Saturday, March 31, 2018

My drawings of parts of a house

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 Dining room

Bunk Bed

King size bed

Why Nobody remebers when they where a baby

Well probably most people do not know why but this is why because after  your 4 years old your brain re wires it self and it erases parts of you  memories.

 That happens because the confections to the different memories changes and you can not access to those memories any more.

For example your memories are like light blobs so if their is no more connections to the memory it does not work any more.When every body was a baby they are trying to figure out how every thing works.

And when babies are in there mothers stomach the can not remember that far because they memories and their brain is starting to develop and it's not fully developed yet.

Before people where born in real life every body was in Gods fantasy it's a fact because it says it in the bible and nobody remembers they where in gods mind because it was before they where born in realty and it was way before there brains are developed and there brains back then where not develop at all.

Only God remembers when people where in his mind because he created very thing. No body created god because that is way God wanted it and no body can create them self's only God can create him self and God all ready did created him self to last for ever and God did not just poped out of no where.

for example It was not just pitch black and God just poped out of no where God wanted to always. Some people say God did not have to create him self which is true. I believe that god created himself to always exist.

Even god was not a real person yet and he was in his own fantasy he still always exist
because if god was never was in his imagination then nothing would exist it would be just pitch black.

Friday, March 30, 2018

My art of birds,Bear, tigar,rabbit,sheep,goat and mouse

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Bird Land

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

My Brown sugar pink cookies

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I will like to call my cookie business Granny Lon Lon Cookies art decorating baking Shop

Monday, March 26, 2018

My Art of Land Forms

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 Polar Zone

Mountain Zone

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Before Slavery Started

First White used to made other white people slaves and mades. Then Then white people that come from America stold people from Africa because Europeans use to live in Europe but a lot of Europeans were poor so that is why they went to America because they were poor.

So they saw Native America's and Europeans use to take over the land and Native America's fought back more because they know America more. Europeans never had land before and Native Americans had a lot of land and That is why Europeans took over the land because the wanted to have more money and want to be rich.

Europeans they went on the ships and went to America and the saw Native Americans and the were greetie. Europeans took over the they land because they wanted all the stuff that Native Americans want.

Native American's were nice to Europeans like give them food but the Europeans wanted more and more.

 So Europeans went on there ships and they took most of the African people from there lands because  they wanted more people to get more money for them and black people were on those ships and Black People were changed it took mouths to get to America and a lot of black people died because they were coughing on each other peeing and pooping on each other.

So that is why Black people were slaves because Europeans were poor and they stolid black people from there country and Black people grew veggies and crops and white people wanted black people to work for free for ever because that is how they get more money back then.

The rich people send the poor people to see what was going on in America. Europeans were from the poor places and they work for the kings and queens so they come to the United States because They wanted to figure out if they will do better.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

My art of families

Meg and Trina Zena with their parents Blake Zena and Karia Hander Zana

 Ara and Gerald with their three girls Gana, Ragina and Abby

My art work of families

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 Angle and Darrold with twin boys Riley and Hamishso

 Meosha and Luke's 3 boy's Shavery and Lucas and Luko 

My Art of girls having a tea party

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 Bessie and Betty

Big Thumbs

Monday, March 19, 2018

Being Blind

Being Blind is not a good thing. Some people were born blind because it might have to do something in their DNA.

 Some people when they are Blind see color but it's blurry so they need glasses.

And so people that are Blind just see pitch black and glasses my not help because it depends on how the eye is made.

Any Body that just sees pitch black scientist should make special kind of glasses for these people who only see pitch black or maybe scientist should make this carrot medicine a medicine that come from nature and the person that just sees pitch black will see in color and clear and the medicine and the glasses will fix their eye.

People usually see pitch black only if they close their eyes and go to sleep. But some people even if they open their eyes they still will see pitch black because that is how their eyes it's created.

God does not want anybody to see pitch black I think God created very body to see color and clear and things do not always work the way God always plan because if a mother is pregnant and the doctor says you baby will see pitch black for the rest of their life it could be what the mother is eating to if the mother is not eating right then see can do damage to her baby.

Or maybe something is wrong in the mothers body during pregnancy. We should help people that there are blind.

So some blind people even if they can not see do not under estimate them because they might not be able to see but the might be able to fight back or draw or know there surroundings because they have a high since of hearing.  

Sunday, March 18, 2018

My drawings

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 Male Giraffe's

Jessica dressed as Barbie 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

My Valentines day and St.Patricks day Cupcakes

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

My drawings clowns and people who live in a castles

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 Invanca looking in the mirrior

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Animals years

People say if you want know a dogs age in dog years you have to do 1 times 7 and that equals 7 and if the dog is a year in human years and if a dog is 2 in human years they are 14  years old in dog years.

People are just estimating that you have to multiply  7 they do not know for sure I know this because my science teacher told me.

The only way people will know how old a dog is in dog years they will have to have a special kind of camrea it's not just dogs it's any animal.

For example lets say any animal is a year in human year you will really know which number to multiply if they want to know old old any animal is in animal years because there scientist camera's will be more modern.

I said if a frog is 1 year in human years they ten years old in frog years and if a frog is five years old in human years they are 50 in frog years One person said "yes." but I had an old teache r she said " If a frog is 5 years old in human years they are 100 in frog years that is old for a frog I guess it depends on what kind of frog it is because some frogs live up to 10 years and some frogs only live up to five years.

I know Octopus live up to 5 years so that is old for an Octopus. The south Black Widow spider can live up to 1- 3 years. Goliath birdeater spiders lives up to 15-25 years. Brown recluse spider lives up to 1-2 years.

Tigers live to 20-26 year Lions live up to 10-14 years cheetahs live up to 10-12 years and jaguars live up to 12-15 years and Leopards live up to 12-17 years.

 This is the difference between Leopards,Jaguars and Cheetahs look at the video below. Jaguars are bigger he Leopards and Cheetah are smaller built then Leopards that  is probably why Cheetah run quicker. Cheetah are the wild cats that runs the quickest and they can run 75 Miles per Hour.

 Jaguars I read are a tiny bit slower the Lions. Leopards were slightly quicker than jaguars.

 Leopards is faster then lions and Leopards Have closer speed to tigers but Tigers are quicker then Leopards.

Monday, March 12, 2018

My drawing of Humans

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 Aran and Richy

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Animals years and getting sick

Today I went to this place it was a build but it had animals behind glasses so nobody can touch the animals because you do not know what kind of germs animals have.

So at the animal aquarium today and I was at the aquarium called Jenkinson's.

 I told the woman the worked there that story of the girl was surfing and her arm got biting off by a shark but doctor put her arm back in the woman said " Sharks do not want to eat people the person might look like a seal the the shark and sharks like to eat seals because they are strong swimmers." i said " Seal might be strong swimmers but sharks have strong teeth and jaws."

And the woman that work there knew all about the animals and I told her what I knew and I said " I know frog live up to ten years and there will be 100 years old in frog years and if the frog is 2 in frog years it will be 20 in frog years." She said I was right it like similar to that. I said most insects live to a year. The woman that worked there said I am right they do not live that long.

I also told her my dad has read Parrots are not that smart. she aid Parrots are very Smart." They are trouble makers but there very smart. I saw Penguins and the woman that worked there said " Most penguins live in Africa." and there are two types of penguins that live in the south pole The Emperor penguin and I do not remember what the other type of penguin is called.

 I also read Penguins around New Zealand and Australia. Then we went up stairs at the aquarium and I know turtles are the same age as human years and The turtles that you keep as pets they live between 30 to  40 but the sea turtles live until 80 years old some turtle live up to 100 I heard if they are lucky. Some people guess that some turtle are 400 to 500 years old.

When I went upstairs I saw parrots I do not remember what type of parrots they are but I heard they can live up to 100 years old I asked the woman All Parrots age like people years she said "yes." But I look on the internet  it say the Kakapo Parrot can live up to 95 years and the Hyacinth macaw does not live as long they live just up to 50 years I guess it depends on the Parrot Like maybe 50 is old for that parrot but not old for the other one.

Penguins people can not tell if a penguin is a male or a female unless they had body test or any x ray and I saw tags I asked the women what color are the tags for each gender she said it does not matter but I said " What if people do not know." The women said the penguins that have the tags on the right side are boys and the penguins that have the tags on the left side are girls I guess that is how the aquarium works.

If I had any aquarium all of the male animals will have a blue tag and all the female animals will have the pink tag but if it's any male animal that is naturally stronger then the average male animal the animal will get a dark blue tag or if any female animal is naturally stronger then the average female animal they get a yellow tag.

Lets say any average female animal will have a pink tag but if they workout they get a yellow tag to because they are naturally the average female but they workout so there not the average female any more. For example lets say any average male animal will have a blue tag but if the animal works out the get a dark blue tag and that is because they are the average male naturally but there not the average male any more.

So Penguins I said "they can not fly because of the chemicals in there body."  The women said I was very close and she said " penguins can not fly because there wings are to small and there bones are to sold and strong."

I saw a seal up stairs and the woman said the seal which is a girl has been in this aquarium for 26 years but when the seal was only a couple years old and woman saw the seal on the beach and the seal did not look that good and the woman called the police and people who know how to take care of animals and the seal was at a animal hospital and the seal she had a cut on her stomach and in seal version she was crying and screaming a lot in my opinion because it hurts and the seal was just a baby.

People had to take that poor seal to the aquarium because people where afraid she can not survive with the predators and people where afraid the seal will not eat.

People knew the seal name Lucy was blind and They know she is blind because probably scientist have camera's so they can know what she sees Lucy use to see images but know she just see pitch black even if she open her eyes. But people did not know what Lucy has seen before and how she got the cut on her stomach. Maybe a boat hit her or an animal bit her or she hit a rock. These are more facts about seals.

 If they survive the dangers of being a pup, seals are relatively long-lived animals. Both species often live longer than 30 years and one female grey seal in the Shetland Islands was known to be 46 years old.

My mother said " I guess that's why seals bump into stuff." I heard the seal that I just saw she my just saw pitch black but the seal does not bump into stuff and she knows her way around because she has a high sense of hearing. There was another seal but it died from cancer I heard they do not know why the seal died from cancer but I think it has to do something with air pollution.

It's like a dolphins they see just back but they have a high sense of hearing like if a person is getting attacked by a shark the dolphin protects that person. Dolphin's live up to it depends which one Striped dolphins live up to 55-60 years and  Pantropical spotted dolphin live up to 40 years.

Killer whales live up to 29 years and Short-finned pilot whale live up to 45 years.

Nobody really know how the seal got the cut " I said maybe in the future there should be under water camera's that are good for this planet and if we have camera's under water we will know what really happen to the seal if there were camera's under the ocean." I said some thing like that the seal was like 26 years old the woman said " The seals years are the same ask human years." I asked her.

The Largest seal is the Southern Elephant Seal and They weigh about 8,500 pounds if it's a male the females are smaller and they weigh 2,000 pounds they weigh more then a car still.

Usually most insects live up to only 1 year but this is what I found on the internet: Ms. Frizzle: With so many varieties of species that is a very hard Questions to answer to scientist. 

Some insects such as the mayfly only live one day. On the other hand, there is a queen termite that lives in the tropics, and some scientists think this queen termite can live for as long as 50 years! This aquarium is in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey.

My parts of New York city and Holly wood and Las Vagas

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The Great wall of China

Holly Wood

 Las Vegas

Getting lost in space and other allens on other planets

Getting lose in space is not good because if anybody is lost in space people will never see those people ever again and and if any body is lost in space any body can die because they is no oxygen in space the is no air.

Before they send people up into space they had to send a dog into space and the scientist did not know where the dog was and the dog died.

There was a person I heard he almost got also in space but thank got he did not.

In the future like probably thousand of years in the future if people are lost in space scientist will know where there really are and space I do not care how far those people are far in space if they are lost scientist's will really know where they are in space because the space camera's will be more advance in the future then these days.

The future space camera's will find the person really quick if there are lost in space and then scientist will send this rocket ship  without people in it and the rocket ship will push the other rocket ship that the other person is in and finally the person will get back home to earth very safely.

Any body will be floating in space because there is not gravity to pull us down. Nobody can visit planets out of or solar system because it's too far for scientist to see even with there camera's and that is how scientist will lost people in space now people can just go to mars.

Hopefully in the future any body can go to planets out of our solar system and not just mars because all scientist will know where people really are in space because the space camera's will be more advance in the future.

And if other life forms are lost in space scientist will know where any life from is because they space camera's are more advance. Final the Scientist on Earth will send this satellites and the satellites will bring any life form back to there home planet. And scientist will know which planet each life form live because space camera's will be more modern and advance.

And these days people do not know if there is other life forms on other planets but in the future any scientist will really know if there is life forms on other planets or not and they will know what the other life forms will really look like because space camera's will be more advance and more modern in the future. Space camera's are getting more advance every year.

Probably in the future we meet other life forms on other planets and those other life forms will have similar space camera's as those people do on  Earth.

For example these days if there is really other life forms on other planets and they make rocket ship and one life from get lose in space that will be the end of that life forms life but in the future the other life forms on other planets will created space camera's that are more advance and they will know really know where the other life from is in space.

Friday, March 9, 2018

My Drawings of school teachers and families

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Bailey in Chinese Restaurant 

Thursday, March 8, 2018

My drawings of Families and people riding on horses

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 Hamish and Sally's Parents Named Cathy Groan Wo and Hamish Wo Sr. Gilbert granes and Willa Barnes Granes.

Ara Looking in the Mirrior

The Ocean

The Ocean can be fun but sometime the waves are rough that day.

 Nobody Knows that the ocean is rough until they get to the beach.

In the future people will know if the waves are rough or calm even if they live far away because they would have those i pad things that tells any body which oceans on which beach is rough or not.

This is what happened when I was on the beach with my mother and my aunt the waves were rough and we almost drowned and I was laughing because I did not know any better I was only 9 or 8 Life Guards had to yank us out of the water and I saw girls said to me " Do you want to play with us in the water." I said " I wish I could but my mother does not want me to."

I saw parents let children play in the ocean some of those children where only babies when it's rough nobody should play in the ocean when it's rough. There parents said " There children are fine." No there not because there putting them self's in imminent Danger.

The Life Guards already left and people still played in the water. Maybe people should created gates that pop up under the sand only if the oceans are rough and the gate will be too big for people to climb over and the gate will have a sign that says do not swim in rough water. People should create beach gates in the future.

If any beach oceans are rough if the life guards leaves the gates in any beach will pop up very quick and nobody will swim in rough water and nobody can climb over the gates because the gates will be to big it's not made for people to climb over it's made for people to be safe. My mom said " Would the gates look ugly."

I said " I do not care how pretty there are it's made for people to stay safe." The Gates will be a lot stronger the the ocean waves because so they would not break.

The Gates will tell if the oceans are rough or calm if the oceans are calm the gates will not pop up under the sand if the ocean is rough the gates will pop up under the sand really quick.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

My drawings

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Gilbert, Sam , Lil and  Lona

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

skeleton heads

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Saturday, March 3, 2018

My Art work Romeo Marlon Donald

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 Cletchie and Daves dads name Blink and Link

Romeo Malon Donald and his sister Brittney and his mother name Yolanda Andrews more images