Thursday, June 29, 2017

Real People and Cartoons

First all real people were in God's mind for 6 million years and six million years after they became real people.

For example 6 million years ago the first people were on this earth and six million years before there were in God's Imagination.

So first God was in his own mind first then he became real then all over the planets were in his mind and 6 million years after they are real planets with gas.

 Next The first people were in God's Imagination 6 million years after the became the first real people On this Planet and Final God's created their descendants in his mind 6 million years after that they became real people.

It took 6 million years for God to make people's descendants real people because the first people he create he wanted to make sure they where not in any pain or listen to him then God had to imagine all for the first people descendants and it took God about 6 million year to create the real people after because he had to think how they would all look like who their parents  and how many people who he wanted on this Earth.

God gave people an imagination and God helps people on how they want their cartoons to look like and how old they are going to be if the person decides the cartoons is going to be a new born baby to 90's that is how long they where in God's imagination and Cartoons are like real people descendants because they have not been in God's mind as long as all real people had.

If a real person can draw cartoons they have descendants in fantasy not in real life because their descendant's are not real yet.

If a real person can not draw cartoons they do not have any descendants but there are still 6 million years older then all cartoons in imagination because real people were in God's imagination first.

For example if a person is not a grand parent and they see a child they are still going to be older weather their are a grand parent or not.

For example if you are 18 in real life you will be 6,000,018 in imagination because all real people we born first in imagination That is how old I am going to be when my birthday comes in real lie and in imagination. This is how you do the math do 6 million plus what ever age you are in real life and you will get the correct answer.

If you are 90 in real life you do 6 million + 90= 6,000,090 or if you are 3 years old in real life you do 6 million + 3= 6,000,003.  And 6 million years after all cartoons on TV will became a realistic spirit that is when God Shows People how their favorite cartoons on TV would look like if they where a real person or a real animal that can or can not speak.

A realistic spirits are real people up in Heaven not on Earth and  If a real person on Earth is 16 years old and The realistic spirit is 16 years old in real life up in heaven the will still be the same age because the are both real people.

 But the differents is one real person in on Earth while the other is what God shows people how there favorite cartoon character on TV would look like if they were a real person.

Just because not real people has descendants in real life yet does not mean they are not in God's imagination all real peoples descendants these are in God's Imagination because God has to think before all real peoples descendants will became real people 6 million years in the future.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Law

The Law should be always right. But it's not people can not park on the side walk they can only park in the drive way.

People want to no why they can get a ticket for parking on the side walk over night.

 In my opinion is because if a person parks their car close to the side walk and if is to dark and a another person is parking there car close to that same side walk it can hit the other car that is in front of it because it would be to dark to see what is in front of the person driving their car.

Or any time any body could get a ticket if they park their car because the might hit the other persons car in front of them. Maybe cars should be created like if another car is in front of the other car on the same side walk the car should have camera's to see what is in front of their car in the dark or any time.

That is probably why people get a ticket if they park a car close to the side walk if they do not have a drive way.

If some one is walking across the street and they wear dark colors they can almost get hit buy a car in the dark because the person is wearing dark colors and it's hard for the person to see that is why people should create camera's to see a person if the wear dark colors in the dark.

The law should be different and they should let people park on the side walk the person should not get in trouble because it's not like they are getting a person's house on fire or blowing up some one Else's house or car.

The Law should be if any body tries to turn on a vehicle that is bad for this planet they would get in trouble by the government this is my opinion how the future law will be. 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Who created God

Well people ask " Who Created God." Some people say God is the begging to the end and he is also after the end God is here for ever.

People say God did not create himself I know what those people mean God always existed I do agree on that but that does not mean I agree with them about ever thing. Well what I believe God did create himself because if he did not nothing will exist.

 So God had to think that he was never going to exist then there was a time he did not exist then he exist or he will exist forever. Those where God's choices that he created so he chosen to create himself to exist for ever.

So if God did not create him self He won't exist and nothing will exist so that is why I believe that God created him self to last for ever he did not just exist and pop out of no where that is the way God wanted it.

 People say " Why Does God wanted it that way?" First of all who ever that ask that is none of you business second of all there is no reason why God wanted the way he wanted and third of all if there is always a reason to things life will be pretty messed up. What I mean is people will always question people and that can be disrespectful  and that is way there should be no reason to some things and that is the way God wanted it.

God created his mind to be if that is the way he wanted things to be created that is the way he wanted for example if some says to you " How come you draw your cartoons like that." there is no reason. God is eternity and infinity and he always will be that is God's Age.

People say "where was God born was he born in Holly wood?"  Actually God was not born on earth he was born a very long time ago like before the Earth exist and before time and time was in God's mind first then he put's it in peoples mind so everything had to be pitch black when God was born.

God also created the mouths and days way before people created them because first it was in Gods mind then when he created people mouths days and years and the days of the week God puts them in to peoples mind.

 People say what day and mouth was God born and whens God's birthday. well we will not know until we get to Heaven unless if scientist created some kind of space cameras so any body can know when was God born  and the modern space camera's will so people what heaven or Hell is really like on TV.

God was hear way before B.C. and on the internet people say God's birth is December 25th well that is when
Jesus Christ started that does not mean tat is God's real birthday. Maybe every day is Gods birthday because he created him self to existed for ever we never know.

God do not have to create himself he always existed because he wanted that way that what mean by himself to always existed and he didn't have to create him self.


Dangerous Stuff in houses

Danger stuff is not a good thing. If you leave the oven on it could blow up any bodies whole house.

 And any body might not get out of there house in time.

 That is why people should create a wall timer so if the oven is on fire and if people hear this beep they will know when To get out on a house.

You never know when a house is going to blow up unless you have this timer wall that counts down on when is the house really going to blow up.

If people throw a bomb on top of you house you might not know there is a bomb and your family and your house house will blow up into pieces that is why people should have those special kinds of security cameras to see if a bomb is falling and is going to fall on top of the roof and people will get out of the house for safety.

Maybe people should make a law if any tries to but a bomb on a person's house they could get
arrested or people should not make those bombs any more because it's bad for our planet. Maybe people should make any thing good for our planet.

And maybe ovens should be created it will cook the food the food will still be very hot and cooked but not the oven and the pan and the house machine can take the food out of the oven and the oven will not burn and will not make all buildings blow up because it will be automatic and good for this planet.

Also it will take seconds for any bodies food to cook because ovens will be different and be more modern in the future.

And if there is a gas leak the house machines could fix it. But gas tanks are in houses because to keep the house warm maybe there should be some thing else to keep the house warm and if some thing hits it and it's getting old it will not blow up the house it will be like a gas tank that's good for our planet.

People drive cars that are bad for the environment in the future if people try to do that they could get in big trouble by the government because those cars are bad for our planet and the law will be different in the future and all people will use only houses and cars or any thing good for the environment if they do not they could get arrested.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Inside House Machine all over this whole planet

Inside all houses their will be House Machines. For example if you drop beads buttons or needles and small stuff.

 The house machines will suck up the stuff like a vacuum cleaner.

 Then it will have the door thing that opens and if you do not remember were stuff closes and how the way stuff was put the machine will remember and show you on the machine screen what you did.

House machines will also be if you punch a whole in the wall the house machines can fix it as good as new and the wall will not have any cracks it will just look like the wall when the house was a brand new house and walls and other thing in the house will look brand new.

And toilet machines will be like it will clean any bodies but with out hurt the person because the house machine can read peoples minds and bodies of how they are feeling.

There will be a screen in front of the toilet so you can see if their s any number 2 still in your but. Final the machines in the toilet will clean you but really good and if their is a lot of toilet paper or paper toilet toilets will be able to flash all of that stuff down and nothing is too much to flush the future toilets.

These days if you put to much stuff in the toilet or paper towel the toilet will get back up but not in the future because toilets will be made different.

If a person is 900 pounds or weight a lot more then they should the house machines will pick them up and put then on to the toilets because the house machine can read whats really going on in any bodies body.

 Their should be wide and big if the person is wide and big after the toilet machines can clean the person's but and the person can see what was in his but.

These future toilets will be for all over weight people if the weight 900 to thousands of pounds that is why people should create toilet that can carry all of the weight. House machines will be like cutting the persons fat off their body.

And people will not have to good to the doctor because house machines will look in side of you body and the screen will so any body whats is really going on in there body and what they are thinking about. All houses in the future will be a lot bigger in the future.

Peoples houses will be like an emergency room and machine can tell parents why their children are sick and the machine can make medicine that comes from nature.

Also house machines will clean peoples new born babies really good and give them a bath with out hurting the babies the machines can read when a new born baby needs to the bathroom and the machine can but all babies on this special kind of small toilet for babies and the toilet machine will clean babies buts.

The House machines will really show any body who there ancestors where and how there really looked like and what they were really doing in the past. Machines will also show people how heaven and God or Hell also how people really be like in heaven people will see those things before they die because machines will be more modern.

People keep always saying bad stuff whats going to happen in the future and I talk about good stuff  How buildings will not break as easy and the will be build a lot stronger then buildings in 2017. And how science machine should try to make the Earth not crash into the sun and the sun will last for every science should just try but it does not mean it's going to happen.

Thursday, June 22, 2017


Technology is getting more modern ever year. For example people should make computer like even if they go on a website they do not know.

 The computer will not let other people get a virus on their computer because the internet will be created different in the future.

Lets say you are older and first you put the picture into you computer when you were younger.

 Than you put it on your soft ware to make it movie final the picture that when you were young will be like you in the movies moving except you put the picture when you where younger and you can put it on the soft ware.

And cars that are good food this environment people make these cars drive on its own and people have to type in were they want to go and the car can drive it self without crashes.

I believe not just cars will be like that but all vehicles will be like that in the future and they will have camera's to see who needs to get on.

 For example Trains and buses do not know if people need to get on the bus are not so that is why if people do not get their in time they can miss buses and trains.

In the future people will have to type on the outdoor machines screen which bus or train they are taking and final the letter will pop up on the out door machines screen.

 Next to the peoples jobs who work at trains and bus company's and those people who work for trains and buses will know which people are getting on the trains or buses because they will have camera's to see witch people are getting on the bus.

And video games will not be just in side it will be out door video games. For example their will be an out door TV and children can put the favorite video game in.

  Final people can play the wii or video games and watch TV out side. Their should be out door TV's and Computers that can not get damaged by the rain if it's raining out side.

And the Out door computers will have all cartoon soft wares and soft wares that can make any body if they are fat are skinny.

 Also soft wares that can show people how they would look like when they are older and how long the are going to live.

And soft wares would be like if your put a picture when your wear younger and you want to make it movie how you really looked like.

 The soft ware will make your picture when you where younger move like when you where really younger.

 The soft ware can make your picture walk and  how you really talked when you where younger.

  Also the  soft ware can make the pictures move it will look like you were moving in real life except it's all soft ware that's doing that.

The soft ware can show any body how they really sound when they wear a lot younger and how people are really going to sound when the are older and how long they are going to live on this Earth.

And if your family member dies and you put the picture on the soft ware it will show how the person will really look like if the where still alive on earth and if they were a lot older.

Their will also be soft wares that a marriage soft ware and you put your pictures and you favorite celebrities pictures on the software then click on gender and click on boy or girl and the soft ware will really show any body how their children will really look like and if they got older and start to have children.

And soft ware will really show people how their descendants will really look  like in millions or billions of years in the future.

 First you have to get a picture of you and the person that you want to marry then you click on to gender next you click on to boy are girl and the soft ware will really show any body how they children and they grand children will look like and also who they have a crush on or their personalities.

This is my opinion how soft ware and technology is going to be in the future People should start doing it right now.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Stuff in the kicthen in the future

People will not have to bring the food in side their houses because the out door machines will take the food out of the car and open the house door for the person.

 Then the out door machines will have to put the food on the out door convertor belt.

Next the outdoor machines can take the food off the out door convertor belt and put it into peoples houses

  After the tray will come out of the refrigerator and  the frizzier and the tray will came out of the frizzier and put the food in.

  The refrigerator will do the same thing after the frizzier and the refrigerator and the frizzier doors will closer by it self.

And ovens will not get on fire because it will be more modern for example people do not have to cook and pull out the food out of the oven all they have to do is type on the i pad thing next to the oven what foo they would like and the in door machine will get which food people want with out people walking and getting the food.

 Also the  oven will have a tray that will come out of the oven and put the food in after the food is ready the oven will turn off on it's own and the oven door will be automatic and the oven tray will take out the food and put it on the table final your whole family can eat.

The house machines will set off the tables for the whole family and put the dishes in the dish washier and dry them after the family is done eating their food.

Microwaves will open the door by it self because microwaves will be automatic and the microwave tray will come out of the microwave and the house machines can put the food on the tray.

 Next the tray goes into the microwave and the microwave door closes by it self and if the food is ready the microwave door will open by it self and the tray inside the microwave will take the food out'

 Final your house machines can bring your food to you if your up stairs in your bedroom or in the living room and the house machines that do that will be more convertor belts with out flies and stuff getting the food dirty also the house machines with have convertor belts that will take peoples food our stuff up stairs or down stairs if the person does not feel like walking up and down the stair.

House machine will be more like convertor belts then robots in my opinion because people should how things will be in the future but it does not mean it's really going to be like that in the future and this is my opinion how the future is really going to be.

And the house machine will be more like convertor belts not like robots that turn evil that's is on TV how people think how the future is going to be.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Banks in the future and future calendars

This is my opinion how Banks would be like in the future these days banks are not always close to your to houses.

 If you need to go to the bank people have to get out of their house and go to the bank so they can see if their money comes out of the bank.

In the future banks would be like in your house and it would be attach to the wall and finally people can get their own money from there banks and people do not have to walk or drive to the bank because the bank will be inside their house.

And calendar's these days people have to buy new calendar's if the date is now 2017 any more people will have to buy or get calendar's of the new year.

In the future people will not have to do that and even people will not have to keep getting new calendar's because a i pad thing attach to the wall on the screen it will say the mouth the day.

 And the year 2017 and if it's not 2017 any the date on the screen of the i pad will say 2018 and dates and years keeps going on and on and it will not say the same date on the wall i pad screen.

That would be good because if calendar's are like these in the future people would not have to keep buying new calendar's until the next year come and all of the future calendar's will be like a i pad that changes the day and the year every day and ever year I will call it the i pad calendar and you can not go on to free time on it because it's the i pad calendar.

This is my opinion how future banks and calendar's will be like in any one's houses and in all buildings.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

House machines that clean you whole house

In the future buildings and all house will have machines that will clean all house on the inside

The machines will be like it will be an i pad thing attached to the wall and you click on the wall i pad.

On which stuff you would like to clean if you click on your dolls and the house machines  is like  and conveyor belt that is on the side of the floor and the house machines  will clean all of your dolls with soap and water.

Then after when the dolls are washed and clean the house conveyor belt with out get the dolls dirty will be under the blow drying fan so all the doll can be dry.

 Finally if the dolls are dry the conveyor belt with have this i pad thing attached to it and the i pad thing with so picture of each doll and your click on the hair style on each doll you want their hair style to be.

 And the convertor belt will put your dolls on the shelf and the machines that are attach to the shelf will do all of your dolls hair very quick.

 Final all of your dolls hair will not be tangled and it will look like the prettiest hair that you have ever seen.

And the house machine if you click on the wall i pad and if you want to get you clothes clean the machines will put you clothes in the washer and the drier after the machine with folded all of your clothes.

The house will be like this convertor belt that you put your dirty clothes on top the the convertor belt can put the dirty clothes in the washer machine final after then clothes are watch the house machines will take out all of the wet clothes and put it on to this other convertor belt.

Final the convertor belt puts all of the wet clothes into the drier and the house machine can press the drier to dry the clothes.

Or clothes washier and dryers will be automatic it will turn on it's own if their are enough clothes in the drier those driers and washier will be made to fit a lot of clothes and nothing is too much clothes for those machines.

These days you can not put different color clothes in the same washing machine because the clothes will get ruined.

 I the future machines can put all of the clothes in the machines and just throw them in there because clothes and machines will be created different and the washing machines and the driers will be made different.

If you click the wall i pad if your need you house to be vacuumed the the machines will press the button of the vacuum out lit.

  The vacuum out lit will suck up all of the dust in you whole house and the dust will be still inside the wall but inside the house is still clean finally the the the outside hole of your house will blow out all of the dust into the garbage can and final your house will be cleaner then after.

And if your want to get your dishes clean the house machine will put all of the dishes in the dish washer and final the house machines will be the dish drier and put all of you dishes away for you and your family.

If the dish washier is broken the house machines can wash the dishes in the sink and dry the dishes and put the dishes away for people.

And the out door machines he are good for this planet with grow your garden for you if you wanted to look nice and pull out all of the weeds for you if you do not want to get tried for pulling out of the weeds in the garden. And if you do not have a green thumb that's okay because the outdoor machines with your plants will plant for you and your garden will be nicer than every.

And their will be an i pad thing on the side on the house an click on the i pad screen and click on the plants  you want to plant.

Then the door out machines will  put in the seeds in the solid and water the plants. If the plants grow for people if it's really hot and sunny and people will not have to get a water hose because it will be the out door machines that will water your plants.

This is many opinion how all building and houses will be like and he gardens will be like in the future and scientist will make out door machine garden yours plants and water them.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Calculator's in the future

Calculator is a great thing for people to know about math.

 One time I wanted to no what are the numbers that are bigger than trillion then I look one the list of all of the number bigger than trillion.

Some of those numbers have thousands of zero's and if a person tries to type that in to their calculator.

 The person might get tried and their calculator will break if they put to many numbers in the calculators.

Maybe scientist should create calculators that can not break or use some type of buttons saying Golplex and Google.

 Or numbers that have hundreds or thousands of zeros in them.

And no number will be to big or to small for the future calculators.

For example if a person press one the calculator buttons that say one.

 Then press another button that says Golplex then they hit the plus sign and the person will get the correct answer.

For example the new buttons on the calculator will say Quad that means short for quadrillion.

 And the button will say Quad on top of that button and the bottom of that one button will say 15 zeros.

Or if a person sees the next button that says Golplex on the top of the button and the number of zeros it has on the button.

 Any number that are bigger than trillion will have the numbers name on each button and how many zero's it has on each button.

Also The Infinity button should be on the calculator because instead of putting all of the number of the calculator people can just hit the Infinity button.

Calculators should be like that on any bodies computer or a calculator that people can put in there hands and take it to school.

Or if you wanted 1 Golplex to have different number besides zero click on the numbers that you want first then press this special buttons that say thousand or more that is on the side of the calculator so it will know how many nine's or eight's to put in the number and it will give you the correct answer.

This is my opinion how future calculators are going to be hundreds or thousands of years from now because calculators will be more modern.

The list that I have on whats bigger than trillions all of those numbers are going to be the new buttons on the calculator.

 Because it would be good for people to not get tried of tying to type in thousands of zero's in their calculator.

 And also there should be any infinity sign that if you want to type that in to you computer the computer.

 The sign will pop up on your computer screen on the search engine of google.

Saturday, June 10, 2017


People want to know why God is the all mighty and powerful.

 Well at first he gave himself choices even that he was going to be the all mighty and powerful or he wasn't so he choices that His was going to be the all mighty and powerful.

A lot of people say " why God choice to live for ever?"

Well God had a choices they were that he always exist , or there was a time when he did not exist then he exist or he was never going to exist at all. and if he choices not to nothing will exist and it would be pretty scary do not ask me why people it is what it is.

Final God Decided how was always going to exist and create every thing what I believe God did not just pop out of no where but some people do believe that God had to make a choice that he was doing to exist or not and he chooses to exist.

Some people say "How old is God and when was he born and why does he last for ever and well will last for ever in Heaven."

 People wanted to know how old is God and he has to many numbers in his age that nobody can say it correct except God because God is the all mighty and power and God has too many Numbers in his age because he is before time.

Well God created him self and he was before time so if he can not create him self nothing will exist Because God wanted it that way. People say " Why does heaven have no Plain and Hell people souls burn every day and why does Heaven and Hell last for ever why not planets?"

Heaven last for ever because God wanted it to last for ever including Hell and him self because God wanted it that way first Heaven and Hell wear in God's fantasy then Then heaven became when the Devil chooses to be bad and The devil was spouse to be in charge of the music.

God created Hell for the Devil Hell last for ever but the thing is Hell has plain and people souls burn for ever.

People want to know why God knows everything well first God give him self choices and his choices were that he was going to know everything or he wasn't or even he won't know every thing at all.

 Final God decided That he was going to know every thing. So God gave his choices that he was going to be evil or good and God deiced to be good and God created him self to have a free will to before next people had a free will and there is no reason why that is the way this stuff is it is what it is.

People say "Can God always have his way?" Well he is the creator and nobody else is for example people should not get they way all the time because they are not prefect and people can choose the wrong thing for example if a child has his or her way all the time she might want the wrong thing and he or she might want to hurt people.

Well God does not always get his way because he want's any body to love each other and God first Imagined that people were going to love each other in his mind but also he gave people a free well and not ever body loves each other.

People do not question why God is prefect and no body and why some people are older or younger and why no body can beat up every body except God People y'all  should be grateful that God chooses to always exist That is the way it is and we have to except it period."

People wanted to know how how is God he an Infinity that means he hear for ever and that means their are too many numbers in his age to write down on paper or try to think or say it in our heads God gets older he was a lot younger when he created the Dinosaurs but he was still before time.

And Hell and Heaven are place people want to now how long have those places been there. Heaven  Infinity. Hell was created when the Devil that was named Lucifer became bad and bad people that do not believe and kills people for no reason God will put those people in Hell for a long time.

But if At first if God has a talk with bad people he will send them to Hell as a punishment and if all of those bad people.

If they turned good and they are sorry for what they did they might go to heaven and Hell might not exist any more because hell is a bad place.

And what I believe in Heaven is Infinity but Hell will be Infinity if some people still choice to do evil stuff and do not believe in God.

 And it will not make any seance that God stays that same age in the past and in the future even in the past in the 1980's he was younger back then but he was still infinity that means even back then their where to many numbers in his age.

People say when is God's Birthday we will not know that until we all gets to heaven unless if scientist can try to create those machines to read a person minds after they die and the Machine will put what really heaven looks and Gods says his real age really is and like on TV.

 And in the future scientist will make machines like that. And if they want to call their family member that is up in heaven science should make those special kinds of space phones that people can hear how their family members if they died  and see how they are doing.

Friday, June 9, 2017


Computer in china have different computer browser's and they do not have google and You tube instead they have their own version of those browser's and in America people can go on to what ever they want on the computer. For example people that type in the search engine to their computer they can go on to what ever they want.

In China is different for example if you type on for what you want to go on the internet the government could stop people for going on to sites that the government does not think they need to be going on. And America on website's has more freedom then China.

In china stuff is more modern than America people if they go to restaurants type on their cell phone what they want to eat final the converter belt brings people there food people in the kitchen still cook the food but the converter belt brings people the food instead of waiters.

In the future made their should be machines that cook for people and the machine can put the food on the converter belt the food will take a second to cook if it's health or not because scientist will make those kind of modern machines in the future.

And if people type in the search engine and they want to type in some thing that is Chinese or another language first people should type in their own language first so they would know what they are typing after the search search should have languages on the bottom of the search engine then people have to click the languages under the search engine on they computer final the English or Spanish writing will change into Chinese or Korean writing or what ever language your want to learn.

America's computer browser's are Youtube and Google but China has their own version of those browser's I do not remember what they are called but I remember they had Chinese names.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Are Aliens real ?

Well a lot of people do not know but Aliens do not exist because people create them from TV maybe they will become real in millions of years in the future but I do agree their are other life forms on other planets out of our solar system. Scientist think there are other life forms in other planets like our own.

We are not alone in the universe and we are not the only life forms on this planet in the whole universe because the bible says God created every thing he create stuff to be real not all cartoon drawings for example God has a talk with those people on how they want there own cartoons to look like and those creator put those cartoon characters on soft ware.

Well God did not do that he created every thing to become real. In the future scientist will know how the others life forms on other planets will look like and were planet they really life because scientist will have more modern space camera's.

And in the future scientist should make machine and people that can go to the sun because that space machines will not melt and the people space suits will not make people melt and people could still be alive on the sun but now no body can go to the sun.

And aliens can not get to our planet because it's to far for them unless they have more modern space technology then we do on the Earth. Some People believe that the aliens are green that thee ones you see on TV now Television is not true I do not think those aliens exist because people imagine how other aliens will look .

I think really other life form's on other planets with not be all green or blue the could be any color or Life form's might just be people like us.

 And all of the life forms from different planets if the are all nice God would probably will make this one huge planet that is almost as big as the universe the other life forms from others planets including are planet will all meet each other and check out had old we are and all of us will still be alive because God will make the some are of all of his children's that means us on the we were born on the Earth or life forms that are born on other planets

The Solar System

The Earth's Equator is very hot because the earth till's a certain way or maybe it's the earth's core of the center of the Earth that part of the center of the Earth the core is very very hot Earth is not named after any roman God just Dirt,H20,grass,trees,snow,mountains or sand.

 Mars was named after the roman god of war because it's red blood and  Mars has a lot of red Iron.

 Jupiter is the largest planet we get the day Saturday was named after the planet Saturn Monday was named after the moon Monday some people say is moon day Sun day was named after the sun.

Uranus was named after the roman god of the sky Uranus is a aqua planet.

 But the Earth is blue and green Mercury is brown Venus is beige and yellow Jupiter is Beige,yellow orange and Brown with the red spot Saturn is beige with brown rings Neptune is Blue Neptune was named after the roman god of the sea.

 But Pluto is a purple planet People know what the planets look like because scientist have space camera's taking pictures  of the planets Pluto is named after the roman god of death.

After the planet is N.T.N.O's or other planets that some scientist named after or planets with no star or sun scientist know that because they send machine that takes pictures or image's.

The Number's that are bigger than trillion's

 People know them in 2015 because back in the olden days in my own opinion when the people created letter's they probably wrote a lot of note's than other people say it that's why people use a lot of word's in 2015.

 Before their were clock's their wear sundial's with the shadow so people will under stand what time it was before they had letter's or number's and the clock's that's why people use clock now.

When I was younger a did not know what number was bigger than trillion's but I looked  it up on the internet.

 As I got a lot older the number's that are bigger than Trillion's are Quadrillion, Quintillion, Sextillion, Septillion Octillion, Nonillion, Decillion or Undecillion.

  I use to ask my father "is god Quadrillion I say to my self God is much older than that or he is Centillion with 303 zero's."

 In the number Quadrillion has 15 zeros'  or Quintillion has 18 zero's I believe that God is much older even number's that are a lot bigger than trillion God's is before
time we do not see God I believe because God is every were not just seeing the planet Earth but out of space other new planets with Alien's that live on a planet with water that look almost the same as people on the planet Earth.

When people created drawing's they make alien's that do not have to have water in may own opinion if a planet is to cold or to hot their are no living things but if planet with liquid or h20 they are a lot of living thing's around in my own opinion living Animal's or people live on a planet with h20 or alien's live on a planet with h2o or other kind of liquid.

 God has a lot of number's of his own age in my own opinion people would not know how to pronounce God's age because it's just to many number's but not for God because God is prefect at saying thing's or helping doing a lot for the human's God's knows every thing what people say or think.

 In my own opinion God knows what is in your own mind he might gave us a free will but that dose not mean that he does not know human's might not know what your thinking but only God knows my father might not believe in all of those thing's that I am speaking about one time he said God gave us a free will but we are not not robot's.

 I agree that my father said people make their own mind's God mite give us a free will but that does not mean that god does not know what you thinking or what you are going to do Human's do not know what is in you mind only God he knows everybody's live were they live or their own phone number.

In my own opinion God knows what is in your own mind he mite gave us a free will but that dose not mean that he does not know human's might not know what your thinking but only God knows my father might not believe in all of those thing's that I am speaking about one time he said "God gave us a free will not robot's."

 I agree that my father said people make their own mind's God might give us a free will but that does not mean that God does not know what your thinking or what you are going to do Human's do not know what is in you mind only God he knows everybody's live were they live or their own phone numbers. 

Googol has 100 zero's in the number and Googolplex has 100 or thousands of zero's in the number those are numbers that are a lot bigger than trillion and Googol got it's name from the website Google that browser that we use for our computer. I am going to create numbers that are bigger than trillions 1 Zillion has a million zeros and Gazillion has Billions of zeros and Queen Zillion has Trillions zero's and King Zillion has Quadrillion zero's.

Red Moon

Today I am typing about the Red Moon. Last year in midnight my aunt was calling me and my father down stairs she said the moon It's red.

It was the first time we saw it this happened some where in 2015. The call it the Blood Moon the moon looked more brown then red when I last sawed it.

Days after I ask my Teacher "have you saw the Red Moon"? she Said "not this year but I scene it before".

I asked another teacher have you saw the red moon I do not remember what she exactly said but I remember she said she saw the Blue Moon it's not really Blue But they called that probably in the olden days sometimes the moon is Blue but these days it's not any more.

People say "why Is the Moon red"? I believe it has to do with some thing in the bible because that is what I heard  Days After the red moon shown.

I asked It's their a red Sun my father said Not That I heard of but the space cameras show the sun is yellow with red in it Sun is a huge ball of fire like Stars you  see in the night time sky.

 when I was younger I thought that stars in the night time sky where all cold Now I know is fire like the sun the sun looks bigger then the Night time Stars because hour planet is close to it.

 I said to my father Why I Do not see Venus it's The second planet to the sun My father says it don't shine as bright. 2048 is when the next Red Moon is coming I'll be a Grand mother by that time.

Africa and other continents

Africa is know as the Third world country. I use to ask my parents why people are pore in the Continent.

Now I know France took all their money or gold. My Father said "not all people that live in in Africa are pour some people are rich".

One person spoke to me that most people in Africa are pour and the rich children are the Prince or Princess of their country.

Another person told me take other people in Continents are making fun of Africa Because more people are pour. Some Rich people if their Spoiled Brats They might say to the pour people "I am not giving you a job get you own job that's why your so pour with dirty showers or living in dirty Huts" ! the richer people might even laugh.

 Then the pour people mighty or will say Their are no Jobs to be had ! Then the rich selfish people mighty say That is an excuse!

Some people do not wont African Americans to be proud of their own skin color or hour own hair. This Society is try to make Black people more like thugs and say Black people are not smart but that is not true they is a lot of white people that are smarter the Black people and their's a lot of Black people who are smarter than White People.

Like when a person speaks in a diffident languages not in English I used to think probably all people that speak English are Smarter Now I said to my self it depends on the person.

Why is the sky and H2O blue?

People say why is the Sky Blue The sky is not blue its has do with gas and Oxygen The light from the sun is a lot of colors.

 That is why some times we see "rainbows" in the sky.

 Lets say there is is a blue light and red light. Blue light has the shorter wave length red light has the longest wave length is  it how light Surface from the Earth's Atmosphere.

Blue Light is more strongly effected it''s scattered in all Direction as the red light red  is pass straight though the nadrin and oxygen.

People see more of the scattered light So that way the sky looks blue.

Sun Sets look red, orange,yellow or pink because the Blue light is scattered away.

If the Red Light has a shorter wave length and the blue has the longest one then people in the day might see red sky's more or if the blue light pass straight though the nadrin and oxygen.

Like if the Green light has a longest wave length and the yellow has the shorter wave length or if the green goes straight though the nadrin and oxygen and the yellow is strongly effected people are not going to see no more blue sky's any more they might see yellow sky's.

the Sky looks blue it has  to do something with the light. Other people might not know the answer I know a lot  of the answers. sun light is made up with all colors of light. similar thing is why is H20.

The 7 Continents where maybe before billions of years a go

I am writing about The 7 Continents where before billions of years ago. The 7 continents, was one big Continent at first than scientist said the Earth got sick it was Vomiting with Lava.

 That is when the 7 continents got split up and separated.

The Continents was a one huge Continent/ huge island the name of it was back in the olden days the continents name was Pangaea.

 I believe that really happened. Some people say that is how we felt that the Continents where sticking together.

Pangaea   I did not know what was before the 7 continents since I was younger now I know before the 7 Continents there was this one huge continent Pangaea.

Some people do not know how old is the 7 continents I know That the Continents are as old as the Earth. people do not know why water is blue is the refection of light that makes it look blue water is really clear.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Science Projects

Science Projects are made for show in tell in my opinion science project will be like this for example First your science project is about the solar system you plug into the out lit.

 Then people can press the button and the sun will look like real fire but it's fake fire and it does not burn any body. And others button's that people press on the project will make the planet obit the sun and the planet in that project will be made out of clay.

For example if a student it showing whats really going to happen in 5 billion in the future in the scientist opinion.

 The student will show all off the planet from his project will crash into the sun and the suns fake fire will burn up all of the planets that are made out of clay and finally when school is over he science project machine will build the planets that are made out of clay good a new.

That means those are not real planets that is a project from school that children want to show to the whole class and show others that what will really happen in 5 billion years in the future with their project.

 And schools science projects will be more modern in the future and make fake ice on the fake planets that are make out of clay and the science project machine with put the fake ice that look like real ice on the fake planets that are cold.

It's a go way to have science projects in school because to show people want really happens Like another science project that happens to be a volcano and people press the science machine button and the fake lava comes out of the fake Volcano and the fake lave is red paint.

 Finally press the off button and the fake fire will turn off it's like a stove if you turn the fire on and you can turn it off except if you turn the stove on real fire come up out of the stove and it can burn people.