Sunday, May 13, 2018

Your Voice

Your Voice comes from your voice box also called Larynx.

 Boys have deeper voices than girls when boys get older the  lyrics gets bigger and there vocals cords get longer.

 False Vocal cords protect the true vocal cords there like the body guards of the true vocal cords.

The false vocal are muscular  there not use usually unless if you grunt or scream. False vocal cords if you lose them and if you have surgery to re move all parts of them don't worry they will grow back.

Well most people have average voices most people do not have wide ranges wide range is you can sing high and deep notes. My fathers friend is a music teacher and she said "Women with high voices do not have a wide range and women with medium voice it depends on the person. Women with deep voice have the wide ranges."

The reason why women with deep voices have wide ranges is because you know when people are on a  trampoline or a bouncy castle they jump high up to the air and the down back down my dads friend said some thing like that I do not remember what she exactly said. Women with deep voice can hit the deeper notes better.

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