Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The software I used

I used the Blender soft ware in school and I tried to down load them to my computer put the picture in blender did not open.

 So I asked my father first I went to G mail then I I put in my email address and my password and final I see the stuff that I had send.

Then I click to composes and spend it to my fathers email and then I signed out of my school email and I check on my father's email and I saw the blender stuff that I had sent.

 The picture can not open because I do not down load a blender soft ware yet.

So I have to down load a Blender software it's a 3D soft ware.

 For example lets say I use Paint.net at school and I tried to download it on my computer at home I have to have the paint.net software so the picture can open.

My the computer and software should be created different even if you do not have the software on your computer you can still open the pictures that is probably how software is going to work in the future. This images that is the plug ins in paint.net.

And on Paint.net there are plug in that people have to get for example lets say you saw a video on pain.net and you saw the video and the person clicks on to 3D Shape you have to get that plug in to have that 3D shape.

In the future nobody will have to get plug ins in paint.net it will just have all of plug ins in the soft ware  even if it's your first time downloading it.

My dad said close the open window in paint.net you all ready saved them it uses all the computer power and it slows the computer down in the future maybe even if you have a lot of windows open on Paint.Net it will not slow down the computer or it will not use all the computer power.

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