Friday, April 21, 2017

Machines in the future

Machines in the future will be in any bodies house in the whole planet to see if they are health our not. 

If peoples children are then they do not have to worry about if children are not health the machine will give the children medicine and make those children be healthy.

Scientist will make the machine that tells people if they are strong are not if people stand next to the machine in there house the machine screen will exactly say if the person is very weak our strong or even over weight.

People in the future do not have to go to doctors because the machines will know exactly and really why a girl vagina is itching for years or some thing else. House machines will be like people stand next to the machine.

For example if a woman wants to know she is the strongest woman on the planet the house machine will tell her yes if she is and how long she is really going to be the strongest woman on the planet.

House machines will also show people on which woman are man is the strongest on the planet or the weakest woman and man on the planet and the strongest and weakest babies and children on the planet to.

The house machine will also show any body how long they are really going to live because the house machines will look into peoples bodies and see what their DNA is. 

House machines will show any body how long they are going to live and the machine might say to some people you are really going to live up to 50 to 70 years and if those people are not alive any more the family member will have to take the person picture that already died in their family and the machine will show those people how their family member would  look like if they are still alive at the age of 120.

Scientist will also create like a TV screen that shows people in the future what really happened in the passed and what is going to really happen more in the future and also how long other planets and Earth are really going to last.

This is my opinion on how machines will be like thousands of years in the future and will be good for this planet to.

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