Monday, April 20, 2020

Monday, April 13, 2020

Rainbow Balls

Flat Tire and fill up with gas

A flat Tire is not a good thing. If there is a flat Tire people will have to pump it up with air. In the future You won't have to pump the flat tire up with air.

That is because Tires will be made like they can not get a flat tire and if they do and if you are inside of the car or any vehicle all you have to is press the button inside of the car and on the bike and the tire will fill up with air.

People get flat tires probably because they hit some thing or the tire is just getting old and it could be a lot of reasons.

In the future if you car is running out of gas the car will fill up the gas on it's own and you do not have to go to the gas station and pay.

If the gas station can not get paid they should find another job that has to do some thing with making machines. In the future if no body can have a Job like working in a store or being a fire fighter. They will have people work for making machines every day.

For example if there was a fire the outdoor water machines that Fire fighters with spray the house with water and the house will not be on fire any more. If fire fighters make machines that will take out the fire they will get more money and that is how they will get paid in the future.

If there was a gas leak instead of people fixing the gas tanks machines will fix the gas tanks and that is how those people get paid.