Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Plane crashes

Planes crashes are not a good thing after a plane crashes it blows up and people die in the plane. It's the small planes that crash more because the are not as strong as the big planes. If a person flies a big plane it feels like it's going straight if you are riding a plane up in the sky.

If a pilot is flying a small plane some people say they ride on the plane the do not like the way the pilot is flying the plane and the small plane goes up and down into the sky it can not fly straight.

Like people can not be on there phones on a plane because to land safety but in the future people can call others on there phone because the technology will be more modern or planes will made made like if there is a bad weather it can still fly on it's own with out crashing and just fresh air will come out of the plane not stuff that is bad for our planet.

So planes will be like in the future good for the planet and if it crashes the air bags with come out of peoples seats and after the plane crashes it with not blow up and no one will die or get hurt because the airs bags and the padding on the plane when it crash will keep nobody hurt.

That is how people should create planes in the future and not just planes cars, boats, ships,buses or trains so if they crash the air bags will come out and nobody will die or get hurt and inside trains or cars will be more padded in the future and planes.

In the future plane crashes might be fun in the future because the air bags comes out and the plane will not explode and nobody will every die in a plane crash again. This is my opinion what planes would be like in the future and people in the future will try to explain to there children that people can die in a plane crash back in the 1800's or 2017.

For the people in the future that will be the olden days for them like 2017 or even way before that. And also people should even make rocket ships good for this environment.

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