Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Furture soft ware and were peoples songs really came from

Future soft ware should be like after a person dies the computer can record what the persons imagination was and how they want their music video to be. First those people will have to day dream how they want there music video to sound.

Then when the person is dieing the computers will record the persons imagination next their parent will put it on the internet final it will be on the internet. And those people who already died can be famous for that to

 Also in my opinion computers will be like when a person first dies the under ground cameras that is good for this planet will so people what the dead people are really saying and those people can put it online very easy.

I would like for people to make computers and soft wares like that if the person dies and people can show other how heaven really looks like because those people have cameras to see what those dead people see for real.

If people have soft ware like that people will hear God's voice and they will know how God really looks like if people are still alive on earth. Skype in my opinion with be like if your alive on earth people will make these space stuff to talk to your family who are already in heaven.

The Skype should be if any body is still alive on earth people will hear people in heaven out loud with there eye and see how they really look like in heaven.

So this is how Skype will be in the future and the computers and soft wares will be like that in the future to.

And in my opinion what ever song a person dreams about and they sing it or they made it up in there mind that is God's songs and he puts them into people minds and dream when they are dream God does that to any body that wants to be famous.

The internet might say this person sings those songs but it's God's songs that he lets people use them on earth put all songs that you hear on the radio or CD's those songs came from God first  then puts it into people imaginations and make those thing into songs. That is the way I believe.

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