Thursday, June 29, 2023

Mother and Daughter time

Shalice and Daphne

New Moms

Miss. Rainbow holding her new born daughter Clemintine Sunny and Piper Holding her Son Jasper Manuel and The little names Minty Lemon,Blueberry ,Vannilla, Chocolate and Apple


Women in dress in Holly Wood


Tameka,Melina,Gina,Miley,Nancy and Shana

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Apple Slices


Sunday, June 25, 2023

Saturday, June 24, 2023



African flower

different colored Fruit growing and african painting


best 2-9 children at once


 Monaca and Lance with their 9 girls named Katelyn, Katie, Jen, Flicka, Templea, Franchechca, Emma, Emily and Cortnie.

Nequeesha and Shanes nine boys Fine, Phineas, Dill, Dillin, Shane Jr., Pete, Carl, Luthur, Zekey and Male

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Thursday, June 15, 2023

The Special Needs Street Monitors

 Street Monitors is a story I made up to make The world a better place. Street Monitors are allowed to tell kids not to paly with fire. In a house is on fire or someone broken into the house The Street Monitors will be there in 0 seconds.

Street Monitors have to be adults not kids because kids do not have to responsiblity and they more inmature and they might think life is a joke in plus they do not have enough life expericenece of what the real world is like.

Street Monitor also have to have to go to colloee so they can have patience with special needs kids or adults. If the police do not care if the adult or kid has special needs and The street monitor will arrest or fire the cops in a second.

If a kid or a adult is kidnapped or killed or even gone missing The police with say there is no evience if it was a black kid if it's a white kid there going to coming find them.

The street monitor can fire the cops quicker the the judge can and street monitors with say "I do not care if the child black or white we are going to find those kids that are missing!"

If a black kid goes Missing the street monitors will have special cameras to find them. 

They can't just let any one be street montior you have to be patient with special needs kids and you have to do what is fair and you can not be racist ether because if you racist and said their is no evidence for a black kid that is missing they will never be hired to be a Street Montior and Street Monitors have to read every thing about a person past and life because they want to make sure the you will be a good street monitor.

Street Monitors are more fair then the police because street monitor will get any body in trouble if they did someone wrong.

Because  Some Police if the white person and the black person both did exactly they same bad stuff the balck person with get more in trouble then the white person and that is not fair.

For example if a white person does some thing wrong and the black person did something wrong they will both be in trouble equally. Street Monitor do not care what color you are.

Street monitors also brak up street fights or kids fighting in the playing ground if their no adults to wath the kids and the is a Street monitors Job. I good Street Monitors doesn't punch crimminals like the police do instead they retrain crimals very hard with out hurting them or killing them.

If A Street Montior is a man the are only allowed to retrain males crimnals and if is a female Street Monitor they only only allowed to retrained only females if their out of control. Street Monitor are worried about whats right.

 because men all stronger than woman so of course the male street monitors will retrain a man because they need a strength for a man and a woman street woman will always retrain women because usally the women do not need a strength of a man. Never put a man and a woman together.

Because Police are not worried about whats right because male cop will retrain females if their out of control because the female cop my not be able. Or the female cop will have to retrain a male crimnial because the male cop might not always be able ether.

Street Montior Men and women Street Montior are always able. because they have no other job to do is watching the street.

Rebecca and Allie


Tuesday, June 13, 2023

The Flower Pots


 Rosalina ,Daisy,Violet,Rose, Strawberry,Blossom,Merigold,Lavander and Tulip

All Moms and daughters

Sabrina and Charlotte

Yo , Joyce,Dawn and Val

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Bady Brothers


Amir is 7 years old while Nasheer just turned 8. There last name is Vegos and There father Joe is in Jail because he was doing insult and battery to his wife named Imani Grands Vegos. Amir and Nasheer's mother Imani had drange hair and blue eye while their father has blond hair and blue eyes.

Amir's and Nasheer's Mother knew it was it safe for the boys to live with they father and their mom was a single mother trying her best to take care of her babies but she had no money left to take care of them.

 So Tasha Imani's sister came to help take care of Imani's sons since there where 12 months old.

Amir and Nasheer will probably live with their Aunt and Their Uncle named Isaiah until they are adults. There father is not a bad person he just has a bad temper.

So Nasheer and Amir want to be with there father and There Aunt said No. " Because your father is in Jail and he was beating up you mother pretty bad at one point so your mother had to get a retraing order and that is why you mom and dad are dirovced.