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Hamish and Sally


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Candy commercial that kids win a prize


First I watch the commerical on TV. Then the commerial said if you win a prize if you open the candy and you get a golden ticket or coins or whatever you get to go on vacation

I am making a story on a girl name Dawn and she saw the commerial and she brought my candy until she got the golden coins and final she won and she when on vaction for ever and did not have to go to school ever agian.

Dawns Friend Joyce when she ot to school got the golden coins and Joyce said I never had to go to school agian. Joyce was so happy and told her friend you should tell your parnents to get the candy so you can win the prize.

Dawn said " how did you do it? " Joyce said well I first begged and throw a tantrum my parents and they said " no candy is bad for you!"  so I did care I just snuck out and went on vaction for kids vacation for kids has games junk food and no adults allowed because adult are to bossy and that means we kids can do want ever we want in that place." see you at Vacation for kids Dawn." said Joyce.

Dawm ask if she can get candy and her parents said no and she threw the biggest tantrum biggest she was angry at her parents the she snuck out and when to the store and she brought all of the candy she wanted. Her parents were upset at her because they told her not to get any more candy even if she when to the store and got it she just wanted to win the prize.

The parents wanted their daughter to go to school and the the people who worked at the vaction just for children they took the girl any way and the parents where trying to find there daughter.

The cops came and said to the parents where is your daughter the school send me here becuase she has to go to school buy law and the parents almost got arrested.

The people who worked to the vaction just for kids did nt care about the kids health are them going to school all they care about is what kids like to eat and money. 

Final the parents found they doughter and the parents said those people who worked on the vaction for kids there are kid napper and how they kill kids is they let kids eat what all the sugar they wanted until they died that is how they make money.
Final Dawn got punish and grouned for 9 mounths and went to school. Then Jyce Mother said where is my baby. Dawn Parents said ohh do not worry we got Joyce to and Joyces Mom punish her to.

This story is simmliar to Willy Wonka but not exactly.

Gods minds and generation


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Moms and daugters

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Love couples



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Extra art


Tate vs. Trina

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