Thursday, March 31, 2022

Judy and Hannah


Medicines that will make you never sick again

 Some people have arthritis and maybe in the the future their will be a medication that they take so people can never get arthritis again. 

For example lets say you have cancer and you keep getting cancer and this medicines or vaccines if adult or even children with cancer take those vaccines or medicines that comes from nature they with never get cancer again.

Lets say you have high blood pressure if you take this medicine you with be cured for high blood pressure that means you will never get it again. 

I wish in the the future there will be a cure for Covid but I think people are trying hard but not hard enough.

They have Covid vaccines but some of those vaccines kill people my mom says the Covid vaccines is not a real vaccine because she heard it from some where by a scientist. 

Maybe there will be a cure for alopecia  a medicines that comes from nature and  people with alopecia with have to drink the pill and they with have no more alopecia and the good news is they hair with grow back fast. 

I wish their was a cured for cancer and if their is cancer with never grow on the persons body and they will just be cured form cancer or any sickness. My mom says " maybe their with be a cure for autism."

That' s a get idea or maybe their will be a cure for down  syndrome or people in wheel chairs. If people have to be in a wheel chair because they can't walk they will take this medication so they will be able to walk. There should also be a cure for parkinson's disease.

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