Monday, April 17, 2017


Buses are great to get to places. But some buses when they are very old can over heat not just buses trains or cars to.

So if people drive a bus when it's too over heated it can get on fire. Maybe the engines are old too.

Even if the bus is new and the engines maybe some people did not make those buses as well as others.

 Or sometimes when the weather is warm it can get on fire to. Maybe people should create vehicles that even when the weather is too hot inside the bus will cool down and will not get over heated.

This is bad of our planet maybe people should create buses that can not over heat and it will not get on fire.

Or maybe those people that create buses can put a fan close to the engines or something that will spray ice cold water inside the bus so the bus can cool down and water will not come out of the bus it will be inside the bus that sprays water inside cars buses planes or even trains.

Thoose vehicles that can not be bad of the air those stuff will not be created until hundreds of years from now unless people make these stuff right now.

People should make out door machines that are good for this planet knock all the stuff down that is bad for our environment and the out door machine all over the planet will building things that are good for this planet.

Like the first cars where invented people who were driving the cars did not know cars were bad for this planet and people know these days because scientist create machine that will know that this stuff is good for our planet or not.

And rocket ships can be bad for our planet to because stuff comes out of it maybe scientist should create all rockets ship and other vehicles to be good for our planet.

Instead of bad stuff coming out of vehicles that are bad for this environment should made vehicles good for this environment  like air come our of the cars instead of fuels.

"So scientist you are doing a very good job making those things but speed it up a little more because it's getting hotter ever year !"

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