Monday, July 30, 2018

Car Crash and air bags

When any bodies car crashes into other car the air bag comes out. You have to go to a place that people can put the air bag inside you car steering wheel.

In the future after when people have a car crash and when the air bag comes out the air bag will suck into the steering wheel on it's own automatically.

Well these days if a air bag hits a baby or a thin 12 year old they could get killed.

Maybe in the future people should create air bags like if there is a car accident and if the air bags come out and if it hits a new born baby or a small 12 year old they will not get killed.

No new baby,toddler or small child will get killed or hurt because air bags will be made different and The air bags will save babies and children's life in the future not kill them.

Air bags should save any bodies lives weather there too small for the air bag to hit them or not. Airs bags should not hurt or kill anyone weather there too small or not.

Air bags these days come out of the front in the car in the future air bags will come out of the steering wheel and the back sit in the future and the air bags will go inside the steering wheel and the back seat automatically.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

My drawings

Do not Steal my and my Cartoons! (c) Copyright 2016 Nzinga Lonstein Austin, All Reserved.

Justin Austin and Dustin

Gretta in black and white

Saturday, July 28, 2018

More art work

Do not Steal my and my Cartoons! (c) Copyright 2016 Nzinga Lonstein Austin, All Reserved.

 Leafa The Leaf girl

Yonetta and more images of her

Thursday, July 26, 2018

The Laundry and the Lint Basket

Well My mother told me "why I did not take the lint out of the lint basket that was in the drier that could course a fire." 

In the future it will not because driers and lint baskets will be created different.

Also their will be machines that will take all of the lint out of the lint basket and the drier link basket machine will throw the lint in the garbage for any body in there own house.

1908 that is when the laundry machine was first invented and in the olden days people use to watch they cloths by hand and they put their clothes outside on a hanger to dry.

Alva J. Fisher first invented the washing machine and the drier. Maybe in the future the washer machine will be a washer machine and a drier.

In the future machine will put your dirty clothes on to this convertor belt then the convertor will put the clothes in the washier after they finish washing the machine will come out of the washer the

washier door can open and close automatically.

 And finally put all of the clothes in the drier after the clothes are dry enough the drier door will open  automatically and the machine in the drier will take the clothes out of the drier and put it on the convertor belt.

Also the drier can close automatically. Finally the chore machines will make any bodies bed up and put clothes away.

There is chore screen attach to the wall then the person types on the screen where they want each clothes go and finally the machine will put the clothes where the person exactly wants them.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Putting your lap top when your not using it

It's not a good idea to leave you lap top plugging into the wall hours with out using it because it could get on fire and if it's on a soft surface and the cord is broken that can course a worst fire.

In the future even if you not using your laptop and it's plug into the wall.

 It will can not get on fire because all computers all over the planet will be created differently and even if the cord is broken it can not get on fire.

Lets say you have the cord  and a blanket was on it and the cord gets hot it can get on fire.

 In the future even if a blanket is on the cord the cord will not get on fire and it will stay cool because all of the computer cords will be created different.

Lets say you laptop is on a soft surface and you leave it plugged in over night this days it can course a fire in the future hopefully it will not because laptop will be made different.

If an computer gets on fire the computer should have a water spray thing that is attach to the lap top because to get reed of the fire.  Lap Tops will also be water proof.

Also the batter will died if you do not have it plug in in the future you wont have to plugged it into the wall if the lap top batter dies the computer battery will charge automatically. People would have to created like that

Tuesday, July 24, 2018


Volcanoes shoot out hot lava and the lava can burn any thing that is close to it. Mt. St. Helen's is in Washington state people say it's first eruption was in May 18, 1980.

Well it's probably when people first saw it erupt it's first eruption could of been a long time ago it's not just Mt.St.Helens it's and volcano.

In the future people will have machines that tells people really when any volcano was first erupted.

In the future out door machines all over the planet will build vehicles and buildings  to be lava proof or fire proof that means no lava or fire can burn any buildings or vehicles or anything.

Magma is in the Earths crust then it comes out and that is where the Lave comes from. I think Lava is hot because the Earths core and under the Earth is hot.

When Mt. St Helen erupted people did not know it was going to erupt in the future people will know if any volcano is going to erupt because they will have machines.

Monday, July 23, 2018

More art work of Resturants and stores

Do not Steal my and my Cartoons! (c) Copyright 2016 Nzinga Lonstein Austin, All Reserved.

 Red Lobster

Red Robin

Dollar tree

I Hop

Exercise Machines are attached

When Exercise are attached you can not us it while the other person is using the other machine that is attached to the machine.

For example lets say one person is using the chest press machine and the chest press machine is attached to the leg press you can not use the leg press while the other person is using the chest press because those machine are attached.

These days that is how work out machines are made I do not know why there made like that but they are.

In the future even the exercise machines are attached people can use the other machine for example lets say the chest press and the leg press machines are attached if some is using the leg press you can use the chest press at the same time.

That is because all exercise machines weather it's chest press,leg press stand pull it will be created like that and it will be created differently and nobody will get hurt.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

The rose and white Cupcakes I made of Scartch

My art work of Stores and Restaurants

Do not Steal my and my Cartoons! (c) Copyright 2016 Nzinga Lonstein Austin, All Reserved.

Burger King


K mart

Olive Garden

Portia and Wendy

Saturday, July 21, 2018

My drawing of Target and McDonalds

Do not Steal my and my Cartoons! (c) Copyright 2016 Nzinga Lonstein Austin, All Reserved.




People buy stuff in stores these days in the future nobody will buy any thing from stores they will go online and buy stuff.

First people will go on the i pad thing or computer then they click on what they want to buy lets say they want to buy clothes,food,drinks or toys they will click online line what they want and they will put there address in.

Finally their will be machines that will but the food,drink,clothes and toys in the store tunnel and the store tunnel shoot the stuff down and it make sure it keeps your,food,drink,toy or clothes clean and finally the tunnel will send you stuff to your house.

The Tunnel will be attach to stores and the highways and under the ground and the store tunnel sends stuff to any bodies house.

Also machines will put toys,clothes,shelves,food or drink in every store in the whole planet.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

The candy spray story

This is my story This is a spray the taste sweet when you spray it in you mouth it make your farts,sweat,Number 1 and number 2 will come out of any bodies smelling sweet for ever.

The girls wanted it but the boys did not want it because it sounds too girly for them.

If any girl has discharge or their cycle if they spray the candy spray in the mouth their cycles and discharge will come out of the body put it will smell sweet.

When girls spray candy spray in their mouth their poop and pee will come out of their body still but the number 1 will smell like lemonade and number 2 will smell like cookie dough. even if boys take the candy spray.

If boys have seman it will smell sweet to only if they put the candy spray in they mouth. Vomit will also smell good for example lets say you spray the candy spray in you mouth before and you get sick one day and you throw up you vomit will come out smelling good and also you vomit will taste good probably.

I am not trying to be just gross but creative and it's about more scientist this story teaches you it's not a good idea to put chemicals in your body like that.

People try to make the candy spray healthy but scientist say it's not because naturally number 1 or 2 sweat or any toxins should smell bad they should not smell good.

The Candy spray can be in anybodies body for the rest of their lives and their toxins will smell sweet for ever.

The Moon and the Earth

The moon at night looks like a half moon and it look like the moon changes shapes " I just to say why does the moon changes shapes sometimes."

Well I know now the moon never changes shapes it just looks like it at night time when we live on Earth because It the way the sun light hits the moon and if the moon looks like a crescent shape  that means the shadow is covering the moon.

Lets say you on the moon and it looks like there a half Earth because some reason because it has to do something with the sunlight hitting it.

But we do not see a half Venus or Mercury because there move in different directions and there not as close to the Earth and there more close to the sun.

We do not see a half Mars,Jupiter,Uranus,Neptune or Pluto because there more father away from the earth and they more in different directions.

In the future maybe space cameras will but advanced enough so we can see all the planets in or out of or solar system looks like there changing shapes. People also say there other life forms on other planet because they send those space satellites.

But I heard Satellites can not really look at Bactria in the future maybe there will be space satellites that can look at Bactria from other planets.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

More about Alopecia

Well some peoples hair never grows back when they have Alopecia because they immune system attacks hair follicles.

 There are three types of Alopecia areata that means you lose a little bit of hair but it grows back.

 Totalis Alopecia is when you have bald part on you head and that Alopecia is the loss of all skull and facial hair. Its causes are unclear, but believed to be autoimmune.

 Universalis Alopecia is when you have no hair at all and you will never grow hair again. In The future maybe there will be medicines or a hair oil medicines that they can put on they heads.

 That medicines and hair oil medicines will come from nature that if any body that has Universalis Alopecia there hair will grow back.

Lets say a person with that kind of Alopecia did not have any hair in two years if they take the medicines  any body with that kind of Alopecia the medicine will tell in their bodies how their hair should really be.

The person hair should grow down to they shoulders over night because that is how there hair should be.

Lets say a person hair never grew  in 20 years if they take the medicine the hair will grow over night and the person hair will be down to there legs because the medicine is making there body tell the person how long there hair really should be.

I do not mean the medicines tells your body like nobody can hear them talk it just has to do with the chemicals in your body.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

My art work of Lap top and Computer

Do not Steal my and my Cartoons! (c) Copyright 2016 Nzinga Lonstein Austin, All Reserved.

Nancy sitting in the bed

My art of the push pin board

Do not Steal my and my Cartoons! (c) Copyright 2016 Nzinga Lonstein Austin, All Reserved.

 Gonda mixing Chocolate chip cookie dough and making chocolate chip cookies

Gonda mixing sugar cookie dough and making sugar cookies

Public Toilets

People sit on Public toilets and it's not good to sit on the toilet seats because you do not know what kind of germs people have.

That is why people put toilet paper on the toilet seat. In the future machines will put toilet paper on the toilet seat.

  Lets say the person has a diseases the machines will clean the toilets and the machines will make a lot of soap and water and make spray that will get reed of the germs.

  Final the machine screen will tell any body what kind of diseases different people have and people will know that because people should be safe and not get the disease the other person has.

Lets say there is pee on the toilet seat or poop the machines will clean the poop and pee off the toilet seat will soap and water and germ killer spray.

Toilets and bathroom all over the planet will have that private and public bathrooms will have machines that will clean the toilet seats like that.

Also machines will clean the Urinals in the boys bathroom the machines will make clean spray and soap and water that will get reed of the germs.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Pools and Hot Tubs

Well if some one makes number 1 or number 2 the lifeguards have to clean it up in the future the hot tub and pool  and the pool and hot tub machines will clean up the number 1 and the number 2 in the pool.

Pool Chlorine is not good for peoples hair if people do not wash the chlorine out it eats up the hair and you will have no hair.

In the future pool and hot tubs chlorine will get reed of the germs and also be good for peoples hair and the chlorine  can not eat up your hair you hair will grow normally or quicker even if you do not wash the chlorine out.

And some swimming pools do not want you to get your hair wet because they do not want the hair to be stuck in the pool filter in the future machines inside of the pool will get the hair un stuck in the pool filter and finally they will be no hair in the pool filter.

The Machines will put the hair in the pool tunnel and the hair will be under the ground and the pool tunnel will send the hair to the dumpster.

For example if you pee or poop in the pool or hot tube the pool and the hot tub tunnels will suck up the pee and poop and the pool and the hot tub tunnel and the poop and pee will be under the ground inside the water tunnel and finally will send the poop and pee to the dumpster to all hot tubs and pools all over the planet will do that in the future.

Lets say a girl has her cycles these days no girl can good in the pool with there cycle in the future they can because if any girl has her cycle the pool or hot tube tunnel will suck up the blood and the blood is under the ground then final the water tunnel shoots the blood in the dumpster.

Also if a person smells bad the machines will clean up really good any person that smells bad.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

My art work of Mermaids and MerMen

Do not Steal my and my Cartoons! (c) Copyright 2016 Nzinga Lonstein Austin, All Reserved.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

My art work

Do not Steal my and my Cartoons! (c) Copyright 2016 Nzinga Lonstein Austin, All Reserved.

Getting sick or having the Hiccups

People do not know when they would get sick or when they going to get the hiccups.

I heard children get sick easier then adults  because on of the reason is they do not know how to wash there hands good and they do not take good care of them selves as good as adults.

I also heard children can have the hiccups because there growing and When the air rushing in hits your voice box, your vocal cords close suddenly and you're left with a big hiccup

 Some things that irritate the diaphragm are eating too quickly or too much, an irritation in the stomach or the throat, or feeling nervous or excited. Almost all cases of the hiccups last only a few minutes.

That is probably why Adults get the hiccups. People do not know when there going to get sick or have the hiccups in the future they would know when there going to get sick or exactly when there going to have the hiccups because they would have machines in there house that can look whats going on inside of peoples body.

Medicines help people not to get sick maybe they should make medicines that can stop the hiccups in a second and nobody can die from it and it will be a healthy medicines.

In the future medicines will also give no body side effect because medicines will come from nature and be created different. 

Thursday, July 12, 2018

My art work of fire and Night and Day time sky

Do not Steal my and my Cartoons! (c) Copyright 2016 Nzinga Lonstein Austin, All Reserved.

Machines say how heavy any thing is

These days people do not know how heavy cars and buildings are in the future outside machine will exactly tell people how heavy all of the vehicles and buildings are.

Lets say you do not know how much the furniture weights in the future all house will weigh all furniture and the house screen machine will tell people exactly how heavy any furniture is.

Also lets say you go to the gym the machine screen will say exactly how much the work machines weight.

 Also machine will also weigh ovens and stoves and also microwaves and the machine screen will exactly say on the machine screen how much this stuff weighs.

Lets say you see shelves in the store the machines will exactly tell people how heavy the shelves are in any store the machine screen will have the number on how pounds it really is.

Lets say you have a washer and and drier the machine screen will give the real number on how much really those stuff weighs. Also machines will give the real weight if it's a dash washer or an computer or even a laptop.