Saturday, June 23, 2018

Tornado's and Earth Quakes or Hurricanes Vs, Buildings and Houses or Vehicles

Well these days Tornado's and Earth Quakes can make A lot of damage to Vehicles and buildings.

Tornado's is a strong wind that can pick up houses and vehicles and it can damage them.

Maybe Scientist should create houses and vehicles a lot stronger then Earth Quakes, tornado's and Hurricanes.

No matter how strong those weathers are the will not be able to knock down any vehicle or buildings for example lets say there's any huge Earth Quake and you inside your house these days you feel you house and the car shaking but in the future nobody will feel there houses are shaking because all buildings and car will be a lot stronger then the hug Earth Quake.

Lets say there's a tornado these days it can blow cars and house away in the future a Tornado can not knock down any house, building or vehicles because those thing will be a lot stronger then the tornado or the strongest tornado on Earth.

Maybe also people should create houses if they get on fire the will not get burned or if lava hits it no house or vehicles will get burned because people will created cars, buildings and house different.

In the future not Hurricane can damage any vehicle or building because vehicles and houses will be created different and no hurricane will be able to flood any car or any building our house because people will build vehicle's building's and house's a lot different.

Maybe scientist should put a healthy chemical in the trees that will not kill any trees and if a tornado come it can not blow any trees away ether.

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