Thursday, April 27, 2017

Furture machines

In my opinion future machines will be like this for example if there is yellow water or dirty water coming out of the shower people would not have to fix it because there will be out door machines that are good for this planet with fix the old pipes underground.

This is how machines will be in the future in my opinion because machines are getting more modern every year and people these days are trying to make any thing good for this planet.

Our microwaves will be healthy for people because microwaves with be made different and it will be like an oven if some on presses the oven button on the microwave.

And machines in side peoples house will read peoples mind and the in door machine with cook the food clean the dishes putting clothes in the washer and the drier and also try dishes.

The house machine will also any oven that opens by it self and the tray will come out on is own and put the food in after the food will come out of the oven and the oven will also cool down if people leave it on and the oven will not blow up.

Oven will cook the food very quick and it will take a second for the dinner to cook because ovens will be more modern.

Oven and the pan will be cool after the food comes out of the oven but the food with still be very hot and people can whole the hot food without the mites because pans will be made a lot different then these days . Ovens and microwaves will be automatic with out things getting on fire.

Lets say you are take out the trash it will be a thing that opens the doors and pushes the garbage can out of the door and after the garbage can will have to go on this thing next to the side walk that is like a scale except the people with have to press this i pad thing out side and press the button on the i pad screen where they want their trash to go.

If those people press the i pad the dumpster button on the screen the garbage will go to the dumpster and if people press another button in the i pad screen if they want their garbage can back the out door scale will being back the person trash can and the garbage can will have no garbage in it.

This is my opinion how machine will be like in the future and how people will like the out door machines to take the garbage out for them.

I heard that there are automatic shower these days it will be move popular in the future. And if people good to sleep and they just ate people should take this medicine even if people are sleeping the healthy medicine will make the food digesting and the medicine will make people live a lot longer.

Because I heard that if you just eat some thing then you good to sleep the food stays in your body and it will not digest the food it's better to eat food early in the day because your body is movie to make your food digest.

And plane cars and trains will all be moving on it's own and all the pilot has to do on the plane is press the button screen on where there want to go and the plane will fly safety with out crashing and the pilot can sleep because planes will be made different.

Our drivers of cars and trains will have to press the button screen on where they want to go and the car and train will start moving with out crashing and the drivers can sleep what ever they want because trains cars and buses will be made different.

Boats and Ships the captain will have to press the button screen on were they want to good and the ships and boats will not crash and the captain can sleep to because boats and ships will be made different.

And shower machine will clean for people if they can not clean them self for example lets say they are any were in there house the house machine with put those people in the shower and the shower machines will clean people and wash people hair finally the house machine can put people clothes on and the machine can put people to bed our what ever they want to go to in their house. 


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