Sunday, April 30, 2017

Bathroom stuff

Toilets are created because  so people can go to the bath room and people create showers and sinks because to clean people and sinks are just a smaller place so people can clean there hands.

If you put much toilet paper in the toilet or paper towel it can break the toilet.

Maybe people should make toilets not break and the toilets can flush all that toilet paper our paper towel and that is how people should create toilets. People create toilets like people should not put paper tower and then flush the toilets.

In my opinion people should make towels that can flush down paper towel or a lot of toilet paper and people should also create toilets like it some one is 900 pounds or more the toilet can caring all that weight.

In my opinion those toilets that can carry all that weight should be in all building including emergency rooms.

And it hair goes in the sink or the shower it can clogged up the shower or the sink maybe people should create Toilets,sink or even showers and bath tubs can not be clogged up and those stuff in the bathroom should be made different.

Maybe people should create toilets like even if a person puts to much toilet paper in there the toilet will flush all of the toilet paper or paper down.

 This is my opinion how people should create toilets different form what they are not and toilets can not over flow and people do not have to use a plunger or get some else to plunge the toilet because toilets will be made different  in the future.

Also in the future there will be machine's inside of the toilets sinks and shower so those thing can not get broken.

And in my opinion the bathroom got it's name from so people clean clean them self's in the shower our clean them self's after they use the toilet. maybe people should create toilets that can not over flow and can flush down hundreds of toilet paper or paper towel.

Friday, April 28, 2017

My baby picture

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Furture machines

In my opinion future machines will be like this for example if there is yellow water or dirty water coming out of the shower people would not have to fix it because there will be out door machines that are good for this planet with fix the old pipes underground.

This is how machines will be in the future in my opinion because machines are getting more modern every year and people these days are trying to make any thing good for this planet.

Our microwaves will be healthy for people because microwaves with be made different and it will be like an oven if some on presses the oven button on the microwave.

And machines in side peoples house will read peoples mind and the in door machine with cook the food clean the dishes putting clothes in the washer and the drier and also try dishes.

The house machine will also any oven that opens by it self and the tray will come out on is own and put the food in after the food will come out of the oven and the oven will also cool down if people leave it on and the oven will not blow up.

Oven will cook the food very quick and it will take a second for the dinner to cook because ovens will be more modern.

Oven and the pan will be cool after the food comes out of the oven but the food with still be very hot and people can whole the hot food without the mites because pans will be made a lot different then these days . Ovens and microwaves will be automatic with out things getting on fire.

Lets say you are take out the trash it will be a thing that opens the doors and pushes the garbage can out of the door and after the garbage can will have to go on this thing next to the side walk that is like a scale except the people with have to press this i pad thing out side and press the button on the i pad screen where they want their trash to go.

If those people press the i pad the dumpster button on the screen the garbage will go to the dumpster and if people press another button in the i pad screen if they want their garbage can back the out door scale will being back the person trash can and the garbage can will have no garbage in it.

This is my opinion how machine will be like in the future and how people will like the out door machines to take the garbage out for them.

I heard that there are automatic shower these days it will be move popular in the future. And if people good to sleep and they just ate people should take this medicine even if people are sleeping the healthy medicine will make the food digesting and the medicine will make people live a lot longer.

Because I heard that if you just eat some thing then you good to sleep the food stays in your body and it will not digest the food it's better to eat food early in the day because your body is movie to make your food digest.

And plane cars and trains will all be moving on it's own and all the pilot has to do on the plane is press the button screen on where there want to go and the plane will fly safety with out crashing and the pilot can sleep because planes will be made different.

Our drivers of cars and trains will have to press the button screen on where they want to go and the car and train will start moving with out crashing and the drivers can sleep what ever they want because trains cars and buses will be made different.

Boats and Ships the captain will have to press the button screen on were they want to good and the ships and boats will not crash and the captain can sleep to because boats and ships will be made different.

And shower machine will clean for people if they can not clean them self for example lets say they are any were in there house the house machine with put those people in the shower and the shower machines will clean people and wash people hair finally the house machine can put people clothes on and the machine can put people to bed our what ever they want to go to in their house. 


Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Dolls have hair so girls can comb or brush them. Dolls can be use for washing hair to if it's a doll made out of plastic like a Barbie doll.

I use to see the Polly pocket commercial's and some of their hair changed color because people put chemicals in there hair to make them change colors.

Girls can braid dolls hair but if they want to cut it they can but these days it's not going to grow back maybe what people should do is put chemicals in the dolls hair like if a person cuts the dolls hair and after a year the dolls hair will grow.

Dolls should be make like this if a girl wants her dolls hair to grow again she can not put there hair but wait for years and all of the girls dolls hair will be long again but not long like Rapunzel but long enough down to the dolls feet people should make chemical that will make the all dolls hair grow in the whole planet.

This is how I would also like to create my own dolls and action figures and they paint for the dolls will not fade because it will be made for water I would like my own toys to be like the professional  toys on Television expect I would like them to be better made.

This is my opinion how future dolls will be and if your doll collection if it's also dolls that you create our other people create if  it's next to you bed and the house is on fire the bed covering medal thing with protect the dolls only if there is a fire and the bed will be make for fire or if their is an explosion the stuff will be all right because the stuff will be made for fire and it will cool down after an explosion happens.

Finally the girl can open the medal thing next to her bed after the fire and if she opens the medals thing her dolls will not be melted or now bodies toys will be melted if people create medal things over people toy collections next to their beds.

My photo when I was younger

This is my photo's when I was Younger 

Me at Pre-k

This is me at age 5 or 6

This is the picture that I was age 8

me a week ago

This is me today

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Hair and pool chemcials

When women get their hair straightened the chemicals in the straightener is bad for peoples hair that can break off the hair when it's dry.

Maybe people should create straighteners that the chemicals are good for women's hair and girls hair will not break off and their hair will get long.

People should also create straightening machines to be healthy and make peoples hair not dry until they need their hair washed again.

And people should also create those straighteners that if a women has naturally curly hair and new hair grows into they scalp it with grow out curl but the healthy chemical with make the new hair grow straight.

Also thoughts modern straighter should not burn peoples scalps in  fact people will never feel their hair is getting straightened after those people will see they hair is now straighten and done.

So people should make combs and brushes to un tangle people's hair and even if the person brushes to hair the hair will not came out only the hair that the person does no need and those women will still have long hair.

And there are hair brushes that are call detangling brush that is a brush that un tangles hair and the hair will not fall out people should make detangling brushes for dolls and the toys that people want to create one day.

Pool chlorine is bad for peoples hair and if people do not wash those pool chemicals out any body hair can fall out.

 People put pool chlorine in the pool because people germs will not get each other sick because any body has germs If there is no chlorine in the pool and one person is sick and other people can get very sick to.

Maybe people should make chlorine to get reed of germ and be good for peoples hair if some people want to have long hair and also people should put healthy chemicals that the chlorine can not eat people hair and people can wash there hair what ever they want.

What I mean by the Chlorine eat peoples hair is if people do not wash that chemical off their hair can all fall off.

Monday, April 24, 2017

African Locks

A lot of people do not like African Locks because it pops off like it falls out if the hair is to long that is one of the reason and another reason why is this society to.

It's very hard to take locks out and it take five people to get the lock out and you want you hair to still be long.

My these people should create this shampoo that if the person does not want to have dreads any more and still have long hair all they have to do is put the shampoo in their hair and final they will have no locks it will be like a big Afro that they want to get their hair straighten.

The shampoo our cream with have to be create to get the locks out and not to make the hair fall out at the same time if the person still wants to have no dreads and still wants very long hair.

If hair stalest make shampoos like cleaning peoples hair and unlocking peoples hair if they want to have long hair but no more dreads if people make shampoos like that no body will have to  complain of five people trying to get your locks out  because five people will not have to take your locks out any more.

All those people have to do is put a special kind of shampoo and a person put the shampoo on their hair to get your African dreads unlocked very easy also the own person can wash their hair by them self's and the shampoo will still get your locks out.

Straightening your hair is not good for the hair because it has chemicals that hair not good for black women hair.

Maybe people should make straighteners that have healthy chemicals that are good of Black women's hair.

And so they can straighten their hair what ever they want and Black women hair will get longer and longer it will not break off if people put chemicals in straighteners like that.

Just the some as white women it's not good to get they hair curly because they chemical in the curly thing is bad for their hair maybe people should make healthy chemicals that if a white or Asian women curly there hair it with be healthy because those hair curling things will be made different in the future.

And their should be Dread weaves to but these days people say if you have dreads and you get more dreads for weaves it will not look good maybe they should make those things look good on people dread locks for example if their Locks are short they can add more locks to make their hair look longer and look like a pretty hairstyle on any women's locks.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Food and which people live longer

We all need food and water to survive. But people buy more junk food in stories because it taste better and people but chemicals to make the food last longer.

It's not the healthiest that people can eat and maybe people should make those foods last longer and put healthy chemicals in the food and the food will still be healthy at the same time

So people that live longer are usually white people because they were not slaves at the time and black people were slaves and also these days white people have more health plans they eat healthier maybe because of there culture and they have better contacts  with doctor and white people also have more money because it has to do with this society.

My father spoke to me about that when I asked him.

But women live longer then men in my opinion because that is the way their bodies were created maybe it goes like this first white women live the longest then black women then white man and next black men.

I am not trying to be racist all I am trying to say is the society is like that and the society should be different.

And that black people can live as long as white people and the society will not care if people are black or white who ever that works the hardest will live in a mansion and get more money. This is how society will be in the future in my opinion and it will be a better place then it is know.

Like for example if black women look lighter on advertisement that has something to do with being racist and black people understand that more because they under stand how slavery is and they been treated like slaves.

And white people think that has nothing to do with racist like for example in churches they make Jesus as a white man in those pictures and not a black man. In the future white people will understand black people more and it has to do some thing with racist if they make another black person try to look white.

This is how the future will be in my opinion and people will not care what color people are and no one will be a little or very racist  because if they are they will get in trouble by the police and the government and the government will be always right in the future but not these days.


Friday, April 21, 2017

Machines in the future

Machines in the future will be in any bodies house in the whole planet to see if they are health our not. 

If peoples children are then they do not have to worry about if children are not health the machine will give the children medicine and make those children be healthy.

Scientist will make the machine that tells people if they are strong are not if people stand next to the machine in there house the machine screen will exactly say if the person is very weak our strong or even over weight.

People in the future do not have to go to doctors because the machines will know exactly and really why a girl vagina is itching for years or some thing else. House machines will be like people stand next to the machine.

For example if a woman wants to know she is the strongest woman on the planet the house machine will tell her yes if she is and how long she is really going to be the strongest woman on the planet.

House machines will also show people on which woman are man is the strongest on the planet or the weakest woman and man on the planet and the strongest and weakest babies and children on the planet to.

The house machine will also show any body how long they are really going to live because the house machines will look into peoples bodies and see what their DNA is. 

House machines will show any body how long they are going to live and the machine might say to some people you are really going to live up to 50 to 70 years and if those people are not alive any more the family member will have to take the person picture that already died in their family and the machine will show those people how their family member would  look like if they are still alive at the age of 120.

Scientist will also create like a TV screen that shows people in the future what really happened in the passed and what is going to really happen more in the future and also how long other planets and Earth are really going to last.

This is my opinion on how machines will be like thousands of years in the future and will be good for this planet to.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Things and humans in the future

This is my opinion how every thing will be in the future.

Cars will be good for this environment also rocket ships, planes or any kind of vehicles will be good for this planet and not of those things will pollute the air.

Also out door machines instead of people driving are walking to get a new can they can just type on the out side machine that is good for this planet and  people can type which car they want and the car will be in the factor first then a machine shoots cars down to the ground final the car will pop up from the ground because there are machines that will do that.

There will be machine that pop up under the ground and the car with be on to of the machine that is good for our planet pop up the ground for example it's not going to stay under ground there will be machines that make the cars pop up from the ground if people or machines put cars under the ground.

These days if a car goes under the ground then it stays under the ground unless people pull it out.

In the future people do not have to pull cars out of the ground all they have to do is use a under ground machine that pushes the car inside the dirt finally another machine will make the car pop out of the ground and out doors machines will wash cars for people and nobody has to go to a car wash because the out door machines that are good for this planet next to peoples houses will wash any bodies cars for them.

And people in the future will be a lot tallier and call them selves the last ethnic group created because ever one is be coming a mixer of different races.

And vacuum in the future will be like an out let except next to the vacuum out let any body in building and planets all over the planet will have to press the button next to the vacuum out let then the vacuum out lets suction with be so power it will suck up all the dust and  there will be other outlets the blows the dust out and the dust goes in the garbage can.

 Finally all of the out door machines that are slipper that is close to all side walks on the street will be good for this planet and will take the garbage to a dumpster. 

If a person get lost in space in the future the scientist will have more modern technology to know where those people are in space and the scientist will send another rocket ship that will go very fast and get people home to safety.  And scientist will know where the person is where they are really are in space because scientist will have more modern cameras on earth to so people were really know where people are if they get lost in space.

Also scientist will know if they is aliens or other life forms on other planets way out of our solar system our not because scientist will make more modern and very quick space camera's to see what is really out of our solar system.

And people in the future will be a lot taller like 9 feet but not a baby because they have to be small enough to get out of there mothers vagina and toddler's,babies or young children will be 2 feet or tall for there age and grow a lot quicker then people do these days.

  But as they get a lot older they will be 9 feet tall and it will not be to tall for people and the will not die for a while pretty much the will have a long life if the eat the right foods that is how people are going to be  in the future in these days that is too tall for a person.

And also in the future there will be soft ware on how long all planets and Earth is really going to last and on the soft ware it will tell any body the real number on how long planets and Earth is going to last.

People in the future will be a lot smarter than people these days because our ancestors that scientist say are not as smart as people in 2017.

This is my opinion how things will be like in the future like out door machine will be in the future not in these days.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Plane crashes

Planes crashes are not a good thing after a plane crashes it blows up and people die in the plane. It's the small planes that crash more because the are not as strong as the big planes. If a person flies a big plane it feels like it's going straight if you are riding a plane up in the sky.

If a pilot is flying a small plane some people say they ride on the plane the do not like the way the pilot is flying the plane and the small plane goes up and down into the sky it can not fly straight.

Like people can not be on there phones on a plane because to land safety but in the future people can call others on there phone because the technology will be more modern or planes will made made like if there is a bad weather it can still fly on it's own with out crashing and just fresh air will come out of the plane not stuff that is bad for our planet.

So planes will be like in the future good for the planet and if it crashes the air bags with come out of peoples seats and after the plane crashes it with not blow up and no one will die or get hurt because the airs bags and the padding on the plane when it crash will keep nobody hurt.

That is how people should create planes in the future and not just planes cars, boats, ships,buses or trains so if they crash the air bags will come out and nobody will die or get hurt and inside trains or cars will be more padded in the future and planes.

In the future plane crashes might be fun in the future because the air bags comes out and the plane will not explode and nobody will every die in a plane crash again. This is my opinion what planes would be like in the future and people in the future will try to explain to there children that people can die in a plane crash back in the 1800's or 2017.

For the people in the future that will be the olden days for them like 2017 or even way before that. And also people should even make rocket ships good for this environment.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Radios and comupters

Radios are a great way to listen to music. The first radio was invented in  1895 so that was like over hundreds of year ago.

I though that radio were created 20 years from now when I was younger because it look to modern to me that a radio will be created hundreds of years ago.

Radio are getting more modern every year and if people want to listen to there favorite songs over and over again they can not because that is how radio work they are not like CD's.

In the future in my opinion radios will be like if you want to listen to a song over and over your can hit the rewound button and it will play you favorite song and other people are not going to listen to your favorite songs over and over.

This is my opinion how the radios will be in the future if people want to listen to the same songs over and over in there car nobody else can hear it except them or if another person just want to let the radio play the music in there car they will just let it play until if they want to listen to the same songs the can always rewound or fast forward if they want to listen to a different song.

And the radio will know all the songs that are going to be on the radio in the future. Or if you want to hear your own song on the radio the radio will read your mind and send it to the people who work for the radio finally  if you hear your own song on the radio it will sound exactly like the song in your dreams.

This is how all radio will be in the future the radio will be like CD's except it's radios that work like CD's

Now lets talk about computer in the future people will make computer that will like the hot room and a cold room and also water proof.

A the computer will read you mind how you want your music video to sound like and the computer will put it on the internet for your if you want it there and your music video will look and sound exactly the same as you are dreaming.

And what I mean by the word you is any body not just one person. And the computer will code and copy right your own songs and video games and movie that you created in your mind.

 Lets say you feel asleep and you did not remember what you where dreaming about the computer will exactly show you want you where dreaming was really about it will put it on the internet if you want it to if you don't want it to it will be save on your computer.


Monday, April 17, 2017


Buses are great to get to places. But some buses when they are very old can over heat not just buses trains or cars to.

So if people drive a bus when it's too over heated it can get on fire. Maybe the engines are old too.

Even if the bus is new and the engines maybe some people did not make those buses as well as others.

 Or sometimes when the weather is warm it can get on fire to. Maybe people should create vehicles that even when the weather is too hot inside the bus will cool down and will not get over heated.

This is bad of our planet maybe people should create buses that can not over heat and it will not get on fire.

Or maybe those people that create buses can put a fan close to the engines or something that will spray ice cold water inside the bus so the bus can cool down and water will not come out of the bus it will be inside the bus that sprays water inside cars buses planes or even trains.

Thoose vehicles that can not be bad of the air those stuff will not be created until hundreds of years from now unless people make these stuff right now.

People should make out door machines that are good for this planet knock all the stuff down that is bad for our environment and the out door machine all over the planet will building things that are good for this planet.

Like the first cars where invented people who were driving the cars did not know cars were bad for this planet and people know these days because scientist create machine that will know that this stuff is good for our planet or not.

And rocket ships can be bad for our planet to because stuff comes out of it maybe scientist should create all rockets ship and other vehicles to be good for our planet.

Instead of bad stuff coming out of vehicles that are bad for this environment should made vehicles good for this environment  like air come our of the cars instead of fuels.

"So scientist you are doing a very good job making those things but speed it up a little more because it's getting hotter ever year !"

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Wigs and creating other stuff

Wigs are good for people they were them if they have no hair or if they are wearing a Halloween costume.

Wigs should be good for peoples skin if they are not that is a very bad things. Wigs were probably created with peoples real hair those people that create the wigs are sowing it to a machine finally people can have wigs to wear on their heads.

Wigs where created Ancient use. In Egyptian society men and women  had to clean shaven or close cropped hair of and finally wore wigs. The  Egyptians created the wigs to shield shaved, hairless heads from the heat of the sun.

Wigs should be water proof to for example lets say people have cancer and they are bald and if they are going swimming and people do not want to know they are bald the people who make the wigs that people can swim after those people that are bald can take the wig off at home.

I told my mother that and she said " there are water proof wigs but they are very expensive." Maybe people should make the water proof wigs cheap.

Or if stuff is cheap like heater it will not get on fire and people should create heaters like that weather the heaters are cheap or not.

If some thing is cheaper they are not made as well as the expensive stuff for example a real Barbie doll is more expensive then a fake one maybe it should be the other way around because some people are not rich and if they get some thing very cheap it will last longer.

People that work in stores should price the stuff that is made to last a longer time then other stuff and it's made stronger though stuff should be cheaper in may own opinion. 

And boxing gloves and helmets should be made for your skin to air out and protect your hands at the same time it will be like the boxing gloves people usually see expect there will be holes on the boxing gloves that it's to small for people to see it will be no holes are on MMA or boxing gloves.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Website in the future

Websites should be like if channels these days are not channels on TV any more or popular shows in 2017 are not on TV any more in the future.

People will create this website that says old movies and channel . com. And if people did not know what channels there were they can type these website and see what were the channels and TV show and Popular movie were.

For example Sesame Street is the popular TV and if it's not on the internet or TV any more it would be on this website called old show and channel . com that website will be popular and some not popular and not been as television as long as the other ones.

Also if people in the future want to see the show they can click on the episodes on there computer and read how long has this show been on TV for example if I says on that website the first episode aired in 2,000 and there last air was 2,009. If those people in the future want to know what the old shows and the old channel where on TV they can always go to that website.

That is how the website would be like in the future hundreds of years from now in my opinion. And soft ware that we use now in hundreds of years in the future soft ware will be more modern and people in the future will have to type old soft ware so they can know what people use to use for software.

Our in the future if people have new video games those people will have to look on old and it will show all of the channel, TV show, movies, soft ware, video games, and Blogs that people use to have if it's in the future our descendants will have to see all of the blogs and stuff that use to have on Google on peoples computer back in 2017 that is what the future people will think.

If they go on that website old technology and channels . com the modern computer will have a list in alphabetical order including movies TV show and Blogs weather they where popular or not.

And apps will not be the same there will be no Google and Youtube or Yahoo it will be similar to those on people computers except those things will be a lot more modern then now.

There will also be things similar to computers but those machine will be a lot faster then computers and if you go on a site you do not know it will not pop up other windows on your computer or it will not crush if some one tries to crash some else computer.

The modern computer might show people hundreds of years in the future how computers looked like when they where first created and these days.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Furture soft ware and were peoples songs really came from

Future soft ware should be like after a person dies the computer can record what the persons imagination was and how they want their music video to be. First those people will have to day dream how they want there music video to sound.

Then when the person is dieing the computers will record the persons imagination next their parent will put it on the internet final it will be on the internet. And those people who already died can be famous for that to

 Also in my opinion computers will be like when a person first dies the under ground cameras that is good for this planet will so people what the dead people are really saying and those people can put it online very easy.

I would like for people to make computers and soft wares like that if the person dies and people can show other how heaven really looks like because those people have cameras to see what those dead people see for real.

If people have soft ware like that people will hear God's voice and they will know how God really looks like if people are still alive on earth. Skype in my opinion with be like if your alive on earth people will make these space stuff to talk to your family who are already in heaven.

The Skype should be if any body is still alive on earth people will hear people in heaven out loud with there eye and see how they really look like in heaven.

So this is how Skype will be in the future and the computers and soft wares will be like that in the future to.

And in my opinion what ever song a person dreams about and they sing it or they made it up in there mind that is God's songs and he puts them into people minds and dream when they are dream God does that to any body that wants to be famous.

The internet might say this person sings those songs but it's God's songs that he lets people use them on earth put all songs that you hear on the radio or CD's those songs came from God first  then puts it into people imaginations and make those thing into songs. That is the way I believe.

Monday, April 10, 2017

How cartoons characters know each other

They do not have to just be on the same show the cartoons characters have to be on the same channel for Example one Character is on one show and the other is on another show those characters will know each other because they are on the same channel.

If cartoons are on different channels they will not know each other unless the same person created them for example Lets say my cartoon Hamish is on Nickelodeon and Mona is on Disney channel They will still know each other even they are on the different channels because the same person who created those cartoon characters is me.

If cartoons are on different channels they do not know each other unless the same person that created those cartoon characters to be on different shows and channels.

Fantasy real work for example some cartoon characters will know Victor exist but they do not not his  name same cartoon characters will know his name and some cartoon characters will not know that boy ever exist are was born in fantasy.

First Real people were born in fantasy 6 millions years after the are born in real life that is how God created people and this universe to be. I think fantasy land exist to some extent because every thing had to started in fantasy before it became a real thing.

Realistic spirits is when God shows people how cartoons will look like 6 million years after and they will look like a real person Realistic spirits are not in fantasy any more they are just in the Realistic spirit world.

All real people use to be in fantasy first then 6 million years after they become real people. These is real how fantasy works in my opinion do not go buy what TV says because they are not always true those people do not feel nothing about God I felt something that I know this stuff because I figured it out on my own most people do not think own their own in my opinion they just read.

Like people read in the bible that God knew any body before there parents knew them first he had to created your parents then who ever who is younger then there parents final any body will have a real big family on Earth.

See I did not read this I figured it out on my own and people say "Your Correct." I am good at figuring out stuff on my own.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Do Fantasy and Realtiy Mix ?

God was in his own Fantasy first and 6 million years after he became a real person. If God was not in his imagination that means the universe will be just be pitch black. I think Imagination and reality does mix because every has to start as an imagination to become a real thing.

Some people say Fantasy and reality does not mix." That is not true you guys might of seen my older post if you did not click on to the old post on the bottom of you computer scene It's the post that say every thing in God's Mind that is the title of the post is called.

If you want more information our understand more you guy have to read very slow on that post on my blog so you can really understand.

I believe that God created him self then 6 million years after that he created the earth and the other planets to become real. Imagination Land did not come out of no where is was God who created imagination first then people had imagination.

Then dinosaurs where in God's mind 6 million years after that the dinosaurs became real then God drew in his mind our ancestors 6 million years after the first humans and our ancestor became a real thing Finally God's drew How he wanted your parent to look like first then any body that is younger then there parents.

6 million years after God created the ancestors descendants to become real people and it's going to continue first our descendant's in 2017 is in God's mind 6 million years after the will become real people.

The Adam and Eve story first they where in God's imagination then 6 million years after the we real people as new born babies in heaven finally started as adults on earth.

Lets say you are creating a cartoon character God will help real people how they want there cartoon to look like cartoons are not in Imagination land that long if they are 0-100 years old or more in fantasy that is how long those cartoons would be in God's Mind.

Real people might not been on TV longer then cartoons but all real people where in God's imagination a lot longer then all cartoon characters

6 million years after cartoon characters will became realistic spirits that means God might show all people how cartoon characters will look like life they where a real person.

Friday, April 7, 2017

How I want my own toys to look like

I would like my own action figures and dolls to have hair so you can brush wash and braid.

I would like to show people which of my toy I would like to have hair and the toys that I do not want to have any hair.

First I draw my drawings How I want them to look then I would Like to to to school with nice teachers that are nice to special needs children and show them how to create they own toys on there own.

I would like my toys to be make like the toys head piece is attach to the dolls neck then I put the dolls head on is neck.

I would like the doll head piece to be attach to the dolls neck because if the doll neck piece is not attach to the dolls neck it will break easier if the toy gets to old.

I would Like my on toys to be even if a person plays to rough with my own toys that I create it will not be easier to break it but if those boys rip there heads off they can always put there head back on without an adult helping them.

I would like my toys even if people are brushing there hair to hard the hair will not come out. I would Like all of my toys to have hair you can brush.

I do not want my dolls to have hair that people can not comb and the hair is just plastic I do not want any of my toys to be made like that. I would also like to make my toys some shorter then Pocket Pocket dolls and some of them the same size as barbie dolls and bigger then barbie dolls.

I would like my own toys that I created to last a lot longer then Barbie dolls and the action figures that people see on TV know.

Then my own toys will be more popular then Barbie dolls after when I die I would like my great grand children or descendants to make they own toys the same way that I created them except I would like them to be diffident characters not the same characters that I created.

I would like my own toys if a created them to feel like those famous toys like Barbies and action figure except put a health chemical that children can not die from in them like if there is a fire the doll will not get hot or burned. And children can play with them all day

If I ever make Toys on my own I would Like to sell them to people all over the planet and keep 20-40 of them or even more of my own that I created so I can play with them some times. I would also sewing machine so I can make clothes for my own toys and another machine that will put the dolls hair on for me and the dolls hair will not fall out.

I want some Of my toys to have Long down to there feet and medium hair length down to there neck or there shoulders or short hair or even bald 

I would Like my toys to fell like the real barbie dolls with the hard plastic I do not want then to feel like the fake barbie dolls with the soft plastic. I want my toys to be Mattel toys the company that owns real toys that last longer I don not want my own toys to be Knock offs.

I would like my own toys that a create to be made in China and I would like a person in English to read this because they would understand what I am saying and if they speak in Chinese to They will speak to the people in Chinese How my drawings are and how I want my toys to be created.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Cartoons acting in fantasy

Cartoons are really acting in fantasy not in real life because if they are acting in real life people will see them in front of the camera in real life.

 But Cartoons are really acting in fantasy and  first the camera's are in fantasy then they film in imagination land final cartoons are on TV and real people see how fantasy looks like.

 Lets say people see a cartoon acting in fantasy a car fell on them then they are alive again on Earth.

The cartoon character's use a robot that looks a lot like them and does not look like a robot. If a car really fell on a cartoon character the will die.

Or if cartoons body parts fall off for example lets say Bessie from The Mighty B on Nickelodeon body parts fall off of her that is not the real Bessie that is a Toy of Bessie and the real Bessie can not do that.

No Cartoon character body parts fall off of them for no reason only a toy that looks a lot like them can to that or a toy bot it's half toy half robot.

All Cartoon characters are made to be like people. Like for example if some one cut there head off they can not grow another one it's just like a real person that's acting in real life if some else cuts they head off they will not grow another one.

All cartoon characters body parts are attached to them. They will not grow other hands if another cartoon character cut they arms off.

Like for example lets say another cartoon character can pop SpongeBob arms off of pull his arm all over the planet or if SpongeBob get bigger soaking up water  that is the toy bot of SpongeBob.

The real alive SpongeBob can not do all those things and if he lands on some thing he whole body can not make a squeaky noise another the toy bot off SpongeBob can do that.

Like for example Clyde McBride from The Loud House.

 If his has a crush on a girl his bleeds from his nose Clyde is not really doing that is his fake blood.

If he is really doing that and real blood is coming out he would have to go to the hospital on time if he does not he can die.

Like Lincoln and Clyde played best friends on The Loud House Show that they are acting in fantasy those boys are really coworkers in there reality.

Any cartoon Animal that walks on two legs have a lot from human blood in them according to the fantasy scientist and law.

Lets say talking cars and trains or planes in Fantasy they are not really talking.

 For example is like human cartoons are building those trains to talk next the real people visit in fantasy land and do the voice of those cars and trains and.

 The cartoon humans help them final the movie Planes and Cars can start in fantasy then people in real life can see the movie in the movie theater what they do in fantasy.

Or if a talking backpack,table ,clothes, or chairs, and food.

Those are not real clothes that cartoons can wear or real tables that cartoons can sit on or real food that cartoons can eats those are all machines of those stuff in fantasy land.

Fantasy is all cartoons reality but if they become real people or a realistic spirit heaven or the real Earth will be their reality.

Like for example lets say if real people visit in fantasy and they saw two cartoon characters fight some people will know there names.

 Some people will not know there name or even some people might not even know those cartoon characters exist in fantasy because they never seen there show that happens to be filmed in fantasy.

And people have to watch the show in reality to know if those cartoon character's exist or even born in fantasy or not.

I am going to let my own cartoons that I create having Acting classes and Film in fantasy land and people in reality will see my cartoons acting in fantasy when those real people are watching them in fantasy.