Friday, October 30, 2020

Why the some cartoon is 3d or 2d


This is a example SpongeBob is a 2D cartoon but they make him 3D in movie Because of the 3d camera but he was born as a 2D character.

Lets talk about Hiro Hamada and He started as a 3D character but that made him 2D in the show because of the 2D camera Hiro was born and naturally a 3D cartoon.

I love cartoons there in my fantasy life. The cartoon Tak from Tak and The Power of Juju or Fanboy and Chum They are born as 3D cartoon characters.

In my fantasy and story I made up is Why are some cartoon 3D or 2D People say The 2D cartoon is made with 2D objects and the 3D cartoon is made with 3D objects is more then that in my fantasy The 3D Cartoon has 3D DNA and Blood and The 2D cartoon has 2D DNA and Blood that is only if cartoons are a animal or a human they have DNA.

Zoom call for cartoons

  Zoom calls are great for if you have not see you parents in years. Maybe in the future I will have this software that will talk to you favorite cartoon characters.

 For example I like Hiro Hamada from Big Hero 6 or Tak from Tak and The Power Of Juju lets say I won't to talk to him the will animate the cartoon first the get who ever who does the voice of that character and final the cartoon will start talking to you like a real person will.

If they have that in the future and on the zoom call from different channel cartoons will talk to each other and talk to real person as well.

I would like the make that software one day but do not steal my ideas. Do not Steal my zoom thing! (c) Copyright 2016 Nzinga Lonstein Austin, All Rights Reserved.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Monday, October 19, 2020

What is the different between 1D to 10 D

 Well 1D is a dot or a line but 2D is more advance but the art is flat,3D is work with height width and depth.

Now people say we are in a 3D world But I do not think so because 3D looks like real life but we can not touch stuff we can not touch 3d art on the computer.

Now 4D I think is height width depth and sound. Now 5D is Probably Height width Depth and what you can touch or feel. I say we are probably more in a 5D world then a 3D world.

Now 6D,7D,8D,9D and 10 D people say its real but I believe people are just making stuff up and those dimensions do not exists.

You can believe every thing that you see on the internet like if some one put 1,000 D or infinity D now I know those would not exist because there will be too many dimension's first of all second of all it will be a to many dimension to figure out.

3d house