Thursday, April 13, 2017

Website in the future

Websites should be like if channels these days are not channels on TV any more or popular shows in 2017 are not on TV any more in the future.

People will create this website that says old movies and channel . com. And if people did not know what channels there were they can type these website and see what were the channels and TV show and Popular movie were.

For example Sesame Street is the popular TV and if it's not on the internet or TV any more it would be on this website called old show and channel . com that website will be popular and some not popular and not been as television as long as the other ones.

Also if people in the future want to see the show they can click on the episodes on there computer and read how long has this show been on TV for example if I says on that website the first episode aired in 2,000 and there last air was 2,009. If those people in the future want to know what the old shows and the old channel where on TV they can always go to that website.

That is how the website would be like in the future hundreds of years from now in my opinion. And soft ware that we use now in hundreds of years in the future soft ware will be more modern and people in the future will have to type old soft ware so they can know what people use to use for software.

Our in the future if people have new video games those people will have to look on old and it will show all of the channel, TV show, movies, soft ware, video games, and Blogs that people use to have if it's in the future our descendants will have to see all of the blogs and stuff that use to have on Google on peoples computer back in 2017 that is what the future people will think.

If they go on that website old technology and channels . com the modern computer will have a list in alphabetical order including movies TV show and Blogs weather they where popular or not.

And apps will not be the same there will be no Google and Youtube or Yahoo it will be similar to those on people computers except those things will be a lot more modern then now.

There will also be things similar to computers but those machine will be a lot faster then computers and if you go on a site you do not know it will not pop up other windows on your computer or it will not crush if some one tries to crash some else computer.

The modern computer might show people hundreds of years in the future how computers looked like when they where first created and these days.

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