is just like Earth but instead it has no land just liquid water.

Sunday, May 19, 2019


Mansion Condo Apartment

In fantasy I live in this Mansion Condo Apartment. This building has bed rooms a pool,water park,park,Basket Ball court,Tennis court,Golf Court a kitchen,a Gym and a Dinning room. The Gym In the Mansion apartment has weights,treadmill, bar bell,dun bells and punching bags.

This Mansion Condo apartment is huge and it's only 5 years old in fantasy. The mansion apartment also has a base ball field and this huge living room. I am the creator and the ower of this Mansion Condo Apartment.

 Mansion Condo Apartment is a Mixer between a Mansion Condo and Apartment Motel and Hotel. I live with my cartoon characters and They do not have to pay me to live there because there may fantasy family and I create them.

But the cartoon that I do not create and they are on TV they have to pay me so they can live in this apartment. The Mansion Condo Apartment is this huge gold brick building.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Ethnic change

This story is about a Black girl name An and she wanted to be a white girl with blond hair and blues eyes so she took the pill and it changed her into a white girl.

Their was this white girl who wanted to be a black girl so she took that pill that An had and she turned into a black girl.

This is not based on a true story and if it was it can mess up you DNA and Blood and you could die from it because you not letting your body happen naturally.

This is a story I made up because it like black girls want to be white girls but they can not change their Ethnicity they just use chemicals to make their skin lighter which is not good for them ether it could damage their skin probably.

Changing your ethnicity will be cool in a way but bad because that is not the way God wanted to create you.