Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Hair and pool chemcials

When women get their hair straightened the chemicals in the straightener is bad for peoples hair that can break off the hair when it's dry.

Maybe people should create straighteners that the chemicals are good for women's hair and girls hair will not break off and their hair will get long.

People should also create straightening machines to be healthy and make peoples hair not dry until they need their hair washed again.

And people should also create those straighteners that if a women has naturally curly hair and new hair grows into they scalp it with grow out curl but the healthy chemical with make the new hair grow straight.

Also thoughts modern straighter should not burn peoples scalps in  fact people will never feel their hair is getting straightened after those people will see they hair is now straighten and done.

So people should make combs and brushes to un tangle people's hair and even if the person brushes to hair the hair will not came out only the hair that the person does no need and those women will still have long hair.

And there are hair brushes that are call detangling brush that is a brush that un tangles hair and the hair will not fall out people should make detangling brushes for dolls and the toys that people want to create one day.

Pool chlorine is bad for peoples hair and if people do not wash those pool chemicals out any body hair can fall out.

 People put pool chlorine in the pool because people germs will not get each other sick because any body has germs If there is no chlorine in the pool and one person is sick and other people can get very sick to.

Maybe people should make chlorine to get reed of germ and be good for peoples hair if some people want to have long hair and also people should put healthy chemicals that the chlorine can not eat people hair and people can wash there hair what ever they want.

What I mean by the Chlorine eat peoples hair is if people do not wash that chemical off their hair can all fall off.

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