Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Dolls have hair so girls can comb or brush them. Dolls can be use for washing hair to if it's a doll made out of plastic like a Barbie doll.

I use to see the Polly pocket commercial's and some of their hair changed color because people put chemicals in there hair to make them change colors.

Girls can braid dolls hair but if they want to cut it they can but these days it's not going to grow back maybe what people should do is put chemicals in the dolls hair like if a person cuts the dolls hair and after a year the dolls hair will grow.

Dolls should be make like this if a girl wants her dolls hair to grow again she can not put there hair but wait for years and all of the girls dolls hair will be long again but not long like Rapunzel but long enough down to the dolls feet people should make chemical that will make the all dolls hair grow in the whole planet.

This is how I would also like to create my own dolls and action figures and they paint for the dolls will not fade because it will be made for water I would like my own toys to be like the professional  toys on Television expect I would like them to be better made.

This is my opinion how future dolls will be and if your doll collection if it's also dolls that you create our other people create if  it's next to you bed and the house is on fire the bed covering medal thing with protect the dolls only if there is a fire and the bed will be make for fire or if their is an explosion the stuff will be all right because the stuff will be made for fire and it will cool down after an explosion happens.

Finally the girl can open the medal thing next to her bed after the fire and if she opens the medals thing her dolls will not be melted or now bodies toys will be melted if people create medal things over people toy collections next to their beds.

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