Thursday, June 21, 2018

Cow farts

People say Cow Farts do Pollute the air. There fart is bad for the environment scientist know that because they have camrea's or machines.

Cow farts are bad for this environment probably because it's from some type of a gas or maybe that is how there stomach works.

Well maybe Scientist should gave all Cows medicine that can not kill them and the medicine will help any Cows farts that won't Pollute the air and if the cow take that medicine no cows farts will make any pollution.

Some people say eating cow is bad for our planet to because it gives us more fat. If Lions eat a lot of meat it's easier for them to digest the meat then humans because there digestive system is shorter then humans.

People say we should eat meat with not a lot of fat and not a lot of protein. People Digestive system is longer then lions because that is just the way God wanted it.

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