Thursday, May 17, 2018

Black Belt in MMA

This is what my father said "First everybody was a white belt and the belts were all white and people use to fight in the grounds and the dirt and soil made the belt Black or dark brown." That is how the black belt in MMA ever existed.

My dads said " Just because a person is a black belt does not mean there good in MMA".

 They can be a black Belt in  taekwondo they might know be so good in another martial art. Well my uncle does not like Taewondo.

That is because taewondo is more high kicks and if the person that takes taewondo the other person can easily grab there foot and The person that takes taewondo might have a hard time to move or they might lose there balance.

Black Belt means how hard you try and in the olden day all of the Martial arts bands were white and when people started practicing Martial arts and if they sweat and they belt is cover in dirt that is what made the belts black.

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