Monday, April 10, 2017

How cartoons characters know each other

They do not have to just be on the same show the cartoons characters have to be on the same channel for Example one Character is on one show and the other is on another show those characters will know each other because they are on the same channel.

If cartoons are on different channels they will not know each other unless the same person created them for example Lets say my cartoon Hamish is on Nickelodeon and Mona is on Disney channel They will still know each other even they are on the different channels because the same person who created those cartoon characters is me.

If cartoons are on different channels they do not know each other unless the same person that created those cartoon characters to be on different shows and channels.

Fantasy real work for example some cartoon characters will know Victor exist but they do not not his  name same cartoon characters will know his name and some cartoon characters will not know that boy ever exist are was born in fantasy.

First Real people were born in fantasy 6 millions years after the are born in real life that is how God created people and this universe to be. I think fantasy land exist to some extent because every thing had to started in fantasy before it became a real thing.

Realistic spirits is when God shows people how cartoons will look like 6 million years after and they will look like a real person Realistic spirits are not in fantasy any more they are just in the Realistic spirit world.

All real people use to be in fantasy first then 6 million years after they become real people. These is real how fantasy works in my opinion do not go buy what TV says because they are not always true those people do not feel nothing about God I felt something that I know this stuff because I figured it out on my own most people do not think own their own in my opinion they just read.

Like people read in the bible that God knew any body before there parents knew them first he had to created your parents then who ever who is younger then there parents final any body will have a real big family on Earth.

See I did not read this I figured it out on my own and people say "Your Correct." I am good at figuring out stuff on my own.

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