Sunday, April 9, 2017

Do Fantasy and Realtiy Mix ?

God was in his own Fantasy first and 6 million years after he became a real person. If God was not in his imagination that means the universe will be just be pitch black. I think Imagination and reality does mix because every has to start as an imagination to become a real thing.

Some people say Fantasy and reality does not mix." That is not true you guys might of seen my older post if you did not click on to the old post on the bottom of you computer scene It's the post that say every thing in God's Mind that is the title of the post is called.

If you want more information our understand more you guy have to read very slow on that post on my blog so you can really understand.

I believe that God created him self then 6 million years after that he created the earth and the other planets to become real. Imagination Land did not come out of no where is was God who created imagination first then people had imagination.

Then dinosaurs where in God's mind 6 million years after that the dinosaurs became real then God drew in his mind our ancestors 6 million years after the first humans and our ancestor became a real thing Finally God's drew How he wanted your parent to look like first then any body that is younger then there parents.

6 million years after God created the ancestors descendants to become real people and it's going to continue first our descendant's in 2017 is in God's mind 6 million years after the will become real people.

The Adam and Eve story first they where in God's imagination then 6 million years after the we real people as new born babies in heaven finally started as adults on earth.

Lets say you are creating a cartoon character God will help real people how they want there cartoon to look like cartoons are not in Imagination land that long if they are 0-100 years old or more in fantasy that is how long those cartoons would be in God's Mind.

Real people might not been on TV longer then cartoons but all real people where in God's imagination a lot longer then all cartoon characters

6 million years after cartoon characters will became realistic spirits that means God might show all people how cartoon characters will look like life they where a real person.

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