Monday, February 27, 2017

More Cartoons and 3D cartoons

 Copy Right By:Nzinga Lon Stein Austin

Billy the boxer champion

Eva with her arms out


Tattoos should be great for your skin. If it's in a dirty place your skin could get effected if it's from a clean place it's good for you skin.

If you get tattoos it hurts especially the permanent ones hurt and people do not like the pain of tattoos.

Maybe people should create this chemical that puts into the tattoo ink so if people are gettting tattoos it would not hurt them especially the permanent ones.

People should create that permanent tattoos can not hurt people because people do not like the pain and pain does not fell nice.

So it would be like the tattoos that you see this days except when people draw them on your skin to create tattoos it would not hurt in my opinion that would be like that in the future. Like thousands of years in the future.

My mother said " do you want Clyde on you tattoo." I said "maybe his not that popular of a cartoon character." Then my mother said "you take the picture and the artist that draws the tattoo can figure out how to draw him." My mother said something like like that.

The people that draw the tattoos might not know how to draw Clyde because he is not a popular cartoon character or maybe they do even they do not know who Clyde is they might know how to draw him by looking at his picture on the computer.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Celebrities on the way and create more stuff for the goverment

People say celebrities have to care what people think about them. If I was the boss of the government I would say " You do not have to care what people think of your if you think you look good you look good  try to take  care  the best way you can !"

I would say nobody is prefect only God is prefect. people do have to care  how many people are watching them  if nobody is watching them they would got out of business.

And Holly wood bosses are not always correct. The Government should have different rules if people are not fair there should get in trouble but they do not some times.

Life should be fair and the president and other should make life fair that is the way God created it.  I have a mother that tells me that "a lot of famous people are not happy," Famous people are happy when they get money..

Like if children do not want to good to school there should be this machines in peoples houses so the children would learn more stuff at home. And children would not have to go to school because the machine in peoples houses would teacher you new things.

This is how I think the machine should work the machine scene would teacher you school subjects and college work.

This is my opinion how things should be in the future. And society should be always right who ever who did not make this society right should get in trouble by people.

Bosses do not just have rights everyone has rights. For example if a teachers makes you do some thing that you do not want to do and the teacher is mean the mean teachers should get in trouble by the government.

The government should keep some rules no killing and no fighting. The rules they should not keep in my opinion is teachers telling children stuff they do not want to do. That should change because students have rights just like teachers have rights.

The Government says people have to get along with others. The Government should say people do not have to get along with other because some people are not always right.

So the government says  "you have to listen to rules weather there right or not." The government should say to others "listen to rules that are right and fair not rules that are wrong and unfair."

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Making Things Good For This Environment

So the electric car is run by this power plant that is also an electric thing that can pollute the air. People have to charge their electric cars at a place but it's  not at your house.

Maybe people should have their own power plants that they can charge where they live. And people do not have to keep going some where else to get there cars

 People should create power plants that are good for this environment. Every electronic thing or houses, boats,planes,cars and train should be good for this planet because the planet will be a better place and the air will stay clean.

Or they should also make these machines in the bathrooms that calculates people how much they poop or pee. The number on the machine scene would show you how many times did you go to the bathroom.

Or the schools bathrooms there would be a machine that shows your name then it would see you made number 1 or 2 then if you type in another students name that goes to the school if you want to know if they made poop or pee the machine would say error.

 Because it's non of the students business what they make in the bathroom it's only yourself or Gods business maybe you parents or doctors or your family needs to know that but no body else needs to know.

And houses and buildings people will try to make houses so it can not get on fire even if your trying to burn the buildings down in my opinion things would be like that in the future thousands of years from now.

So electric cars cost more money then a car that is bad for the environment it should be the other way around. People should create machines that are good for our planet and crush the cars that are bad for the environment  that includes houses, cars and stuff that moves and electric stuff that is bad for our planet.

Snow trucks when its snowing people drive the trucks and push the snow to the side of the street they can create others to shovel again. Who ever who create that truck they did not mean to be selfish all they are try to do is create a truck that can push snow out of the street instead of people doing it.

Snow  trucks should work like this. After it pushes the show it can just make the machine that is attach to the truck suck up the snow after the person is driving they would have press the button to let the snow out and it would turn to H20.

 It would not be snow any more and if the machine that is attach to the truck sucked up all the snow they would have to dump the water that use to be snow out. That is what I think snow trucks would be in the future and it would be better and great for the environment

Monday, February 6, 2017

The Goverment

The government should have different rules of things. Like bad people go to jail but good people go to jail to if they make bad choices. The police might think the person did some thing bad and they shot them to death.

Maybe people should make this security camera's what the people are really doing and the police can not arrested them and people that are good but they have a bad temper should go to some where else instead of jail because jail is just suppose to be for bad evil people.Not for people that are good and make bad choices.

There should be another place that they treat the people nicer because they are not bad people and the people who work there care about them we all know people that work in prison do not care about those people.

The government should also change rules like stuff like food water and cloths and some thing that we can create our own toys those things should be free the stuff that we do not need should cost a lot more money. Like house should be free but you have to sign up of how long you have to live in that house in the future the laws would be like that I hope.

My mother said "how is the farmers who give food that give thing the stores would get paid." I said farmers and nobody has to paid for food if they need food they need it.

If you still food because you are hungry and have not eating of years you have to pay if you do not you can go to prison.

If I wrote this to the government and they change they mind if the person stills food that would not be stilling anymore they would just call it they have not eaten in years the workers in the store would let them take the food if our government changes.

And food better not cost a lot of money any more because number 1 if a person has not eaten in years and they still food the people that work in the store will get the person in trouble number 2 it's very selfish that the government is like that because if i person have not eaten in 9 years and the store worker says "you do not have enough money!"

It's not the person that works in the stores fault it's all the government fault and it should change right now!

Like if a police officer tells you to do some thing you do it. But if a police or anybody forces you to do stuff the police should get fire they should make people make they own choices God gave us a free will not to let others tell you what to do I mean the government should not let people kill other people it's like take another person life away and that would make there family sad they should keep that rule.

But if someone like teacher or police is telling you to do something that you hate people should not listen to them that is why I think the government should change people should have freedom to make they own choices.

If the government changed schools would ask you what do you want to learn then you learn some thing but you have to be learning not fooling around because school is about learning we have schools because our parents might not know the answers and you teachers will know the answers. The government should still and always keep the rule no violence.

Lets say if a person should get hit because you hit there child back these days people would still go to jail.If rules change if a child hits an adult first and the adult hits them back and there not bad and the parent is trying to protect the baby those people should go some where else better besides jail if they not bad. The police might have to know if you are nice or not.

If you are nice but you not suppose to but your hands on other peoples children you wont get arrested you would have to speak to some on if you are bad and you hit the baby first are back and you want to kill the baby you should go to jail that is how the government and the law should work for now on

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Creating more things

It's not good if you put a computer on a soft surface because it will go off quick the computer won't have a chance to breath not like humans breath put letting air out of the computer.

Maybe people should make computer that can go on hard and soft surface. Like nasal spray is good for your nose if you blow it out in  a second you will keep on sneezing.

Maybe people should create nasal spray to be if you blow your nose for a second after your use the nasal spray the medicine in you nose will go very fast inside your nose.

If you blow you nose the medicine will not come out of you nose.  And you will stop sneezing what I mean by medicine is the medicine in the bottle and you spray it in you nose and you will stop sneezing.

People should make that medicine healthier than then medicine we use and we can not die from it. Or if you cooking something and you do not want to cook. People would make this kitchen machine that you type that you want to make for dinner and the machine will cook you dinner for you whole family.

And there should be this soft ware that you write down a script and you will click on to high or deep voice after if you write down the script the cartoon will speak. It would be like the cartoons on the television now except people do not do the voice of cartoons it's all soft ware that is doing it.

Lets say you have a favorite cartoon character go on the internet drag the picture into you software write the script that your want the cartoon to say make them move and give them clothes that you want them to wear.

Get the clothes from the internet. The cartoon will sound like the same person is doing the voice of them except you write down the script of what you want you favorite cartoon character on TV what you want them to say.

For example My favorite cartoon character is Clyde and if I drag the picture to make software click on high voice and make him move and write down my script and give him clothes that I want him to wear.

He will sound the same like he does on TV except I am writing a script clicking on high voice and he will talk and move. I will have to show the creator of the show first before I can put it on the internet not just me any body who uses that software have to tell the creator of the cartoon character first.

If he says no do not put it on the internet put it on you video folder if you want to keep the video if he yes yes you can put it on the internet.

Making your own video games takes a lot of coding. Maybe people should create this 3D software that can make you drawings move and if people are play the game. The creator of the game will have to write down how people play the video game.

If it's a fight video game the creators of the game will have to press the p button  to make the creator punch and z to make them kick. And people will play the video games on the computer.

People should have a quicker way instead of coding. The creators should make sofeware to make stuff move and write on the first credits how you want people to play the game. The creator of the game has to put it online and if a person is playing it they might have to click how to play and it will show you. And you will make the cartoons move.

It's just going to be like those Mario game or those Nickelodeon games on Or Disney game on except people who created the games will not be code they would have this software that will code for them.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Creating more stuff part 9

Computers have a computer batter if you try to take out the batter you can get electrocuted. Maybe people can make computers if you try to take out the computer batter you will not get electrocuted.

Also I heard that people use electric cars that are better for the planet but to get it's power the car would have to use some something to make it work that can put pollution into the air to.

May be people should make those machines that are go for this planet and the machine would have to build cars, buses ,trains and boat are planes to be good for the environment. Electric planes are the hardest to make. Maybe people should make those machines that an electric planes or any moving machine like a car can be good for this environment.

And people should make Computer's or cell phones made for water or any thing because we live on a planet that has water. The computers and the cell phone would look the some except it would be made for water. People should give them a name called H2o Electric things.

And your clothes if you wash them and leave all night the clothes can get mildew people should make clothes that can not get mildew.

Or if you leave you toys is wet and you cover them up they can have mold grow on it maybe people should create soaps for toys and people hair that can not get moldy even when you cover it at night. If people make those soaps they have to put a lot of chemicals that is good for the toys and good for peoples hair.

So I have a big pencil it's almost a size of a 2 year old. That pencil can not fit in my pencil sharpener people should create pencil sharpeners that are that big and people can have it in there house.

I also Think there is going to be this software that can count how many boy or how many girl cartoons I have it will give me the number and it would add it how many cartoons all together.