Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Potty's and Toilets

Potty's are like a toilet that people age three can use they can learn how to go to the bathroom. One thing Potty's do not flush.

 After when a child is going to the bathroom the mother picks it up and puts it in the toilet and they clean the potty.

Children use that before they use the real adult toilet.

 Well in the future scientist will make all potty's flush and it will look like the real adult toilet but it will be smaller they should have potty's like that in every building because some people have toddlers.

 Porta Potty doors will open automatically as well because scientist will create that in the future that is my opinion what will happened in the future.

Porta Potty's are an out side bathroom and the toilets can not flush and you can not wash you hands maybe people should make Porta Potty's so any body can flush and also people can wash they hands and the Porta potty will make more clean soap. The Porta Potty  will also make more toilet paper and paper towel. All porta potty's will be like that in the future.

Porta Potty's toilets will flush automatically and also Potty's the toddler's use will flush automatically to. 

The out door machine will fix the Potty and clean the Porta Potty. In the future they with be machine that will clean all toilet and Potty's.

Also if a person is 1,000-3,000 pounds Porta Pottys and Toilet will Be able to carry all of that weight and the toilets can not break because it can carry all of that weight they should have this toilet in every house and hospital.

People that are 3,000 pound have to use a frying pan to go to the bathroom that is gross. So they do not have to do that because toilets will be made to carry all of that weight.

Mobile Homes or Trailers and air plane or even Helicopters with bathrooms  should also have toilets that can carry 1,000-3,000 pounds and the machines in the in the mobile home and the trailer bathroom with clean the toilets and every thing in the bathroom.

Also people can go to the bathroom if the mobile home or the trailers is moving because people will use something in the vehicles to keep any body balance.

Lets say a toilets is over flowing because you put to much stuff in the toilet maybe in the future will clean up the bathroom floor very good if it has toilet water in the floor. Also bathroom machines will plunge toilets for people.

Maybe people should make toilets like even if you out too much stuff in the toilet no toilet can over flow because all toilets can flush all off that stuff down the toilet.

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