Sunday, January 14, 2018

Houses should be created different

All houses should be created different. If you put the heater on to 90 degrees the houses will get on fire or if you leave the oven on any house would get on fire.

 If you leave the oven on to long the house will explode.People should create ovens that can not explode and it has heat come out of the oven.

Or when the oven is on fire people should create this thing under the microwave like it has little wholes under it so the water can come out if the oven is under the microwave.

If it is not if the oven is under the cabinet the cabinet will have wholes under it and it can sprinkle water so the fire can stop. People should create a new way to make house if the house is 90 degrees you can put it up that high because the house would not get on fire that is how people should create houses.

Or if the microwave is plug in to the wall the machine will put water in side the microwave then the wholes on the side the water will come out and stop the fire the machine that is attached to the microwave with press the button on the side of the microwave then water will come out and it will stop the fire.

So oven should be created like it will make you food hot with out burning it it will cool down on it's own and the machines in the oven with get the food out for you when the food is ready finally the oven with cool down and turn off on it's own.

Like instead of vacuuming your own house people should create the thing the is on the wall it would be like an out let except it picks up dust what ever the is dust.

Another machine would have to press the button that is attached to the walls in the houses and how the thing work after the dust is in side the walls and your house does not have any dust any more the machine with blow out the dust and final the dust would be in the garbage now people houses would be cleaner in the future if people create that stuff.

Laundromats People do not have to put then in the machine instead the machine with have a tray the come out of the washer the the tray goes in the washer and the clothes are in and clean.

If the washier is done washing the clothes the washier tray will come out of the washer machine and put it in to the dryer and the dryer in the laundromat would go quicker like machine are getting quicker every year.

 Then After when the clothes are dry the machine that is attach to the wall will fold your clothes for you and people do not have to fold their own clothes.

 All people have to do is press the button for the machine that folds peoples clothes and for the automatic washers and driers in the laundromats.

They wont just have in in laundromats but inside your own houses to where your live. So if the lint basket is filled with lint it can get on fire. Maybe people should create dryers no matter how much lint is in the lint basket it will not get on fire.

Sun and The Moon woman or Man

In this Society they say that the Sun is The man and the moon she the woman they say that in yoga to.

But I believe Different I said to my uncle  that you "they say the sun is the man and the moons the woman" then He said "Yes".

I believe Really the moon is the man and the sun is the woman.

Because women need more heat then man the sun needs and has more heat then the moon because that is the way God made the sun and that is the way God made women they need more heat.

 I said that to my uncle He thinks that I was right That women should be the sun and man should be the moon. You know how women get their period they bled thought their pad not men.

Women get cold more they lose more iron then They turn on the heat Men say is too hot But women Think it's just fine too put the heater on.

Sunshine is a females name and the name moon that i search on the internet is more of a males name one of the books where called father sun and Mother moon But I say Mother sun and Father moon.

Most People write with their right hand than their left hand

Today I am Typing Most People write with their right hand more than their left hand.

People want to know why people are more right handed then left handed I Think I know the answer I know the answer because I learned science so I think in my mind.

People are more Right handed because their heart is on the left side so their right hand could protect their heart if someone Murder is trying to stab their heart so that is why most people are right handed or right with their right hand.

More people are also more right handed because mostly that is the way God made people some people are more left handed more because they write on it longer but if they write on both hands that is a gift for God but most people can not write with both hands but if a person writes with both hands they are A little more of a right handed writer usually.

Some people are left Haned because their left hand might be stronger is not always about strength some people are left handed because is the their Genetics or D.N.A.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Early Human History

Today will be talking about early human history. Humans a long time ago in B.C are not like humans now some scientist say humans looked like apes.

 First  humans were very short 1 foot 2 inches they possibly consider them self's average height also consider a person that is  5 feet is very tall back in the olden days.

 Than each year people got taller now in to 2015 the average height is five feet tall and nine feet is very tall.

 The first humans their backs where hunched not straight. Years after their backs were still hunch then after
their backs got straighter they had to walk on a stick years later People
used a bigger stick final their backs are  finally straight.

 9 billion years later in the future people will be like badge  color are be  9 feet tall. People say now that is tall and people can die when they are that tall in 9 billion years in the future it will be Different people will not die when they are 9 feet tall.

In 9 billion years in the later when people are nine feet tall they will say to them selves they are average height and say that if some one is five or six feet will be very short.

Like when one time I read in school those people looked like monkeys But now that might hurt peoples feelings really bad and also black people.

People are getting taller because females want to marries taller guys to become their boy friend or husband.

Earth 2.0

Today will be talking about Earth 2.0. I believe that Earth 2.0 is a better earth than this one has better air and more water they said the ocean floor will be to far much deeper than our ocean!

 Artist's impression of Kepler-186f in orbit around its M-class dwarf star.

Astronomers have announced the groundbreaking discovery of an Earth-sized exoplanet, called Kepler-186f, orbiting a star within its habitable zone.

 Although this is an exciting finding — and a historic one at that — calling this world “Earth-like” is a little premature.

In fact, Kepler-186f could be completely alien.

GALLERY: Top 10 Places To Find Alien Life
In 2011, Discovery News ran a series of articles predicting what scientific breakthroughs were most likely to occur in 2012.

 In my article “Big Question for 2012: Will We Find Earth 2.0?,”

I speculated that, some time in 2012, NASA’s Kepler space telescope would have had enough time to have detected.

 Its first bona fide Earth-sized exoplanet orbiting a sun-like star within the habitable zone — the region surrounding a star.

 Where water, on a rocky planetary surface, could exist in a liquid state. On Earth, where there's liquid water, there's life, so the quest to find liquid water on another world is key to our quest to find life elsewhere in the Universe.

Alas, although Kepler did indeed have enough time to gather orbital data for many small worlds with Earth-like dimensions around their host stars, that announcement didn’t come in 2012 (or in 2013) — although there were many near-misses.

People say are we going to find green aliens. Those people make aliens green because their just doing that for TV. No body knows what will other life forms would look like on other planets they could be any color they do not have to be green.

No life form on different planets will know how other life forms on other planet would really look like.

Earth in 5 billion years later

Today will be talking about Earth 5 billion years later.The Earth is a little over 4.5 billion years old, its oldest materials being 4.3 billion-year-old zircon crystals.

 Its earliest times were geologically violent, and it suffered constant bombardment from meteorites.

When this ended, the Earth cooled and its surface solidified to a crust - the first solid rocks.

 There were no continents as yet, just a global ocean peppered with small islands. Erosion, sedimentation and volcanic activity - possibly assisted by more meteor impacts - eventually created small proto-continents which grew until they reached roughly their current size 2.5 billion years ago.

 The continents have since repeatedly collided and been torn apart, so maps of Earth in the distant past are quite different to today's.

 The Science video says the Earth is going to crash in to the Sun The earth will not have
green grass blue water , sand , yellow sun,snow dirt,hills or mountains anymore it will be brown and a horrible place to live.

 Scientist discovered  a new earth called earth 2.0 they say that planet has green plants
carbon dioxide and air they also said it could have a lot of water.

 In my opinion it will happened cause last year the Sun was not as Bright is this year the earth is getting closer to the sun.

The Scientist say people will be under ground I do not think that is going to happen because rocket ships are get quicker every year now it might take every thousands of years to get to new planets.

 But in 9 billion years later people might make rocket ships get to new planet for every couple hours or even less.

Dates that we all now know or how cars are going quicker

Today will be talking about how cars are going quicker or the dates that we all know in slavery times.

 They did not have  computers or television also i pads and i pods in slavery times.

 They usually say  1809 or 1819 because scientist don't know exactly what that date was because people didn't have any technology back in the the olden days instead people had to think about what the date it was in theirs heads than figure it out next write it down on paper.

When the first people were on the planet earth they did not know what the date was at all.

 The first people had to use some thing else to keep track on what day it was like the sun dial.  Now people have a  lot more technology and electronics now.

 People say is 2015 but here's one thing they mite say it's 2015 because scientist mite say it's 2015 because they may have a type of computer that tells them the date so that's is why most people might know is the right date is 2015.

 But only God knows what date it is he could speak to us up in heaven what exactly were people were really born. We do not really know what the date it could be it could be 2001,1999,2007,2008,2006,2014,2009 or 2,000 also 2018 and 2019 it could be any date.

But in five Billion years or 9 billion years possibly the scientist say the earth is going to crash into the sun some scientist say that people will be dead others will say their probable be under ground.

 In my opinion I do not believe this I believe cars,trains,planes,boats,rocket,van or buses are going to  get a lot faster now,

 People who are in the rockets ship to go to a new planet it will take them every thousands of years to get to other planets.

 But in 9 billion years in my own opinion rockets will go a lot quicker but if people are going on the the rocket ship to get to the other planets it will probable take them every a couple of hours or couple or seconds to get to new planets.

Because Technology or electronics  go quicker for every day or every years.

 In 9 billion years in the future not just Earth will crash in to the Sun like Mercury or Venus scientist say that Mars will be kicked out of the solar system.

  But in 2006 Pluto was kicked out because it was to small.

 Now Mercury the smallest planet it's now Mercury is not kicked out of the Solar System probably because Mercury is closer to the sun and Pluto is to far away.
You know people made up the days of the week. Sun,Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday or Sunday you Saturday comes for the planet Saturn and Monday comes from the moon so to day is Monday is also Moon day so have a happy great and the bestest Moon day today or every Monday.

Sunday comes from the Sunday and it was named after the Sun and Monday was named after the Moon and Saturday was named after Saturn.

Weather in New york now!

Today will be talking about Weather in New York  when I was 9 years old in the summer it when up to 90 degrees some times 100 degrees in the state New York or New Jersey now in the summer in New york in New Jersey in the summer is more 70 or 80 degrees.

 Probably because people are using more electric cars,vans, trains mostly their more under ground and electric buses.

 That is Probably why that in the summer New York Or New Jersey are getting a  colder summer and winter I here in New York People are still using heaters.

 In New York City and Probably why the state New York is getting colder because people are more not using cars to dirty up the air also New York is getting like the olden days like hundreds of years ago.

New York is getting colder  Probably because  people are more respecting the planet.

 My opinion I don't want to live in New Jersey or New York because it's to cold in plus in the summer people still have their heaters a lot some times.

 In my opinion New Jersey and New York is one of the worst states to live in Alaska and Canada also other colder places like the north pole or South Pole.

 I never want to visit their because is  to freezing  Mane is also very cold and freezing their a lot colder than New Jersey or New York state.

 I rather live in Arizona or more Nevada because Arizona and Nevada is a much better place to live in my own opinion.

 Arizona and Nevada is the Best state of  this country in my own opinion I want to live in more Nevada a little more  than Arizona because Nevada has more sun shine their  And it's snowing a lot and freezing in the winter of New York City.

 I want to move to the tropical or the desert zone if New York, Alaska Mane,North Pole or The south pole is below 0 degrees  in my opinion  the good news is people are try more to respect the planet.

 the bad news is New York in the summer is  50 degrees and people are using a lot of heaters.

 That's  why I want to live in Nevada  when I was younger like 3 years old I love  to play in the snow a lot but now the snow is to cold it hardly ever  snows in Nevada always stays very hot but to hot  for me is like fire that is trillions of degrees or a lot more.