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This story is called The Teacher is really gone


Miss. Grace Thomas  Joey and Mr. Gavins

This story is about a Teacher named Miss.O and she was a Nice Teacher but she is very Strict one of the kids said Miss " O is the meanest teacher ever!"

The kids Joey included will disrecpt teacher and the princals and sometime get into to fights.

Miss. O has been a teacher at Joeys school for over 20 years Joey did not like Miss. O becuase in his mind he thinks she mean.

Joey Marlon Gavins is his  full name his is skinny and he is bald not because he has cancer but because he shaves his hair a lot Joey is 7 years old going to turning 8. Joey like to make jokes about people with health issues becuase he a lmost never gets sick and he does not really understand what people with health issues go threw.

One day at when the kids played outside Joey and his best friend named Issac that was a blond hair blue eyed boy that will always made jokes about with people with health issues for example Joey Pretends to have a Heart attack and Issac and the other kids will have to pretend rush Joey  to the hospital.

That will make to Teachers mad and Joey says "I am just Kidding!!!"  One the the teachers said to Joey and Issac " It's not a joke making fun of people with health issues!

Then Ms. O heared and She told Joey it's not funny! Miss .O's students where talking to each other "No talking said Miss. O. you guy are rud disrectful kids and I do not like this behavor!!!

Miss.O was under a lot of stress but something happened Miss. O heart started pounding in her classroom and is was very hard for her to breath. Then Joey and Issac and the other kids started Laughing. Issac said Hey Joey you should of seen the look at Miss. O's face. Miss. O ran out of the class as fast she could.

Other teacher Name Miss. Grainers said Miss. O are you okay!!! The princaipal said out loud " Somebody call an ambulance.

Miss. O Fainted and when she woke up she realize she was in the emergenacy room. Miss O's doctor said " well you heart was pounding because you have heart cancer and other health issues like diabettes and High Blood pressure and you cholestor is way tooo high."

Miss. O said " how coulld this happen."  The doctor said well you started to have health probelms when you when in you late 20's and the health issues got worst because your under a lot of stress.

The next day Miss. Grainer said to the class " Miss O will be out for a while and you have a substute teacher.

The class was cheering that Miss. O is gone and Joey  and Issac said." yes final she's gone. The substute teacher was not strict but she was boring to the kids.

After Joey and Issac were bullying other kids and pulling pranks on them Joey got home from school.

Joey turned on the TV and was playing his video games. Joeys Mom named Grace said " Joey the school called and Miss O is in the hospital." but Joey just ignore and plays with his video games and said " I am about to win. Hello are you listening Joey siad his mom.

Joey's dad Mr. Gavins  turns off the video games and said " Listen to your mother where going to the Hospital. Joey rolled his eyes and said I am not sick."

The mom said You not sick but your teacher is a lot of kids and including you have been making fun of her and she had a heart attack we are getting in the car.

Joey said " No!!!!! Then Joey got to the hospital and some of the other kids from his class and even Issac was there. Issac said " Joey what are we doing here I wish I can just go home and playing games! "Yeah me to." said Joey

Joey's mom and Issac parents and the other kids parents said Joey and Issac and all you kids are a bad influence to each other.

The parents showed the kids how sick the patients are and those patients are mostly adult with health probelms.

The kids saw one patient coughing and have a hard time breathing The Kids tried not to laugh But Issac and Joey started Laughing and the other kids laughed as well.

one of the parents said " Ohh you think it's fuuny this is no a joke kids and is would be so funny if it happens to you !" The kids keep seeing patient after Patient.

Joey said" Can we go home now I want to play my video games!!! Joeys mother said " Your Video games can wait this is more important than video games.

The kids saw Miss . O laying in her bed getting worse and worse. The Parents did a very long prayer so Miss. O will get better so she can teacher agian.

then Miss. O kindeys started failing her heart was beating  to fast.  The Parents started to Panic and the kids started laughing hard and Joey said " I can't wait until my teacher and other  patients die so I can go home and have fun playing my video games.

Miss.O's Sister was crying and said to her sister " Your going to heaven soon and she our parents again. Miss.O said to her sister that why my stundents hate me and are making fun of me for being in this Hospital. Her sister said There kids they don't understand.

Then the kids saw a 19 year old girl with her mom and the teen girl mother died in front of the kids the Kids started to laugh Joey tried so hard not to laugh and he brust out laugh.

The Teen girl started crying and said to the kids " What are your Laughing about ?" The kid parents told the 19 year old girl the whole story and The Teen girl was screaming and crying and said to those kids. One day it's going to happen to your family memeber and to all of us !!!

Then when Joey got home he was ready to playing video games and he mother had a big argrument with Joey. 

At the Hospital Miss. O stoped breathing and her sister that is two years younger than her started crying.

Weeks later Miss .Granier Said to Joey and his classmate that "sad news For Miss.O. I called your parents and Miss. O did not get better and she passed away she is in a better place. she is strict because she loves and cares about you guys."

The Most of the kids said " Yeah finally shes gone Issac started laughing and Joey said Yeah she  gone never coming back!!! Joey was the most happy and Miss. Grainers started crying so the kids couldn't see.

Then when school was over Joey was dancing in the street one of te kids said what is making you so happy Joey." Joey said ever thing and the kids said well unless you don't have to deal with you mean teacher any more I guess that what happens when you are a mean teacher."

When Joey Got Home his Mother was crying so hard becuase Miss.O Died and Joey Dad was so angry and Joey that Joey had to do chores for the rest of his life and the was his punishment until he is any adult and it was not just him most of his class mate as well. 

Joeys Friend Issac had to do chores for the rest of his life because it will teach those kids a lesson to stop being lazy this is how adults have to work for the rest of there life and every body has to died at some point and life is not a joke. 

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