Thursday, May 31, 2018

My tigar 3d shapes

Do not Steal my and my Cartoons! (c) Copyright 2016 Nzinga Lonstein Austin, All Reserved.

Tiger box

 Tiger cylinder pill

Tiger Cylinder

Tiger ball

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

In the future

Hundreds of years in the future this is my opinion what will happen.

 Well lets say if you want you know how old each vehicle or each house is the outdoor machine with tell any body.

For example Lets say you ask some body "how old is this car?" and if they say " I don't know."

The out door machines will really tell you how old the car is.

Out doors machines will tell any body how old really ever building is and ever vehicle is. So  these calendar days if a New Comes you have to get more calendar's.

 For example this year is 2018 so we have a 2018 calendar and next year people have to buy a 2019 calendar.

Calendar's hundreds of years in the future people will not have to keep on buying calendars instead calendar's will be like a TV screen Attached to the wall and for example lets say is was 2200 and the TV screen calendar says the date is 2200 and if it's not 2200 any more the TV calendar will change the date to 2201.

So people do not have to buy paper calendar's ever year. Machines will cut the grass for us and indoor machines will clean up the hold house and clean clothes and taking out the trash.

Ovens will me automatic in the future for example these days we have to open the oven and pill out the tray inside of the oven then we have to put the food in the over.

Ovens hundreds of years in the future will open automatically and the tray in side the oven will come out and the machines will put in the oven for people and take it out of the oven for people.

Also lets say you want to have a camp fire in the future the outdoor machine will make any bodys a camp fire.

 And lets say you want to roast marshmallows you do not need to use a stick the machines will roast anybody's marshmallow for them and if the marshmallows on fire the blow machine will blow the fire and the fire will go away.

Let say you want to clean the stove machines with clean you stove and if you want to make smore's the stove machine with roast your marshmallows and if the marshmallow is on fire the stove machine will blow on the fire and the fire will go away.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The software I used

I used the Blender soft ware in school and I tried to down load them to my computer put the picture in blender did not open.

 So I asked my father first I went to G mail then I I put in my email address and my password and final I see the stuff that I had send.

Monday, May 28, 2018

My art work of people surfing and fishes

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 Brenna Surfing

AJ Surfing 

 Lewis Surfing

My drawings of men and a woman singing

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 Alec and Andrew

Craig and Bruno

Pearl Yaca singing

Sunday, May 27, 2018

My cylinders

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 Desert Cylinder pill

desert Cylinder

Friday, May 25, 2018

My art work in cubes

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Rubix Cube

Red,White and blue cube

My Art of 3d shapes

Do not Steal my and my Cartoons! (c) Copyright 2016 Nzinga Lonstein Austin, All Reserved.

Bumble be ball

Bumble Bee Clynder

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Potty's and Toilets

Potty's are like a toilet that people age three can use they can learn how to go to the bathroom. One thing Potty's do not flush.

 After when a child is going to the bathroom the mother picks it up and puts it in the toilet and they clean the potty.

Children use that before they use the real adult toilet.

 Well in the future scientist will make all potty's flush and it will look like the real adult toilet but it will be smaller they should have potty's like that in every building because some people have toddlers.

 Porta Potty doors will open automatically as well because scientist will create that in the future that is my opinion what will happened in the future.

Porta Potty's are an out side bathroom and the toilets can not flush and you can not wash you hands maybe people should make Porta Potty's so any body can flush and also people can wash they hands and the Porta potty will make more clean soap. The Porta Potty  will also make more toilet paper and paper towel. All porta potty's will be like that in the future.

Porta Potty's toilets will flush automatically and also Potty's the toddler's use will flush automatically to. 

The out door machine will fix the Potty and clean the Porta Potty. In the future they with be machine that will clean all toilet and Potty's.

Also if a person is 1,000-3,000 pounds Porta Pottys and Toilet will Be able to carry all of that weight and the toilets can not break because it can carry all of that weight they should have this toilet in every house and hospital.

People that are 3,000 pound have to use a frying pan to go to the bathroom that is gross. So they do not have to do that because toilets will be made to carry all of that weight.

Mobile Homes or Trailers and air plane or even Helicopters with bathrooms  should also have toilets that can carry 1,000-3,000 pounds and the machines in the in the mobile home and the trailer bathroom with clean the toilets and every thing in the bathroom.

Also people can go to the bathroom if the mobile home or the trailers is moving because people will use something in the vehicles to keep any body balance.

Lets say a toilets is over flowing because you put to much stuff in the toilet maybe in the future will clean up the bathroom floor very good if it has toilet water in the floor. Also bathroom machines will plunge toilets for people.

Maybe people should make toilets like even if you out too much stuff in the toilet no toilet can over flow because all toilets can flush all off that stuff down the toilet.

Monday, May 21, 2018

My art of The Montho's and The Seasono's

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October,February,November,December,August,April and March

June,July and September

Winter,Spring,Summer and Autumn

 Bull Dog

Sunday, May 20, 2018

My art of a Zebra

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 Black and White Back round

Saturday, May 19, 2018

My art of guy Skate Boarding

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 Alec Skate Boarding

The Snow Family younger

The Snow Family Now

Casandra and Luan

LeNay Daniels the Bikini girl

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Black Belt in MMA

This is what my father said "First everybody was a white belt and the belts were all white and people use to fight in the grounds and the dirt and soil made the belt Black or dark brown." That is how the black belt in MMA ever existed.

My dads said " Just because a person is a black belt does not mean there good in MMA".

 They can be a black Belt in  taekwondo they might know be so good in another martial art. Well my uncle does not like Taewondo.

That is because taewondo is more high kicks and if the person that takes taewondo the other person can easily grab there foot and The person that takes taewondo might have a hard time to move or they might lose there balance.

Black Belt means how hard you try and in the olden day all of the Martial arts bands were white and when people started practicing Martial arts and if they sweat and they belt is cover in dirt that is what made the belts black.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Rainbow cookies

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Lewis surfing

 Max Tikey Guy



Monday, May 14, 2018

2D and 3D software

If you want to make your own software you have to know a lot of cording and you have to look into the HTML.

First you have to some cording in one day you can not do it all in one day after that you will be cording stuff a lot.

Well that is how software's are made these days in the future people will go on to then They create they own software without cording then they type in what they what there software to be called or How they what the Software ware to look like.

I would Like to make a software like that and it with be any art software it will be very easy to make your own 3D and 2D cartoon Characters and My Software is going to be called 2D/3D Software art music back round animation.

It's a 2 D and 3 D software if you click on the button to 2D mode you can only create 2D characters and draw every thing in 2D but if you click on to 3D Mode you can make you own 3D characters and draw everything that is 3D. You can drawing New York City and Las Vegas in 3D by your self. It's like but a lot more advance.

The Software is created by  Rick Brewster. My software is a mixer of and 3D Daz and the creator of 3D Daz is Dan Farr he is also the founder.

 They software with have shapes so you can make perfect circle,triangles and square and if you click on the straight line it will make a straight line on the computer.

For example if you click on the color pink then your line will be pink but the line will be like that to on this software I am making.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Your Voice

Your Voice comes from your voice box also called Larynx.

 Boys have deeper voices than girls when boys get older the  lyrics gets bigger and there vocals cords get longer.

 False Vocal cords protect the true vocal cords there like the body guards of the true vocal cords.

The false vocal are muscular  there not use usually unless if you grunt or scream. False vocal cords if you lose them and if you have surgery to re move all parts of them don't worry they will grow back.

Well most people have average voices most people do not have wide ranges wide range is you can sing high and deep notes. My fathers friend is a music teacher and she said "Women with high voices do not have a wide range and women with medium voice it depends on the person. Women with deep voice have the wide ranges."

The reason why women with deep voices have wide ranges is because you know when people are on a  trampoline or a bouncy castle they jump high up to the air and the down back down my dads friend said some thing like that I do not remember what she exactly said. Women with deep voice can hit the deeper notes better.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

My art work of the Wolffman and witches and warlocks

Do not Steal my and my Cartoons! (c) Copyright 2016 Nzinga Lonstein Austin, All Reserved.

Witches of the North and south and Warlocks of the east south and north

Female Lion

Jordan dressed as a Barbie doll

Thursday, May 10, 2018

You Body Parts

Well everybody has to be careful on there body parts.

 Lets say you like listening to music and you have it on to loud that can damage you ear drum or you hearing and you can not hear any thing you might became deaf.

Some people are born deaf probably because of air pollution or maybe the parent do not eat healthy.

 Lets say you have head phones and you have the music on to loud that can damage your hearing. Or lets say you have to computer in front of you and you have the volume up to 100 and you listen to it every day the can damage you hearing to.

That is why I did not like Head phones also every head phone makes the inside my ears itch for some reason.

Maybe scientist should created headphones and computer even if the head phone are too loud and the volume up to 100 it would not damage nobodies ears because the head phone will be created different and it might be better for you hearing in the future I hope.

I am not saying this would really happened in the future I am saying maybe this will happened in the future because nobody knows whats really going to happen in the future only God knows that. Lets say people want to create a robot they do not know when the robot is going to break only God knows.

First stuff was in people imaginations and before stuff was in peoples imagination every was in God Imagination then he gave people Imaginations.