Monday, April 24, 2017

African Locks

A lot of people do not like African Locks because it pops off like it falls out if the hair is to long that is one of the reason and another reason why is this society to.

It's very hard to take locks out and it take five people to get the lock out and you want you hair to still be long.

My these people should create this shampoo that if the person does not want to have dreads any more and still have long hair all they have to do is put the shampoo in their hair and final they will have no locks it will be like a big Afro that they want to get their hair straighten.

The shampoo our cream with have to be create to get the locks out and not to make the hair fall out at the same time if the person still wants to have no dreads and still wants very long hair.

If hair stalest make shampoos like cleaning peoples hair and unlocking peoples hair if they want to have long hair but no more dreads if people make shampoos like that no body will have to  complain of five people trying to get your locks out  because five people will not have to take your locks out any more.

All those people have to do is put a special kind of shampoo and a person put the shampoo on their hair to get your African dreads unlocked very easy also the own person can wash their hair by them self's and the shampoo will still get your locks out.

Straightening your hair is not good for the hair because it has chemicals that hair not good for black women hair.

Maybe people should make straighteners that have healthy chemicals that are good of Black women's hair.

And so they can straighten their hair what ever they want and Black women hair will get longer and longer it will not break off if people put chemicals in straighteners like that.

Just the some as white women it's not good to get they hair curly because they chemical in the curly thing is bad for their hair maybe people should make healthy chemicals that if a white or Asian women curly there hair it with be healthy because those hair curling things will be made different in the future.

And their should be Dread weaves to but these days people say if you have dreads and you get more dreads for weaves it will not look good maybe they should make those things look good on people dread locks for example if their Locks are short they can add more locks to make their hair look longer and look like a pretty hairstyle on any women's locks.

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