Sunday, June 17, 2018


You know the drug that makes people fell better before they can give it to people they have to give it to animals then the animals get sick and die and people say do not do that to animals.

 Maybe people should have a machine so they know they should give the medicine to animals or not.

If the machine screen says no people will know not to give it to animals if the machine say yes people will know to give it to animals and the animals will not die or get sick they should create machines like that in the future.

Medicines that do not come from nature could give any body side effects so maybe people should make more medicines that come from nature and maybe people should make medicines that will not give any body any side effects it will just make people fell better.

These days you no body can not take some else's medicine because it will not agree will there body maybe in the future all medicines will agree with any bodies body and maybe any body can tale some else medicines in the future because people will make all vitamins and medicines agree with any body's body and no body will get side effects.

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